Have you seen MT live?

  • Have you seen MT live?

    Have you seen MT live? If you have when was it. Tell about your time seeing them live. Tell about if you met them.

    So far I've seen them 3 times. I would have seen them more times but 2 times their van broke down & they couldn't make it to Utah to play the show. 1 time I missed them because I had to go to something else that night they played a show. The 1st time I saw them & their 1st show in Utah was March 5, 2009 @ Murray Theater. They opened for Dear & The Headlights. They were so good live! So much fun! Charlie wore his "famous" teddy bear sweater. Which he looks good in. My favorite part was hearing Japanese Woman In My Closet for the 1st time. That was great! Also I loved hearing other songs live for the 1st time too. I met them after the show. That was when they had Darren from Phantom Planet playing with them. So, I met them. They were so nice & fun!:) I had met Darren before when he was with PP. I had them sign a picture of a tiger in the Dharma symbol I got off their Myspace.

    The 2nd time I saw them live was @ Kilby Court on March 26, 2009 in Utah. Again fantastic live! I love their live shows! They opened for Bishop Allen that night. My 1st favorite part was when Charlie's phone ran after he just played a song. He answered it & had the crowd talk to the wrong number.:) Very funny. The 2nd favorite part was when Charlie had me & my friend come on stage with them! I played tambourine & we both sang the ooos for Last Night's Fake Blood! That was so much fun!:) Also so nice of Charlie for doing that. Also I loved hearing Hot Venom live. With this show I talked to Charlie & Rick before & after the show. Also another appearance of the teddy bear sweater.:]

    The 3rd time was @ Kilby Court on May 23, 2009 in Utah. They opened for Kevin Devine. Another great show! This time no teddy bear sweater because it was warm outside. My favorite part was when they played I Like To Move It Move it from the Madagascar film. Then played Cannibal Queen after it. They did a great cover of that song. Also loved hearing Octopus live. Pretty neat. Again at this show I talked to Charlie & Rick before & after the show. After the show Charlie & Rick did their little fun skit/handshake. Rick did another little fun skit/handshake with a friend of his. They are so much fun to watch!:) They are so funny! So, those are the 3 times I saw them live. I hope to see them many more times live! Also want to see them headline a show.

    Live, Laugh, Love and Be Yourself!!
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