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  • rodus: It's 'More Natural' Not Having a Release Date Posted on Dec 21st 2010 11:00AM…

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    Frodus: It's 'More Natural' Not Having a Release Date
    Posted on Dec 21st 2010 11:00AM by Matt Debenedictis 1 Comments
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    FrodusShannon Wang
    When word rang out that the noise machine of Frodus would be releasing new material -- as founders Shelby Cinca and Jason Hamacher regrouped from 10 years of inactivity -- all conversations turned to asking when to expect what was being recorded with Dillinger Escape Plan bassist Liam Wilson. No release date was announced, however. One day, 'Soundlab One' was unleashed without warning. Cinca told Noisecreep that it was not only the plan, but it might be the way more bands should approach album releases.

    "I never understood in the digital age the whole thing of sending press people the stuff earlier, and then it leaks anyway and it's on Rapidshare and Mediafire and all these different sites. Because if people want to hear it, they'll find the press copy," the guitarist admitted, explaining the band's method. "[No release date] makes more sense in the way people consume music than staggering it for the elite few that get to hear it, and the masses have to wait. It seemed more natural in the way people want to consume information -- everything is there all at once."

    You can't really argue with that logic when most people will download an album -- legally or illegally -- rather than take a five-minute drive to their local record shop. Cinca is far from alone in thinking this an old model. He cites Jack White's band the Raconteurs as an example of a big label band that took the same approach, releasing their last album without the knowledge of the press to push it.

    "I don't know how we could have hyped it, honesty; send it to Alternative Press and try to get them to write about it and do features? I mean they're going to write about it anyway if they like it or not, whether it's before it comes out or the day it comes out."

    To get the single out in a way that involved fewer hands in their and the fans' pockets, Cinca opted to set everything up with Bandcamp, a site he's used for his electronica side project Triobelisk and data punk outfit Frantic Mantis. The 'Soundlab' site boasts that "no multi-national corporations will receive any percentage."

    "I like that it gives a way for the artist to release the music and have this great user experience opposed to all these other sites that are out there," said Cinca. "And it helps smaller labels. It makes the most sense I think."

    This looks like many more of these smaller releases are on the way as CInca explains that the 'Soundlab' idea is to explore experimentations with different musicians. "The second 'Soundlab' could be with members of Norma Jean or ex-members of Refused or something. It's just our friends from being a band, that's kind of the idea."

    He continued, "For me I'd almost like for it to be separated from Frodus, like the Frodus Soundlab as its own thing. I always like doing new stuff so I'd like to have enough songs to do newer songs and some of the older ones and kind of progress."

    Download Frodus Songs | Buy Frodus Albums

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    1. TEPHRA
    2. DIE! DIE! DIE!


    This Wednesday we will start taking preorders for the new stunning full-length by TEPHRA entitled "Tempel“. This will be available on 18th February on CD and limited LP. It will already be digital available from 4th February on our Bandcamp site, iTunes or any other platform.

    Order page:

    The first 100 orders will receive LIMITED EDITION COLORED VINYL !!! There will also be a limited t-shirt available. It will be just available with the PREORDER and only through GOLDEN ANTENNA!
    You can win one of the LP Box set. All you have to do is sign up for the Golden Antenna newsletter on our website and cross your fingers! The lucky winner will be announced through our website on 18th February.


    500 copies total
    375 black vinyl
    100 orange vinyl
    25 orange vinyl comes in Box Tour Edition

    [please DO NOT ASK for the box set, it`s really only available at the shows]

    DIE! DIE! DIE!

    Hell yeah. Another stranded band from New Zealand finding it`s home in the bay of Golden Antenna Records. DIE! DIE! DIE! from Auckland. Produced and recorded by Nick Roughan (The Skeptics), FORM is Die! Die! Die! like you have never heard. It is the album they always wanted to write, and the one you knew they would. It calls upon all the parts, plus more, that makes this band so exciting but never allows you to stop and put your finger on one. Is it noise pop? Post punk? Shoe gaze? Noise/ post/ gaze/pop?

    Remember the first time you saw a band that blew your mind right open? Die! Die! Die! is all about doing that: a sense of danger, hunger and heat - qualities that so many current groups guilelessly miss.- The Guardian.
    It’s all squeals and yelps, tornado riffs and frantic battered drums – and if that’s not enough for you, it’s emotional, danceable and catchy to boot. – NME

    We are more than happy to announce that we will re-release "FORM" on 1st April on CD/ Limited LP / Digital. It was originally released last year in New Zealand by famous Flying Nun Records.
    The band will embark on a five weeks tour in April and May conquering Europe from North to South!

    We will have a full stream of this record available soon.


