• Argonaut 'TV' - Out Mon 24th Nov - Listen here!

    14 Nov 2014, 13:53 by criminalrecords

    'TV' is the debut single from the second Argonaut 'TRY'.

    Out Monday 24th November on Criminal Records
    Listen here: TV

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  • The Kut – ‘I Want You Maniac’ (Out Now on Criminal Records) - Halloween Single

    20 Oct 2014, 19:35 by criminalrecords

    The Kut – ‘I Want You Maniac’ (Out Now on Criminal Records)

    Listen now! Make your own mind up: http://www.last.fm/music/The+Kut/I+Want+You+Maniac
    I Want You Maniac
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    Produced by James LeRock Loughrey (Skindred / White Zombie / Sonic Boom Six / My Vitriol), The Kut -‘I Want You Maniac’ is an upbeat, grunge fused horror-rock track taken from the bands forthcoming EP. As a quick follow up to their ‘Make Up’ EP, it has been good news that the band is back in the studio so soon, especially given what spanned a near 3 year hiatus.

    Front-woman Maha spoke about the single, shortly after the news they’d been confirmed on the Camden Nightmare Festival line up today… “We’ve always wanted to put out a Halloween single, it’s always been our rock Christmas, and I Want You Maniac was the right track for us to celebrate it with... It’s been awesome working with James in the studio again, and the video was a lot of fun to make as well… We envisioned it as a zombie version of pet cemetery, it’s a bit scary”

    Forthcoming Dates
    Fri 31st Oct: Halloween Special, The Lincoln Imp, Scunthorpe
    Sat 1st Nov: Nightmare Festival, (Proud Camden), London
    Mon 10th Nov: The Black Heart, Camden, London

    The Kut: Biography
    Inspired by bands like Deftones, L7, Hole, Incubus, Placebo, Nirvana, Faith No More and others, The Kut are a London basement rock trio formed from the alternative scene. Having been voted into in the winning spots for MTV UK Brand New Unsigned 2014 Poll, the recent ‘Make Up’ EP was produced by James LeRock Loughrey (Skindred / White Zombie / My Vitriol / Page & Plant / Def Leppard), featuring 3 brand new tracks plus 2 previous releases ‘DMA’ and ‘Closure’. The latest offering, ‘I Want You Maniac’ ties some of those tracks together, combining elements of horror pop with their grunge rock sound. Recently joined by ex-Riot Squad drummer, Violet, on drums, the band are due to release their new EP in Spring 2015.

    This year the band’s first EP, ‘Make Up’ saw dark and emotive tracks like ‘No Trace’ into the Scuzz Most Wanted Rock Chart, alongside bands like Paramore, Green Day - as well as playlisted on their 'All-Stars of Rock Show'. The single was also supported by Alex Baker on Kerrang! Radio and picked up by BBC Introducing in Lancashire and Oxford. This lead to The Kut being invited in for a BBC Introducing live set, where they performed a 4 song set live from the Blackburn studios. The video was play listed on Putpat TV (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) and featured by Vevo, with a number of USA stations also including the track.

    Most recent single ‘Mario’, was supported by Scuzz TV on their ‘Huge Rock Anthems’ show, as well as Putpat TV and BBC Introducing Lancashire, just ahead of the release. The band’s previous video, ‘Closure’ was playlisted on Sub TV, Tuune and NME TV (Radar), whilst their first ever video ‘DMA’ (aka Doesn’t Matter Anyway) was added to 16 USA cable channels on the Bongo Boy Rock n Roll Show this May. The band has also had a number of tracks playlisted at the major UK clubs including Club NME and Medication. Previous shows include London 2012 Olympics and the Paralympics, and a sold out UK tour. In 2013 the band performed DJ sets for Kerrang! Klub, London and a string of 14 dates on the Club Criminal tour.

