Will RIAA et all ever beat online piracy?

  • Will RIAA et all ever beat online piracy?

    I'll wait till you quit laughing...

    One thing I've noticed since Oink and Demonoid shut down are all the covert ways of trading music now. Online illegal file trading is basically a technology arms race but the online users not only greatly outnumber their competition, but also have some of the most nefarious programmers on their side. So while P2P users harass the media giants in a guerrilla war, the dinosaurs lumber around carpet bombing (suing) what they can and taking out plenty of civilian onlookers in the process.

    The most impressive new method is the image with an embedded rar file containing a torrent file.

    Suddenly music sites are changing into photo posting sites full of seemingly unrelated images. Ironically it doesn't involve any special tools, any computer can do it out of the box!

    Thread title: Check out this CD!!

    The new Tossers CD is off the hook. Everybody should immediately check it out.

    PS the above image is just an image for use as an example, don't try extracting it.

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    • 5 Mar 2008, 14:06
    I remember when Napster shut down and there was that whole thing of 'you can shut down one and five more will just pop up in its place' which is seemingly true. There are loads of P2P programs out there that are still not only doing well but continuing to be worked on and improved to further outwit the RIAA, and I would guess there are still new ones appearing every now and then.

    Then, of course, there is BitTorrent which is so big now that it would be pretty hard to stop (in terms of illegal up/downloading). When Suprnova went down a few people thought that was it but of course now there is The Pirate Bay and everyone knows what has happened/is happening there... And of course there are loads more out there; many might be much smaller and the quality might not be as good but that's not really the point, is it? They're still there and even if the bigger ones were to go down someone would make something better or everyone would flock to the smaller ones. And so it continues...

    Never seen that image/embedded rar thing before. It's hardly what you would call sophisticated (I guess) but it doesn't matter does it? It gets the job done. I guess it also has the added value that if you're just skimming through stuff, most people aren't automatically going to go checking pics are hiding other stuff, and it might take others even longer to catch on. Just goes to show that people are always find new ways of filesharing.

    And let's not forget FTP which the music indsutry doesn't even seem to know exists, along with countless other things that I can't be bothered to list or have yet to come across.

    Can the RIAA ever beat online piracy? Never say never but...even if they were to shutdown all the P2P programs and all the BT sites (you can stop laughing again) new things will continue to replace them. Why? Because it's the same as anything else: if people want it and if there are people who are willing to make it happen, then it will. No amount of suing people (who quite often don't deserve it) will make any difference.

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