• Best of 2014

    29 Jul 2014, 14:12 by Rowolta

    2014 has truly been an impressive extreme metal year.

    Honorable mentions
    I have enjoyed these a little bit too much.

    Misery Index has once more delivered, The Killing Gods is amazing, super heavy, and somewhat simple but still complex on so many levels.

    Killitorous released their debut Party, Grind. The album is pure joy, both on a spiritual and technical level.

    Diaclast hailing from Russia, released an EP called Sea Slaughter, it consists of only three tracks. BUT, I can't get enough.

    The List
    Favourites of 2014, a list in alphabetic ascending order, work in progress..

    Abysmal Torment
    Cultivate The Apostate brutal death

    Immortal Technical Death

    Anaal Nathrakh
    Desideratum (2014) black metal

    The Barren Throne brutal death

    Nine Sins (2014) black metal

    Grand Morbid Funeral (2014) death metal

    Cannibal Corpse
    A Skeletal Domain (2014) death metal

    Symmetry In Black (2014) sludge metal

    Sea Slaughter EP (2014) brutal death metal

    Misery (2014) death metal

    Hour of Penance
    Regicide brutal death metal

    Party, Grind (2014) technical death metal

    Maximize Bestiality
    Extraterrestrial Skolexomorphic Infestation (2014) brutal death metal

    Misery Index
    The Killing Gods deathgrind

    Frantic Visions of a Xenogod (2014) brutal death metal

    Omnipresent (2014) death metal

    Posthumous Blasphemer
    Exhumation of Sacred Impunity technical death metal

    While You Were Sleeping (2014) deathcore

    Xenomorphic Contamination
    Chasm of No Return (2014) brutal death metal
  • Best of 2013

    21 Jan 2014, 23:16 by Rowolta

    Favourites of 2013, my top list of 2013 in alphabetic ascending order.

    In this years list I especially want to highlight two albums:
    First Defeated Sanity's Passages Into Deformity, it seems impossible to get tired of this beast.
    Second Blockheads's This World is Dead, this is how I want my GRIND, fast and groovy. It reminds me a lot of Mumakil's masterpiece Customized Warfare.

    CORPSEBITCH - Love Is In The Air slam

    Defeated Sanity - Passages Into Deformity Technical Brutal Death Metal

    Blockheads - This World is Dead Grind/Death

    Inquisition - Obscure Verses for the Multiverse Black Metal

    Necrotic Disgorgement - Documentaries of Dementia Brutal Death Metal

    No One Gets Out Alive - Widowmaker banjo slam

    Pyorrhoea - I AM THE WAR Brutal Death/Grind

    Pyrexia - Feast of Iniquity Death Metal

    Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn Black Metal

    Torture Division - The Worship Death Metal

    Voices - From the Human Forest Create a Fugue of Imaginary Rain Black/Death

    Vomitous - Empires of Great Enslavement Brutal Death Metal
  • Best of 2012

    20 Apr 2012, 21:46 by Rowolta

    Highlights of 2012 according to me in alphabetic ascending order.

    Abominable Putridity

    The Anomalies of Artificial Origin Brutal Death Metal
    Good groove and awesome slams.

    Begging for Incest

    Orgasmic Selfmutilation Slamming Death Metal
    Sick slams, sick vocals and sick name.


    The Precious Ideal Slamming Brutal Death Metal
    Germany deliver again. Great varied slam!


    And So It Came To Pass Death Metal
    Second full-length. This trio delivers in the veins of Malevolent Creation!


    Hitoshizuku Goregrind
    Groovy goregrind!

    Hour of Penance

    Sedition Brutal Death Metal
    I would like to compare to past albums, but in reality it does not matter, this album is top notch death!


    Rotten Body Reanimation Slamming Brutal Death Metal
    Let the slam flow!


    The Inherited Repression Technical Death Metal
    Catchy as fuck, surprisingly good.

    Torture Killer

    I Chose Death Death Metal
    Super cosy death!

    Work in progress.
  • Five more great unknown bands

    2 Sep 2010, 11:38 by sterma_albatros

    Following on from my previous journal, Five great unknown bands, I throught I would share a further five outstanding, but relatively unknown, bands.