    ‘I Want You Maniac’ available now at http://thekut.bandcamp.com

    http://www.thekut.co.uk | @thekutgirlsrock |http://www.facebook.com/thekutgirlsrock | http://youtube.com/TheKutVEVO

    Kerrang! Magazine
    “Despite the loud Courtney love references they’re more than just Hole II. Mario has an Against Me! Strut to the intro, while DMA is a pounding gem”

    Metal Mouth
    “If they can fulfill their early promise, then The Kut could end up being a big name in no time at all.” 8/10

    “Heavy guitar, banging drums, dirty crisp vocals and a whole of attitude… the NMS would like to welcome The Kut to the party … without a shadow of a doubt they’re on the ascendancy! ”

    Hit The Floor Magazine
    “[No Trace] epitomises the girls’ influences from the likes of Nirvana and Incubus, displaying their no messing around approach to modern day grunge and taking us back to the early 90′s, where grunge rock was at it’s best!”

    Bristol Live Magazine
    “If Deftones and Hole had a little baby they’d probably sound like The Kut”

    Tasty Fanzine
    “‘Mario’ has guitar hook similar to Trey Spruance era Faith No More and an awesome ending. ‘Closure’ and ‘DMA’ are equally noteworthy and the whole EP is impressively polished. Bravo The Kut.” 7/10

    SWNK Magazine
    “No Trace, the opening song on The Kut’s Make up EP, has a big chance of being the most played song this summer. Awesome stuff!”

    Alt Dialog
    “It’s almost as if Soundgarden and Hole were put into a blender with The Kut being the result.”

    Ultimate Underground
    “They are equal parts L7 and bands like Placebo. They even show influences of Nirvana without being a retread and falling prey to the familiar.”

    Seba-Rashii Culture
    “When we first heard The Kut, we knew that the London based trio were going to be worth keeping a careful ear on. Our patience has been rewarded with the release of the Make Up E.P!”

    Uproar Webzine
    “Known for their enthusiasm and uncontrollable energy on stage, The Kut have created quite a crazy fan base who as you would expect are ecstatic over the release of their new EP, Make Up.”

    Peek-a-boo Magazine
    “The Kut present a sonic collage that evokes everything that made the 1990’s alternative rock scene such a beautifully broken beast”

    Blast Out Your Stereo
    “Grunge trio, The Kut have released a brand new music video for their song, “Mario,” which is off their upcoming EP, Make Up.. Trust me, you’ll be singing along to this number for a while (if you aren’t already).”

    Mistree Magazine
    “Mario” is 90s alternative rock at it’s very best. It is gritty and heavy, with chugging riffs and thudding percussion.”

    Palace of Rock
    “There are moments when the all female rock band The Kut sounds like Courtney Love´s Hole… But there are also moments when this London trio bring thoughts to a heavier The Bangles like “Mario”, I guess you can call it grunge pop.”

    Backseat Mafia
    “The rock girl trio based in London have not long since visited my hometown’s longest running live music venue The Lincoln Imp. I went to see them live and they rocked the room with their melodic tracks, long metal hair shaking and rock stances.”

    Criminal Records is the lovechild of a talented group of nutters who work tirelessly to seek and represent the best live and recording acts. Visit our website and sign up for a free membership to keep updated on all the latest gigs, bands, releases and label news.

    Also find us online at:
  • Attention go all of djgizmoe's (J.P.'s) friends - Vote up my dad!

    12 Oct 2014, 06:32 by djgizmoe

    Okay, yes, this is SPAM, but it's very important SPAM. My father, Lon Milo DuQuette, is taking part in Guitar Center's Singer-Songwriter contest, and he is currently 5th among 10,000 artists! If he wins, it is a HUGE deal for my family - plus he gets a stint on Jimmy Kimmel and Don Was (Was (Not Was)) produces an EP for him. All you have to do is watch his videos at the link provided, and if you like 'em, share the link to the page. Thanks, it means a whole hell of a lot.
    JP DuQuette

  • Hugo Kant - Black Moon

    27 Apr 2014, 21:41 by dr_kant

    Free exclusive track for the release of my next lp The Point Of No Return, enjoy :)

    Hugo Kant Black Moon
  • The Kut spend 3rd week in Scuzz Most Wanted Rock Chart (8th Feb - No. 4)

    9 Feb 2014, 03:14 by criminalrecords

    The Kut spend a third week in the Scuzz Most Wanted Rock Charts, hitting in at number 4 on the new chart countdown.