    Due to the overwhelming response, there will be a repress of the Maserati "Pyramid Of The Sun" LP right in time for their europen tour. 300 copies, white vinyl. The rest will be the same amazing packaging that you seem to love as much as we do. We hope to see you at one the shows of their european tour in March. This is maybe the last chance you get to see this band live.


    IRA are nearly done tracking done their new record which will be a mini-album with four songs.
    KERRETTA will record their new record soon, so we think it will be out in fall this year.
    DATURAH are taking a break from playing live in order to focus on new songs. We hope they`ll have a new record out this year, too. Keep your fingers crossed!

    More news on all of this when they roll in.


    11.03.11 DE – Lörrach, Altes Wasserwerk (headlining show)
    12.03.11 DE – Balingen, The Bar w/ Pigeon Toe
    23.04.11 DE – Balingen, Festival
    17.09.11 DE – Weingarten, U&D w/ Monochrome, The Serpentines

    [presented by Visions, Eclipsed, Slam & Music Scan]
    03.03.11 DE-Berlin, Lido *
    04.03.11 DE-Würzburg, Cairo *
    05.03.11 DE-Leipzig, Zoro *
    06.03.11 RU-Moscow, 16 Tons Club
    07.03.11 DE-Dresden, AZ Conni
    08.03.11 CZ-Prag, 007 *
    09.03.11 DE-München, Kafe Kult *
    10.03.11 IT-Milano, Magnolia
    11.03.11 F-Lyon, Sonic
    12.03.11 F-Paris, Le Batofar
    13.03.11 DE-Freiburg, White Rabbit
    14.03.11 LUX-Luxembourg, Exit07
    15.03.11 NL-Den Bosch, W2
    16.03.11 DE-Hamburg, Hafenklang *
    17.03.11 DE-Bochum, Bahnhof Langendreer *
    18.03.11 DE-Esslingen, Komma *
    19.03.11 DE-Braunschweig, Nexus *
    20.03.11 GR-Athens, Gagarin 205
    22.03.11 NOR-Oslo, Kampen Bistro
    23.03.11 SWE-Stockholm, Fritz’s Corner

    * w/ Günter Schickert & Frauke Helwes

    [presented by Allschools, Music Scan, Ox, Triggerfish]
    20.02.11 A-Wien, Arena w/ Blacktush/ Howl
    21.02.11 GER-München, Feierwerk
    24.02.11 GER-Bremen, MS Treue
    25.02.11 GER-Berlin, Cassiopeia w/ Abrakadabra
    02.03.11 GER-Hamburg, Hafenklang w/ Abrakadabra
    05.03.11 GER-Münster, Sputnik Cafe
    11.03.11 GER-Köln, MTC w/ Truckfighters

    ...more tourdates coming soon...

    Golden Antenna Records
    GOLDEN 008: Ira - Visions of a landscape CD/ 2xLP/ Digital
    GOLDEN 009: Kerretta - Vilayer CD/ LP
    GOLDEN 010: My Education - Sunrise CD
    GOLDEN 011: Del Rey - Immemorial CD/ LP/ Digital
    GOLDEN 012: Maserati - Pyramid Of The Sun CD/ LP (Out NOW!!!)
    GOLDEN 013: Tephra - Tempel CD/ LP/ Digital (Out 14th February!)
    GOLDEN 014: Die! Die! Die! - Form CD/ LP / Digital (Out 1st April!)

    R.I.P. Gerhardt "Jerry" Fuchs (1974-2009)
    You will never be forgotten!

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    1. DEL REY - Immemorial
    2. MASERATI - Pyramid Of The Sun


    People, it`s ready. Chicago post-rockers Del Rey return with "Immemorial", their 4th full-length and most ambitious offering to date. The album builds on the cosmic soundscapes and epic odysseys of their previous work, but here the group has channeled their energy into a more evocative, melodic sound, heightening the tension and release that the songs deliver. Make no mistake - the music is heavy, man - but in a clean, angular, and cinematic style that has been honed to perfection.

    In addition, the band been reinvigorated by the addition of Jason Ward, who runs "Chicago Mastering Service" along with Shellac's Bob Weston, and is a veteran live sound engineer who has worked with Dirty Three, Cat Power, The Shins, and Superchunk among others. Jason Ward has recorded all of their releases, and now he brings those extra studio touches to the stage and the songwriting.

    On 1st October the waiting has come to an end. The LP version is limited to 300 copies. 200 black, 100 white copies. 450gr thick gatefold sleeve. All on 180gr. vinyl. Download code attached for your iPod pleasure. You can go to our online shop and preorder that thing on CD and LP! Preorders are now welcomed!

    If you subscribe to our newsletter on our website (if you already did, please do it again), we will send you a link to a site where you can stream the whole record! How does that sound?


