Kirsty MacColl tribute to The Smiths?

  • Kirsty MacColl tribute to The Smiths?

    Hey guys, I'm a long time Smiths/Morrissey fan and I recently discovered this artist totally by chance. Her name is Kirsty MacColl. She actually sang the female backup part on "Ask". She has a wide wide range of musical styles, but it seems to my ear that she was very impressioned by The Smiths. There are a lot of songs I'd say that remind me a little bit of a Morrissey solo song or a Smiths song, but this one in particular just strikes me as a complete tribute to the band. My first thoughts upon hearing it were, "This sounds like a Johnny Marr guitar part! It has to be!" I even checked the song credits to see if it was Marr playing. It's not. I also noticed that the lyrics sound like something Morrissey would have written. This song must be a tribute. If anyone is interested in hearing it, I'd be happy to help you get your hands on a sample or something. It might be difficult to find on fileshare.

    "You Know It's You"

    (Kirsty MacColl/Mark E. Nevin)

    I want to shake up this world
    And not to feel so useless
    And I long to wake up happy
    And not to feel so hopeless
    I want arms that never held me
    To pull me to my senses
    And wrap themselves around me
    Oh, please let it come true
    There's only one thing for me
    Darling, darling, darling
    You know it's you.

    I want someone up here beside me
    To wake up in heaven with all my worries behind me
    That's what I'd love to do
    There is something I have seen
    A vision in my dreams
    Who only comes it seems to tell me
    What I already knew
    There's only one thing that can save me now
    And baby you know it's you

    Ah -- d'you ever see just what I see?
    My whole life just flashed in front of me
    All my fears, all my mistakes
    The heart that sings before it breaks
    Oh I want arms that never held me
    To wrap themselves around me
    And not to let me down too gently
    I need something to look forward to
    There's only one thing that will do
    And you know darling you know it's you

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    • 28 Jun 2007, 21:05
    She has also covered "You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby" and sang on "Golden Lights".

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