    Tune in on Sky 367 to check it out.

    10. Killswitch Engage -- 'Always'
    9. Issues - 'Hooligans'
    8. Falling in Reverse -- 'Bad Girls Club'
    7. SilverBySkyline -- 'Somewhere In Time'
    6. You Me at Six -- 'Fresh Start Fever'
    5. Villains -- 'The Fall'
    4. The Kut -- 'No Trace'
    3. Architects -- 'Naysayer'
    2. Steel Panther -- 'The Burden of Being Wonderful'
    1. Paramore -- 'Ain't It Fun'
  • My (belated) 2013 year end list.

    3 Feb 2014, 08:16 by irishtim

    Every year I hope to get this list up earlier, but a new career change has consumed most of my time lately. I'm not complaining, I love my new job and I still get to listen to whatever I want all day, but I won't have as much time to spend searching for new music or contributing to this site.

    I don't care if these lists don't get read all that much anymore- other than by a few of you dedicated last.fm'ers (you know who you are)- I still enjoy putting them together. Enough said, here's my list for 2013.

    My 10 Favorite*
    *(in alphabetical order)

    Arsonists Get All The Girls-Listen To The Color
    The return of their former lead vocalist Remi Rodberg allowed Arsonists to return their earlier chaotic form. Not that I didn't enjoy their last two efforts, Portals and Motherland, I really did. Listen To The Color just takes the sometimes predictable sound of the previous two and replaces it with the fast, blast beat sound that put this band on the map. This album is killer!

    This was probably my favorite album of the year. Baptists chose renowned producer and Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou to record and mix this gem of a heavy album. And it was worth every penny of theirs. Bushcraft is heavy with hints of and all blended together. Every song is just downright brutal and badass. I'm also super stoked to see former A Textbook Tragedy drummer Nick Yacyshyn find a band worthy of his extraordinary drumming prowess. This one not to be missed for anyone a fan of this genre of music.

    East Of The Wall-Redaction Artifacts
    There is nothing that this band can't do that I just don't love. Although not as strong as their 2011 release, The Apologist, Redaction Artifacts is nothing short of progressive brilliance. This album is packed full of songs that vary from well-composed melodic structures to heavy and pounding arrangements. If you haven't given any of their albums a listen yet, you're missing out.

    Intronaut-Habitual Levitations
    This one actually took a little while to grow on me. I wasn't blown away with it after my first few listens. Come to think of it, I felt the same way about their 2010 release Valley Of Smoke too. I've come to terms with the fact that they've evolved from their earlier aggressive, growling sound found in their first few albums to a more melodic approach. The musicianship is incredible as usual. Joe Lester and Danny Walker are still the best bass and drum combo around, and Sacha and Dave's vocal harmonies get better with every album. Not my favorite of theirs', but an awesome album worthy of my top ten nonetheless.

    I don't care that these guys sing their songs in Swedish, it doesn't matter, this album is badass. Super catchy, high energy songs with hints of , , and . I enjoyed this one so much that I completely forget that I can't understand a word they're saying. By the way, this is another Kurt Ballou project.

    Nice Hooves-Nice Hooves
    Here's my surprise discovery of the year. Featuring members of another one of my favorite bands The Armed, Nice Hooves is incredibly loud and noisy with elements of hardcore, punk and metal. The best part about this awesome hard-hitting debut is that they're giving it away for FREE!!! You be missing out if you didn't grab it and find out for yourself. Check it out here http://nicehooves.bandcamp.com/album/nice-hooves. And what do you know, another Kurt Ballou undertaking.

