Fantomas - The Director's Cut

  • Fantomas - The Director's Cut

    Has anyone watched all of the movies/TV shows on this album? Some of them are hard to track down.

    • Monty__ said...
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    • 12 Oct 2009, 19:27
    No. I thought of doing it last summer, but I didn't. As you say some of the movies are quite hard to find.

    This far I've only seen:

    The Godfather
    Night of the Hunter
    Cape Fear
    Rosemary's Baby
    The Omen
    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

  • I never knew who killed Laura Palmer!

    Born to lose....Live to Win.
  • I've only watched Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and Rosemary's Baby (both movies are great). I have Spider Baby downloaded on my computer but the quality is alwful.

    • jud-th said...
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    • 22 Mar 2011, 13:59
    yes - 1. The Godfather
    yes - 2. Der Golem
    yes - 3. Experiment In Terror
    yes - 4. One Step Beyond
    yes - 5. Night Of The Hunter (Remix)
    yes, but just the DeNiro version 6. Cape Fear
    yes - 7. Rosemary's Baby
    yes, with a young Saruman lol - 8. The Devil Rides Out (Remix)
    yes - 9. Spider Baby
    yes, just the original -10. The Omen (Ave Satani)
    yes -11. Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer
    no, non of the old ones -12. Vendetta
    no..but hey - 13. Untitled
    no, cant find it -14. Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion
    no, but am about to -15. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
    yes - 16. Charade

    So.. quite a lot.. I recommend them all.
    (I think the songs get an extra dimension when you've seen the movies)

  • i watched only: rosemary's baby, cape fear, henry:portrait of a serial killer and twin peaks: fire walk with me.
    also i saw some scenes from godfather and experiment in terror.
    i absolutely loved twin peaks (i'm david lynch fan and "mulholland drive" is one of my favourite films of all time)
    henry was scary, some brutal scenes.

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