Reading Recommendations?

    • popgurl said...
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    • 6 Jun 2007, 19:28

    Reading Recommendations?

    Does anyone have recommendations of particularly good articles or books that touch on Music 2.0 and/or Music Fandom issues?

    Looks like our fearless leader has the must-read blogroll covered on his blog, but I'm curious about print and/or online magazine type readings.

    I've just made my way through a hard-to-find and already-a-bit outdated but interesting collection called Consuming Music Together edited by Kenton O'Hara and Barry Brown (Springer Press, 2006) that I can recommend. It's interesting because so much of it is written by designers.

    There are also some good fandom/internet if not 2.0 pieces in Cybersounds edited by Michael Ayers (Peter Lang Press, 2006).

    And of course, David Jennings's book is forthcoming.

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