    The sudden, tragic and unexpected passing of drummer Jerry Fuchs not only forever changed the lives of those that knew and loved him (a number that stretches into the tens of thousands by all accounts), but it immediately halted progress on a new Maserati album for which they had already begun recording. As one of Fuchs' final recordings, the band labored over its completion for the better part of a year. Afforded the utmost care and attention to detail, "Pyramid of the Sun" stands firmly as a celebration of Fuchs' legacy, and a testament to the ever-increasing brilliance of Maserati.

    Recorded throughout 2009 and 2010, "Pyramid of the Sun" is the most dynamic, melodic and tuneful Maserati album of the band's decade-long career. Retaining the trademark driving momentum that makes the band's live shows so euphoric, "Pyramid of the sun" explores the lighter and darker sides of their sound, anchored by more melodic and varied song structures. In other words, you'll now bob your head, tap your feet and involuntarily find the tunes lodged in your brain.

    We are more honored than anyone can imagine to release this beauty of a record! Release date is 12th November. We will have CDs and a kick-ass looking LP. Probably the coolest thing we did so far.
    More amazing news are in the works!

    From 1st September on, people in France can buy all of our releases from Amazon France! How cool is that? Selected titles (meaning Airpeople, Ira) are also available in the USA from Amazon US.


    Finally: we are working on a new, better version of our website. Our friend Christian from GoYippi is working on this right now and we are curious for the final result.


    Our releases will be digitally available from our Bandcamp website from now on. You can purchase the new DEL REY record soon. All you need is a Paypal Account and you are set. In the meantime, you can watch some cool clips from our bands on our own Vimeo Channel. There aren`t many videos yet, but they are way more to come. Check that out and follow us!


    15.10. Darmstadt, Oettinger Villa
    16.10. Moers, Röhre
    17.10. Hamburg, Hafenklang
    18.10. Karlsruhe, Jubez
    21.10. Köln/,Tsunami
    22.10. Berlin, Schokoladen
    23.10. Braunschweig, Nexus

    24.09. Frankfurt, Sinkkasen w/ Velveteen

    25.09. Stuttgart, Juha w/ This Will Destroy You

    Golden Antenna Records
  • Golden Antenna Discography

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    GOLDEN 001: Maserati - Inventions for the new season CD/ 2xLP/ Digital
    GOLDEN 002: Daturah - Reverie CD/ 2xLP/ DIgital
    GOLDEN 003: A.Armada - Anam cara CD/ LP/ Digital
    GOLDEN 004: Maserati - Language of cities 2xLP
    GOLDEN 005: From Monument To Masses - Beyond God & Elvis MCD/ 7"
    From Monument To Masses
    GOLDEN 006: From Monument To Masses - On Little Known Frequencies CD/ 2xLP/ Digital
    From Monument To Masses
    GOLDEN 007: Airpeople - The Golden City CD/ LP/ Digital
    GOLDEN 008: Ira - Visions of a landscape CD/ 2xLP/ Digital
    GOLDEN 009: Kerretta - Vilayer CD/ LP/ Digital
    GOLDEN 010: My Education - Sunrise CD (OUT NOW!)
    My Education
    GOLDEN 011: Del Rey - Immemorial CD/ LP/ Digital (Out 1st October)
    Del Rey
    GOLDEN 012: Maserati - Pyramid Of The Sun CD/ LP (Out 12th November)

    R.I.P. Gerhardt "Jerry" Fuchs (1974-2009)
    You will never be forgotten!
  • Turing Machine Interview

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    Turing Machine Interview

    These former members of Pitchblende and Vineland have recently released perhaps the best debut album I have heard from any band. Anyone who plays drums should make it a priority to listen to "A New Machine For Living" as Gerard Fuchs (later a drummer for !!!andMaserati unfortunatly died of an accident) drumming is totally amazing. I was lucky enough to chance upon this band, so make sure you don't miss out especially if you are a Slint / Tortoise fan. Read on to find out more about the band then visit their site and download some clips. You won't regret it!

    Official website:
    Turing Machine are: Justin Chearno, Gerard Fuchs, Scott Desimon.

    Describe your music

    Justin: Beat oriented instrumental rock. Not in any way shape or form "math rock" we are much more interested in "groove" and arrangement, rather than playing in crazy times just for the sake of showing off. In many ways our songs are like dance music performed by a rock band.

    How does your music make you feel?

    Justin: I'm really proud of this band. I can't describe the feeling that I get from performing, there's the old rock cliche of how "free" it makes you feel, which is true, but it's even more than that. I seldom "listen" to our music outside of practice or performance, but when I've heard it I was at least satisfied with how it sounded.

    What made you pick up your instrument?