    Queens of the Stone Age-...Like Clockwork
    After a long wait, Josh Homme is back again with his knack for cleaver and catchy song-writing. Although I enjoy all of their work, their previous two were probably my least favorites. Like Clockwork, on the other hand, reminds me more of their earlier work, and Songs For The Deaf in particular, my personal favorite. This album did however see the exit of drummer Joey Castillo. Good news is that he was replaced with one of my favorite drummers ever, Jon Theodore.

    Red Fang-Whales And Leaches
    These guys have quickly become one of my favorite bands in the last year or so. Whales And Leaches is a heavy blend of hooky, but sludgy and metal. It's a little more mainstream sounding than their previous two albums, but a great album worthy of my top ten nonetheless.

    Russian Circles-Memorial
    Russian Circles continue to establish themselves as a giant in the now somewhat stale genre. It amazes me the intricate and complex sound this band can create as a 3-piece with no vocals. Memorial is a great mix of melodic landscapes mixed with heavy, dynamic and layered riffs. This is my favorite album of theirs since Station.

    Tomahawk is back. After embracing the weird and experimental sound of their 2001 self-titled and 2003 Mit Gas, they underwhelmed me with 2007's Anonymous. I know it was critically acclaimed, but I think it was too far of a departure from the first two albums. I just couldn't wrap my head around it, and I still can't to this day. Oddfellows, on the other hand, is a return to that weird and experimental sound that they captured in their early years. This is my favorite of all of Mike Patton's many projects.

    Other Greats*
    *(Not quite top ten)

    All Pigs Must Die-Nothing Violates This Nature
    Not as strong as 2011's God Is War, but an awesome album. Ben Koller continues to amaze me with his drumming chops. Another Kurt Ballou recorded and produced project.

    And So I Watch You From Afar-All Hail Bright Futures
    Awesome from northern Ireland. If you're not familiar with this band, all of their releases are stellar. This album is no exception.

    The Dillinger Escape Plan-One Of Us Is The Killer
    After all these years, DEP continues to kick our asses with energetic and chaotic madness. I had this in my top ten early in the year, but it got bumped out as the year progressed. Nevertheless, this is a badass album.

    Humanfly-Awesome Science
    It seems like every year someone recommends me an album from a band I don't care for. Awesome Science is that album this year. I haven't liked anything this band has put out, until Awesome Science. It's too bad that the band spilt up shortly after its release, this was by far their best work to date.

    Light Bearer-Silver Tongue
    This is a band to watch out for. Beautiful atmospheric sprawling landscapes that build into chugging heavy sludgy rhythms. Very well composed.

    Mutoid Man-Helium Head
    This band consists of Stephen Brodsky of Cave In and the aforementioned Ben Koller of Converge, United Nations and All Pigs Must Die just to name a few. The fact that Helium Head is more of an EP than a full length and that it came out real late in the year (I didn't get as much time to spin it) are the reasons it wasn't top ten. It was close though.

    Old Gods-Stylized Violence
    Here's another real close to my top ten. Stylized Violence is awesome chaotic hardcore featuring former Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Jeff Tuttle.

    When I heard Chino from Deftones was teaming up with a member of Isis, I almost shit my pants. I was expecting it to be a lot heavier than it turned out. But given time to grow on me, this was a great debut. I just hope they stick around and follow it up with a couple more albums.

    Pelican-Forever Becoming
    Another solid effort from this staple. Not a far departure from anything they've done before, but solid.

    Portugal. The Man-Evil Friends
    This band is an album making machine. However, this leads to albums that are hit and miss. This one is definitely a hit though.

    Rosetta-The Anaesthete
    I've read so many negative reviews about this one. Most said the same thing, that it was monotonous and lacked passion. I don't know what album they were listening to. First of all, most Rosetta songs are built on a monotonous riff/rhythm that eventually builds and develops into explosions of melody and emotion. This album is no different. I hear passion all over the place. I loved this album.

    Sleeping in Gethsemane-When The Landscape Is Quiet Again
    One more Kurt Ballou project to add to this list. This 3-piece from Fargo, North Dakota play a great blend of heavy technical , that I just dig. I really enjoy their debut from a few years back, but there's something about this album that keeps me coming back... Ballou? It seems like everything he touches turns out just awesome.

