Favourite drumming in a Muse song?

    • Hyoajin said...
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    • 1 Jun 2009, 03:08

    Favourite drumming in a Muse song?

    Now we all know Dom is a genius musically, and probably intellectually too, but I don't think his drumming gets enough discussion.

    So, what is your favourite drumming in a Muse song? Feel free to state your favourite 'drum solo', but I'd like to know your favourite drumming overall throughout the whole song. It doesn't have to be technically amazing, it can be as simple as Showbiz or as complex as Assassin, but yeah, throughout the whole song, the one that probably gets you tapping the table throughout =P

    For me? My favourite would have to be Map of the Problematique, although I'm attempted to say Time is Running Out or Showbiz, they're also amazing. But yeah, I just always enjoy the drumming throughout MotP, and it's probably my favourite Muse song too, so that helps!

    How bout you guys?

    • Vega993 said...
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    • 1 Jun 2009, 10:12
    I love assassin. <3

  • Knights of Cydonia, Stockholm Syndrome, Assassin, Map of the Problematique and Apocalypse Please.
    I can't pick just one :p

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  • Apocalypse Please and Cititzen Erased. Amazing stuff. He really knows what he is doing.

  • assassin and stockholm syndrome

    • euphy83 said...
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    • 14 Jun 2009, 06:37
    Assassin (GOB edit), Map of the Problematique, and Citizen Erased

    • ripzzz said...
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    • 15 Jun 2009, 23:50
    Assassin, of course :3

    • maloud said...
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    • 16 Jun 2009, 19:56
    Citizen Erased- definetely

    • markp91 said...
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    • 18 Jun 2009, 13:21
    Obviously Assasin

    • Laerdya said...
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    • 24 Jun 2009, 16:02
    Citizen Erased & Assasin.
    The Man knows his job.

  • Assasin, certainly

  • Knights of Cydonia; the drumming at the end is perfect.

  • BTW, Dom hates KoC :)

  • Assassin (grand omega bosses edit)

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  • Map of Problematique and Assassin.

  • i think Stockholm Syndrome is the best :]

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 3 Sep 2009, 08:15
    Maps, definately.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 3 Sep 2009, 17:04
    Apocalypse Please, Cititzen Erased and The Groove **
    But he rocks in every song ;p

    • mrcl131 said...
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    • 3 Sep 2009, 20:20
    Map of the Problematique ;D

    • domi15 said...
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    • 11 Sep 2009, 11:33
    Assassin and Showbiz...but i love when he drums like soldier's poem...

  • Knights, definitely.

  • for me it would either be knights of cydonia or assassin

  • Hysteria. i just can't understand, how he drums the only (i don't know how to name it with another word(: ) melody during all song.

    where is my mind?
  • Map Of The Problematique,Knights of Cydonia,Stockholm Syndrome

    • Chuahua said...
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    • 9 Oct 2009, 15:37

    Radiohead <3
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