Which Muse album would you recommend to a friend?

  • Which Muse album would you recommend to a friend?

    Basically, which album do think best represents this band?

    Besides having heard Knights of Cydonia, my friend has never gotten into Muse. I would personally recommend him Absolution. He would love Time is Running Out, Stockholm Syndrome, Hysteria, and Butterflies and Hurricanes.

    Actually, I think that Absolution is the best starting album for anyone because it sounds very "Musey".

    Which would you guys recommend to someone who's never heard Muse?

    *insert chuck norris joke here*
  • I wouldn't recommend muse to my friends.

  • Agreed with Kaja, about Absolution, but Black Holes& Revelations would be also good...

  • BH&R:starlight,map of the problematique,knights of cydonia,assasin,exo politics,supermassive black hole....

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 1 Jul 2008, 20:44
    I started listening to Muse thanks to "Map of The Problematique" and I would recommend my friend Black Holes And Revelations. Absolution is a great masterpiece, but I think the nicest tracks for new Muse freaks are on Black Holes And Revelations.

  • findingthebomb said:
    I wouldn't recommend muse to my friends.

    Yes, i muss agree with you

  • mmmm
    black holes & revelations
    i think....

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 3 Jul 2008, 09:29

    Micro Cuts!! ^o^

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  • Origin of Symetry of course... It's the first I have heard, and I think that when you've heard New Born, you can't stop, you need to listen the whole album!

  • Presonally,i think Absolution is a must-listen one.
    So...Absolution for me XD

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 5 Jul 2008, 13:22

    • szylcia said...
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    • 6 Jul 2008, 21:08
    Hmm. I would take this which is more ..clear? Maybe Showbiz =)

  • i started from BHAR but I think Absolution is the best for my friends who haven't heard Muse

    • WASRH said...
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    • 8 Jul 2008, 00:52
    I would have to say Absolution, because it just sounds beautiful. Some of the people I know would probably enjoy the change of pace.

  • Absolution is their best effort!


  • difficuñt

    For me is very difficult chose between 3 albums the firsts... i only "dislike" BHAR ... but if someone needs a recomendation, i'll tell ABsolution

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 Jul 2008, 20:32

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 24 Jul 2008, 19:55
    Absolution,it's the best album to start a new fan off on.

  • i think that absolution and orgin of symetry are as close as they can get. i cant decide for myself which i like more....i think i would just burn a cd with the best of both.....that would be to many songs tho. hmmm......i dunno, usually people get into bands by listening to the most upeat songs, and then slowly get into the slower stuff. theyre both so good tho!.....yeah, id just burn a cd, or 2, or 3.

  • I think my friends would like Absolution)

    • ml1muse said...
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    • 28 Jul 2008, 23:19
    It depends on the friend in question, I guess, but I've always liked Origin Of Symmetry best so that'd probably be the one :)

  • It depends too ^^

    If this friend is more rock I'll recommend Origin of Symmetry, but if he likes more calm songs I'll choose Black Holes (Starlight, Hoodoo, City of Delusion...)

  • for me muse=absolution!
    but for someone thats never heard muse i d recomend black holes&revelations!

  • i recommended BH&R to my friend and he didn't like that. i'm stubborn so i recommended him Absolution. i hope it would be better :)

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