    Good, not great*
    *worth mentioning

    Anorak-Go Up In Smoke (Hardcore)

    The Barber- Circus Tricks (Chaotic Hardcore)

    BIIPIIGWAN-Something For Everyone; Nothing For Anyone (Sludge, Crust, Hardcore)

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-Specter At The Feast (Indie Rock)

    blame it on the ocean-From The Depths (Hardcore)

    Blizzard at Sea-Certain Structures (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Boatrocker-Antagonize (Post-Hardcore, Hardcore)

    Castles-Fiction Or Truth (Math Rock) (Kurt Ballou produced/recorded)

    Children Of God-We Set The Sky On Fire (Hardcore)

    cleenteeth-Pushing Rope (Sludge)

    Cortez-Phœbus (Hardcore)

    Cult of Luna-Vertikal (Post-Metal)

    Deafheaven-Sunbather (Post-Metal, Black Metal)

    The Dismemberment Plan-Uncanney Valley (Indie Rock)

    Dogs for Breakfast-The Sun Left These Places (Hardcore)

    Doomriders-Grand Blood (Hardcore)

    Dorena-Nuet (Instrumental Rock, Post-Rock)

    Echoes Of Eon-Immensity (Instrumental Rock, Post-Rock)

    Enemies-Embark, Embrace (Instrumental Rock, Math Rock)

    Erosion-Kill Us All (Hardcore, Crust)

    Facing The Swarm Throught-Bridges (Chaotic Hardcore)

    Forge of Clouds-Ordinary Death (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Fura-Fura (Instrumental Rock)

    Globe and Beast-Grandfather (Hardcore)

    Great Falls-Accidents Grotesque (Hardcore)

    Grenades-Heaven Is Empty (Hardcore)

    grey season-Septem (Progressive, Post-Metal, Hardcore)

    Hedvika-The Evidence Of Absence (Post-Metal)

    KEN mode-Entrench (Metal, Hardcore, Sludge)

    KeralaThrough The Desert (Progressive, Post-Metal)

    Kings of Leon-Mechanical Bull (Rock)

    Kultika-The Strange Innerdweller (Post-Metal)

    Lite-Installation (Instrumental Rock, Math Rock)

    Maidens-Eve Of Absolution (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Mandroid Echostar-Citadels (Post-Hardcore)

    The Night Marchers-Allez Allez (Alternative, Punk)

    Norma Jean-Wrongdoers (Hardcore)

    Pariso-Consanguinity (Chaotic Hardcore)

    Phantom Glue-A War Of Light Comes (Stoner Metal, Sludge)

    Pyres-Year Of Sleep (Progressive, Hardcore, Sludge)

    Redwood Hill-Decender (Sludge)

    Reproacher-Nothing To Save (Chaotic Hardcore)

    Rise After Defeat-Adrift (Hardcore)

    Rising-Abominor (Hardcore, Sludge)

    The Rodeo Idiot Engine-Consequences (Chaotic Hardcore)

    Rogue Wave-Nightingale Floors (Indie Rock)

    Romero-Take The Pain (Stoner Metal, Sludge)

    Sabertooth-Sheol (Hardcore)

    Sceintist-Sceintist (Progressive, Hardcore)

    Seizures-The Sanity Universal (Hardcore)

    Septa-The Lover (Post-Metal)

    Sepultura-The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart (Metal)

    Seven Sisters of Sleep-Opium Morals (Chaotic Hardcore, Crust)

    Slugdge-Born Of Slime (Progressive, Hardcore, Sludge)

    Sofy Major-Idolize (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    A Storm of Light-Nations To Flames (Post-Metal)

    *total letdowns (turds)

    Alice in Chains-The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
    This one I don't quite consider a turd. It actually has a couple pretty good songs. It just seemed rushed like there was no passion in the song-writing. Especially after loving Black Gives Way To Blue

    Atoms for Peace-Amok
    I expected more from an album featuring Thom York and Flea on bass. Just nothing interesting to me in this album. What a waste of talent.

