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Created on: 19 Jul 2010
Music is our story, Here we share the music of our lives in any way we can. :)...

Welcome to Music Is!

Being human we fill our lives with music as listeners or creators, music makes us happy, it saves us, it's with us in love, music shares our sadness and our joy.
Music comforts us when we are alone.
In fact music travels lifes road with us, a true companion music stirs our memories and reminds us of days past. Music allows us to travel in time.
Music does not care how rich or poor we are, music cares nothing for our language, colour or our nationality, music does not judge us by our gender or our age.
It matters not the genre of the music, what does matter is what music means to us.

Music is our connection with ourselves. We are attracted to the sounds that harmonize with us.
It is a force we fail to understand but intuitively seek as it speaks to our conscious souls and our emotional beings.
Music IS!
Discussions and journals are open, there is no limit to subject material other than it relates in some way to what we love in our lives.
So share with us the music in your life, the effects it's had, in words, in pictures, in videos or give your support by joining :)

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  • corneld

    Since this year we have Easter on the same day, I wish you all a Happy Easter ! And lots and lots of good music.

    18 Apr 11:15am Reply
  • greglypoop123

    Hi- my band Bike Thief ( is in the middle of a kickstarter right now to fund our debut full length, and we're still a long way from our goal. ANYTHING helps- we appreciate whatever you can give, even if its just a simple share of this link. Thanks!!!!

    14 Jan 8:41pm Reply
  • AnniNse

    Hey guys..Anni Nse here.please listen and keep sharing..(sing love)

    27 Jun 2013 Reply
  • Mudduck

    I would like to encourage folks to have a listen to eljamS music as it is pretty good. :)

    26 Jun 2013 Reply
  • eljamS

    Hi! I'd appreciate it so much if you check out my music and give it a comment! :D I recorded everything in my bedroom, I hope you like it

    30 Sep 2012 Reply
  • santosiu


    22 Sep 2012 Reply
  • Mudduck

    Sorry folks I have been buried in other tasks and have not had time to do more than the barest here. Will return to a more normal pace soon. Keep smiling :)

    22 Aug 2012 Reply
  • bygonerr

    ...i could notshout too"softly" ... ! ! is - the ..essence of "our communication ... >song follows ...

    27 Jun 2012 Reply
  • corneld

    For me the first "variant" was Metallica's anyway, but since I recently discovered this song as a classic/folk song in Irish culture I tend now to think the songs sung by various Irish singers to be more close to the lyrics anyway (I mean ... The Dubliners have a funnier and more close to the lyrics spirit -- at least for me). It's amazing to see how MANY artists covered this song (U2 .... do you believe even Smokie did this ? or ... Simple Minds ? LOL ) ... I'm not saying Metallica or Thin Lizzy did a bad job, but their cover get some too heavy touch (especially, or course, Metallica's).. Aghhhh... Gary Moore has one, too :-))

    10 May 2012 Reply
  • Mudduck

    I was surprised to find I had 16 versions of the song in question. Athenrye and Spailpin rate pretty good but for me my favourite would have to be that done by Johnny Logan

    6 May 2012 Reply
  • celt1964

    Corneld, I will always lean towards the Thin Lizzy version (showing my age) but I do like the metallica cover also. Both are different enough to enjoy in the same playlist. Gidday Mud. Been a while!

    5 May 2012 Reply
  • bygonerr

    ... as for this >person<...sees it - may i say that i do feel so welcome to be here @ music is ... @ ease is the point . grats!... mr mud -

    1 May 2012 Reply
  • Mudduck

    Hmmm will have to have a listen to a few more versions, Metallica did a fair version but I lean to older styles for that one as a rule. :)

    24 Apr 2012 Reply
  • corneld

    Hehe ... maybe a contest is needed ? For instance .... Which version of the (traditional Irish) song "Whiskey in the Jar" do you all consider to be the best ? (you can take into consideration some modern versions, like that from Metallica ..... )

    23 Apr 2012 Reply
  • Mudduck

    Been quiet here for awhile now, life must be keeping folks busy :)

    11 Feb 2012 Reply
  • lucy1379

    ☥☮ I wish to you all of the Group * Music Is * and all your family, a wonderful Christmas ... always carinho, Lucy1379 Angie ♫♥♫ ☥☮ ♥♥♥ All the Best for you every days in your life ! ♥♥♥

    24 Dec 2011 Reply
  • johnTMcNeill

    Merry Christmas and the best of health , happiness, and -- well heck- that would be enough , don't ya think? We ALL have much to be thankful for!

    22 Dec 2011 Reply
  • Daisy4Cuti

    Im in suckas! No really this should be quite pleasant.

    5 Aug 2011 Reply
  • maxandthefive

    Hey Mud, hope you´re good by your side! Please notice this: I Hope we can save our future

    24 Jun 2011 Reply
  • Mudduck

    Mate Queen! I would have to wander back and have a listen to give that a fair call, been a long time. The News of the World from err 1977 I think was a fair early album.

    6 May 2011 Reply
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