Favourite Bungle song?

  • mr nice guy
    quote unquote
    goodbye sober day
    the airconditioned nightmare

    • cotu217 said...
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    • 12 Sep 2006, 11:47
    ping pang just fer this thread

  • Platypuus, Girls of porn, Desert search for techno allah

    Who Are You?
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 13 Sep 2006, 12:18
    Ars Moriendi

  • WHAT!?

    No one thinks Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz is the best Bungle song?!


    I TOTALLY DO! I can listen to that song for days. The saxes are CRAZY on that one, and the xylophone is amazing.

  • My Ass Is On Fire

    "No one ever listens to me. I might as well be a Leonard Cohen record."
    • eoto45 said...
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    • 28 Sep 2006, 02:25
    Squeeze Me Macaroni / Golem II: The Bionic Vapour Boy

  • Hard to pick...here's a couple

    Stubb (a Dubb)
    Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz
    Air-Conditioned Nightmare

    Seeing them perform Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz live was one of the highlights of all the shows I saw them play.

  • Such a hard decision and i'm stuck between Goodbye Sober Day and Egg!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 4 Oct 2006, 13:18
    Girls of Porn (got some great lyrics:)

    • krabola said...
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    • 6 Oct 2006, 21:47
    Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz rules!

  • how can you guys choose? Pretty much all of Disco Volante is fantastic!!
    Squeeze me Macaroni comes pretty high for me though.

  • Hi everybody!
    Yeah, it really is quite difficult to choose. But probably (as for this moment and mood) the favorites are:

    The Secret Song, Ars Moriendi, Chemical Marriage and Violenza Domestica.

    Bungles were cool! =)

  • The Girls Of Porn
    The Girls Of Porn
    The Girls Of Porn
    The Girls Of Porn
    The Girls Of Porn


    “A heart full of roses and painted wings.”
    • hitzey said...
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    • 14 Oct 2006, 16:48
    vanity fair


    • 0ddity said...
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    • 30 Oct 2006, 01:22
    Quote Unquote(Travolta)
    My Ass is on fire
    Top two favorite songs.

    • _Fly said...
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    • 31 Oct 2006, 11:55
    Ars Moriendi without a doubt
    And also
    Golem II: The Bionic Vapour Boy
    Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz

    Amazing fact - nearly all the songs were mentioned here.

  • Carry Stress in the Jaw

  • quote unquote. the controversy was just lovely.

    hm. just so i don't have to start another topic about it... does anyone favour Dimitri over Mike in Dillinger? i mean don't get me wrong, Patton's amazing. but as far as Dillinger Escape Plan... i just prefer the old vocals.

    anyone else?

    never offend with style when you can offend with substance.
  • Carousel & Girls of Porn

    Skamurai said:
    does anyone favour Dimitri over Mike in Dillinger?

    I think I prefer patton to be honest. The other guy's good though...

    • Neula said...
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    • 8 Nov 2006, 08:55
    Skamurai said:
    does anyone favour Dimitri over Mike in Dillinger?

    In fact, I just got Irony Is A Dead Scene yesterday. Yeah, Patton is always amazing but to be honest, I favour Greg Puciato over both of them, Dimitri and Mike. I know there are lots of differing opinions about that one.

    Gonna break my rusty cage...and run.
    • Gemeos said...
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    • 10 Nov 2006, 23:13
    Fav Songs of Bungle are without doubt Carrousell and Squeeze me macaroni. They make me wanna dance like an idiot for days

    • Tyth said...
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    • 11 Nov 2006, 19:47
    Carousel, My Ass is on Fire, None of Them Knew They Were Robots, Carry Stress In the Jaw, Evil Satan, Goodbye Sober Day.

    random order

    I can do that because I am eccentric.
    • miao said...
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    • 12 Nov 2006, 13:26
    Secret song.
    Slowly growing deaf.
    Quote unquote.
    Girls of porn.
    My ass is on fire.
    Ma meeshka mow skwoz.

    • gaz_ said...
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    • 13 Nov 2006, 20:33
    I think it is now Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz

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