• How to...?

    Ok here's the stuff.
    I often have to present MSI to people, so they ask me to send them a "representative song".
    And i don't know which one would be the most "representative". I think it need good guitars, 8 bit sound and jungle drum, but some of Jimmy lyrical madness too...
    Maybe Backmask...
    Help me, MSI group !

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 14 Jun 2007, 10:46
    Bitches! It's the sweetest introduction to MSI world anyone could imagine.

    • Cindayy said...
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    • 28 Jun 2007, 02:30
    Idk.. i'd say bring the pain cause that was the first song i was introduced to

    but maybe you should go with something a bit more mellow first.. shut me up?

  • Yeah, I agree with silverrobert. Bitches was the first song that I heard by MSI and I'm hooked.

  • When I'm introducing someone to MSI I usually play "bitches".
    Many people seem to like "Shut me up" and "Straight to video"
    So If they are stubborn use one of those to coax them into listening to some other Msi stuff.

  • "Shut Me Up" and "Bitches" are a good choice.

    • Kai-Oni said...
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    • 3 Jun 2009, 09:36
    It's hard really. Their songs have so many different styles to them. No one song can represent them, I have the same trouble. Generally the 'safe' option is Shut Me Up, seeming as that's the most popular and widely accepted MSI song.

  • I always recommend 2 Hookers and an eight-ball. But that's just me...

    Majer's unfortunate Adventures:
    The End
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 27 Jun 2009, 23:10
    Tight and Diabolical.

  • i usually present Backmask or Dickface. Though other ones that I've hooked people with are Tight, Bring the Pain, Faggot, or Bitches. Faggot is what i was introduced to. Tight is what really hooked me for life.

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