Robert Sandall: Very sad news

  • Robert Sandall: Very sad news

    It appears that, sadly, Robert has lost his fight with cancer. The first report I saw was here:

    I know this group isn't visited frequently, but by complete coincidence I was reading the last thread on here today, and decided to do a search for him, which is when I came across the news (which is still very recent, but has also been added to his Radio 3 profile page). Very sad...

    RIP Robert - I'm going to miss hearing your voice, and your excellent taste in music.

  • Very sad indeed, a great loss.

  • Very sad news about Robert.

    I was always holding out some hope that the BBC might bring back 'Mixing It' at some point and the great 'transformative' shows hosted by Mark and Robert would be heard again, but now that will never happen. I will be re-listening to some old Mixing It's now and remembering all the great music Robert introduced me to.

  • I've created a Wikipedia page for Robert Sandall (surprisingly there wasn't one). So far the information I've written is fairly basic. Please add to this and improve it.

  • Yes, very sad news. I did enjoy his recent broadcasts on Late Junction R3. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.


  • That is so sad. I'd started playing (and thoroughky enjoying) old Mixing It shows in my car again recently and had wondered why Robert and Mark hadn't done any more WTSITs for some time. As a father of young children myself, I really feel for his family.

  • I would have loved to have heard the Late Junction progs he did, I hope the BBC will be repeating them.

  • Guardian Obituary

    Mark Russell and Michael Berkeley have contributed to a fine obituary of Robert in The Guardian:

    Great sympathy to his family at this time. Great affirmation of all his many achievements.

  • Robert Sandall tribute on "Late Junction", BBC Radio 3, 22 Sept 10, 23:15hr

    On Late Junction this evening, Wed 22nd Sept, 23:15 -

    "Fiona Talkington presents a mix of musical styles, including favourite tracks of fellow presenter Robert Sandall, who died in July."


  • Robert Sandall interviewing David Byrne - BBC R4, 13 Jan 11, 11:30

    A previous recording of Robert Sandall interviewing David Byrne can be heard on the recent BBC Radio 4 programme - "Imelda Marcos, Dictator of Taste?"

    See -

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