    Really good post-rock band that unfortunately made a really boring album. Their older stuff is really good, just not this one.

    Nothing special here, sounds like I heard it all before. I hope they can pull it together and release another gem like Static Tensions. I haven't liked their last two releases.

    Long Distance Calling-The Flood Inside
    Another example of a band straying from what they're really good at and trying something that just doesn't work, for me at least. This is a great progressive heavy instrumental that tried adding vocals that don't fit. They should go back to instrumental music.

    Pearl Jam-Lightning Bolt
    Not a total turd here either, but very un-inventive and boring. Feels like surrounding one or two good songs around a bunch of lazy song-writing fillers.

    Rival Schools-Found
    I've liked Walter Schreifels from his days with Quicksand in the 90's. I even liked the first Rival Schools album. This one doesn't even sound like the same stuff. I can't get into it, or maybe I'm outgrowing it.

    Well there it is folks. As always, feel free to leave comments suggestions, insults, hate mail, letter bombs, or whatever. Also PLEASE, let me know if you come across anything you think I might dig from this upcoming year. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not gonna have the time to sit around and search for new music like I did with my new job. Much appreciated!
  • The Kut added to Scuzz - in at No. 4 on this week's Most Wanted Rock Charts

    28 Jan 2014, 23:24 by criminalrecords

    The Kut have been added in at No. 4 in this week's Most Wanted Rock Charts on Scuzz. Tune in on Sky 367 to check it out.

    10. Bullet For My Valentine -- 'Raising Hell'
    9. Royal Blood -- 'Out of the Black'
    8. Verses -- 'Making Statues'
    7. Silverskyline -- 'Somewhere In Time'
    6. Falling in Reverse -- 'Bad Girls Club'
    5. You Me At Six -- 'Fresh Start Fever'
    4. The Kut -- 'No Trace'
    3. Issues -- 'Hooligans'
    2. Villains -- 'The Fall'
    1. Neck Deep - 'Growing Pains'
  • My most listened albums of 2013

    3 Jan 2014, 16:34 by mugginz

  • The Kut - No Trace - Full Song Preview (MTV Brand New Unsigned Poll Winners)

    8 Jan 2014, 21:15 by criminalrecords

    The Kut are releasing their latest single 'No Trace' this month. Having been picked up for BBC Introducing and Kerrang! Radio track is a must listen for this month.

    Check out the full track here:

    Give the track a heart stamp if you think more people should hear.

    The Kut - No Trace (Criminal Records)

    Inspired by bands like Deftones, L7, Hole, Incubus, Placebo, Nirvana, My Chemical Romance, Faith No More and others, The Kut are a London rock trio with a great live show. Having been voted into in the winning spots for MTV UK Brand New Unsigned Poll at the end of November, their forthcoming single ‘NO TRACE’ was produced by James LeRock Loughrey - Skindred / White Zombie / My Vitriol / Manic Street Preachers / Page & Plant / Bjork and Def Leppard. The Kut -‘No Trace’ is is dark and emotive track taken from the forthcoming ‘Makeup’ EP. Having had the privilege of playing London 2012 Olympics and the Paralympics after being selected by the Teenage Rampage Foundation, other noteworthy shows include performances at various UK festivals and a sold out UK tour - ‘The Love Hate Vampire Shotgun System Circus Tour’. The band also performed DJ sets for Kerrang! Klub, London and a string of 14 dates on the Club Criminal tour. The band’s last video ‘Closure’ was playlisted on Sub TV, Tuune, NME TV Radar and the Bongo Boy Rock n Roll show on 6 USA cable channels, Comcast Cable, CableVision, Time Warren Cable, RCN, and FiOS.

    http://thekut.co.uk | @thekutgirlsrock | http://www.reverbnation.com/thekut | http://facebook.com/thekutgirlsrock

    5 Jan 2014, 17:00 by roberawards

    The 2013 Rober Awards Music Poll is now open.
    You can cast your votes @