    Justin: I saw The Clash on tv in 1982 and I was totally blown away by their energy. I really thought to myself, "I want to do that". The thing that made me stick with it was that I finally had a "thing" that I did, something that almost defined me as a 12 year old -- the kid that plays the guitar. Of course, I was still just a geeky loser, but I was a geeky loser that PLAYED THE GUITAR.

    What was the first proper song you learnt to play on your instrument and was there any point when you were learning that you wanted to give up?

    Justin: The first song I learned all the way through was "hungry like the wolf" by duran duran, really. Naw, I never, ever, wanted to give up. I really love playing. It's the only "project" per se that I've ever really followed through on. I was the kind of kid that bought model planes and got bored with them before I had completed them... etc. It's almost amazing that I found the concentration and resolve to learn an instrument...

    Who or what music has been most influential in your sound?

    Justin: I can only speak from my perspective, but there have been too many things to mention. I guess the 4 biggest have been Sonic Youth, Naked Raygun, This Heat and David Grubbs. Remember that's over 18 years of guitar playing. Those are the sort of people or groups that made me aware of playing in a certain way, or more importantly influenced me to find my own style through their inspiration....

    Where would you like to see yourselves and your music heading in the next few years?

    Justin: I just want to keep playing and developing. I'd like to add a full time keyboard player and do some stuff with vocals also. I just don't want there to be any "rules" for what we're doing. I want to keep it loose and stress free as possible.

    Where would you most like to play live?

    Justin: I've never played shows in Europe - I think it would be great to play some shows in France and Germany

    What music do you currently find difficult to remove from your stereo?

    Justin: I'm hooked on the new album by our label mates The Explosion called "flash flash flash". I haven't been able to take "The Yellow Princess" by John Fahey off my turntable for a week....

    If you weren't making music what would you be doing?

    Justin: I don't really spend that much time doing rock stuff. It's hard to live in New York and make a living playing, plus there are a few other things I'm almost as passionate about...during the day I write research on e-commerce for an internet company, and I'm in the process of designing a men's clothing line called "mark essex" that should be in stores spring 2001..

    Global domination or a cult following: which would you prefer?

    Justin: Absolute total global fucking domination. As long as it doesn't cut into my social life or drinking time.

    Have you ever owned or worn rock pants?

    Justin: I guess we haven't met, or you would know that EVERY pair of pants I have are rock pants.

    If you were asked to score a soundtrack which director would you choose and what type of film do you think would suit your style?

    Justin: This is something I'm really interested in doing. I'd love to work with jem cohen. he has a really amazing eye for emotion and atmosphere, I love the way he blends different formats and isn't afraid to hold a shot for a long while... but that would for more of an "ambient" thing... I'd love to do music for a car chase in a crazy expensive action more....

    You walk into a pub, Jim O’Rourke’s sitting at the bar and John McIntyre is playing on the pinball machine which do you gravitate towards after you’ve got yourself a drink and how come?

    Justin: Well, this is a bad question 'cause I know both of those guys... umm... I guess I'd go up to McIntrye and tell him to come and sit with me and O'Rourke when he's done with the game... both of those people have been an absolute and complete inspiration to me for a long long time...

    Do you ever find the band taking on ‘Spinal Tap’ aspects whilst touring?

    Justin: Naws, I never heard Spinal Tap moan about the lack of girls at their shows...

    What is the one thing that people don’t know about the band that you really think they should?

    Justin: That Jerry Fuchs and Scott Desimon are two of the greatest fucking people I've ever met in my life and that I love both of them with all of my heart... and that we could give a shit about math rock.

    Finally, any plans on touring the UK soon?

    Justin: I would love to, but because of our 'serious' jobs and the fact that our drummer is still in college (not to mention I can't imagine anyone in the UK wanting to come out and see us play...) I don't thing that's in the near future at all..

    Interviewed by David Majors & Gordon Peppard
  • frodus reunion

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    Frodus put out some of the most blistering music that most people have never heard. After a couple great records and a biblically bad run of luck, they disbanded.

    A decade later, some of their old catalog is being re-released on vinyl and actually still sounds relevant. Shelby Cinca and Jason Hamacher talk about their unlikely reunion and pairing with Liam Wilson from Dillinger Escape Plan, with whom they’ve recorded a 9 (?) song new EP to be released on Lovitt Records this year.
  • Golden Antenna Records

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    Please become a member of this fantastic labelgroup
  • News

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    My Education FULL STREAM!


    you can stream the whole new record by MY EDUCATION entitled “Sunrise” here. If you like what you hear, please order and support the bands and us.

    By the way: due to a fault by the pressing plant, there are no limited, white vinyl for “Vilayer” by KERRETTA. Sorry folks. But it would have taken another month to get them here, and this was not worth the wait I assumed.

    Talk soon,
    Saturday, June 19th, 2010
    golden antenna records
  • shelby cinca discography complete

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