Your favorite song

  • I think it must be "fox" or maybe "machine 15".

  • SHUT YOU OUT <33

  • Lozin` Must
    Fingers Crossed
    Penguins & Polarbears
    Boring Planet

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    • 15 Apr 2010, 05:03


    butbutbut i almost like them all reaaaaaaaaaalllly much =O

  • Route One
    Highway Donkey

  • Dr. Jackal & Mr. Hide (:

  • No Cigar

  • life on a plate:
    -bullion; move your car, killercrush, story of my life, jellygoose, airhead

    -no cigar, fox, pepper, penguins and polarbears, highway donkey, material boy

    home from home:
    -man or mouse, fingers crossed, black eye, punk rock rebel, fuel to the flame, kemp, home from home

    machine 15:
    -machine 15, brand new game

    other: ray, leona, lozin'must and mr clean

    OVERALL FAVORITE: no cigar.

  • killercrush, twenty two, supernova, no cigar, mr. clean
    lol, way too many to name 'em

    'Cause I don't care where I belong no more.
    What we share or not I will ignore.
    And I won't waste my time fitting in.
    'Cause I don't think contrast is a sin.
  • HAPPINESS FOR DOGS... Farewell my hell, Fingers crossed, Brand new game, Hellman, Devil me, Olympic, Dance craze

  • by cd:

    Same Old Tunes:
    - Dance Craze, Mr. Clean

    Life On A Plate:
    - Bullion, Friends 'Till The End, The Story Of My Life, Reply

    For Monkeys:
    - Puzzle, Lozin' Must, Random I Am, Otis, Twenty Two

    Pennybridge Pioneers:
    - No Cigar, Duck Pond, Hellman, Devil me

    Home From Home:
    - Fingers Crossed, Black Eye

    - Birdie

    Machine 15:
    - Broken World, Detox

  • Lozin' Must
    Random I Am

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