Miles 'compilations' 1970-74

  • Despite my recent epiphany, I know what you mean about On the Corner. The trick of liking it for me is forgetting it's Miles, or walking into a record store while a passage I don't recognize is playing.

    Very cool that you are writing the thing on Miles. I'd love to see it at some point, if you're willing to share.

  • thanks, and I will but I think it will take a while. So far I've only covered up to Bitches Brew!! I also need to purchase and familiarise myself with Black Beauty and The Cellar Door before I can write about them. The intention is for it to be a kind of fans eye view without being a critic or a musician, just an appreciation from an enthusiast with a good knowledge, as a guide to Miles fans or newcomers. It seems a good time to do it, with all the 70s stuff now complete in the box sets and stuff.

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