    Dead Empire
    UK-based rock outfit

    I hate this band with a fiery vengeance. Not because of the music, because it is outstanding, but because their drummer is brilliant, and I was hoping to poach him for my own band. There is little hope of that judgin by the quality of their output on their debut self-titled EP. This is driving rock all the way through, with an excellent vocal delivery and original, refreshing guitars.

    I guess they sound similar to Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters or Soundgarden, but you have to hear them to really classify them. Outstanding track is Breakout but the whole EP is quality.

    Hard rocking metal from Iran

    This Iranian band has only put up one track, the excellent Grudge, but if that is anything to go by, further songs will be as good. They play a very thrashy style of hard rock, which somehow reminds me of Lamb of God at times, but the vocals are quite different.

    For fans of Metallica, Dark Tranquility or Arch Enemy.

    Harsh atmospheric Black Metal from the UK

    Like Mantism above, this UK due has only one track to its name. But when that track is the obliterating Black Metal assault of Swarms, who am I to complain.

    This is very, very promising Black Metal, and recommended for anyone who likes a little aural devastation in the morning. If I had to pick a sound-a-like, it would be Deathspell Omega, but these guys are pretty original and have mastered a sound of their own.

    A slab of Black Metal from the Nethelands

    More black metal for you, but you will have to trek all the way out to their MySpace to hear it. These guys sounded very death-y to me when I first heard them a few months ago, but now seem to have completely embraced the blackness. A young band, and one to keep an eye on.

    These guys will be HUGE

    I frequently wondered what it must have been like in 1968, 1969, going into bars and clubs and dives and checking out bands, and to see Led Zeppelin perform for the first time. To watch an outstanding band take its first steps towards superstardom, cranking out fledgling songs that will one day become classics of the genre. I found out when I caught Arivmia live by accident.

    These guys are a briliant, polished and talented hard rock outfit, with an excellent frontman and a bona-fide guitar wizard in their ranks. The drumming is brilliant, the bass is solid and the songwriting is mature and developed.

    These guys will be HUGE, and you can tell everyone you were into them before they got famous. Debut EP, End Of The Line, is packed solid with brilliant rock tracks. It is hard to choose my favourite, but Dragged Below is very good. Check these guys out.

    That's it for this edition. Be sure to check out the new tracks posted by Mauler and Iceni (both from the previous edition) in case the moore rock-oriented nature of this journal has not proven to be extreme enough for you. Both bands presented with some outstanding new material that shows a progression in style, ability and general blackened brilliance.

    Until next time.

  • Best of 2010

    8 Jun 2010, 13:34 by Rowolta

    Best of 2010.

    My favourites are near the top, but the order itself doesn't really matter, because if the album is listed, it is an awesome album.

    Best of 2010 by Rowolta at Spotify (Only albums available on Spotify)

    Misery Index

    Heirs to Thievery Death/Grind
    It's unbelievable how Misery Index can deliver time after time after time.. Misery Index is an never ending stream of the best death/grind!

    Torture Division

    Evighetens dårar Death Metal
    Evighetens Dårar trilogy is plain and simple but still very catchy! Can be downloaded at

    Hour of Penance

    Paradogma Brutal Death Metal
    The essence of brutal death metal, brutality with a quite clean production, in short Hour of Penance destroys!

    Fleshgod Apocalypse

    Mafia Brutal Death Metal
    Play it loud! Just like their debut this is a league of it own, insane beats.


    Demonicon Black Metal
    Fast and simple, absolutely worth checking out.


    Eparistera Daimones Black Doom Metal
    Doom is seldom my thing, but this is to good to be overlooked.

    Human Parasite

    Proud to Build the Insidious Catastrophe Slamming Brutal Death Metal
    Heavy and groovy, best slam of the year.


    Gospel of Maggots Technical Death Metal
    Fast flowing brutality and you just gotta love that cowbell.


    Undantagstillstånd Thrash Metal
    Catchy Swedish black/thrash.

    Upon Infliction

    INHUMAN... in human Death Metal
    This is quite catchy and very powerful kind of slow flowing death, and on top of that the amplifier Kyle Symons (Malevolent Creation and Hateplow) on vocals, he alone brings this album to an entire new level.


    Slakthus Gamleby Death Metal
    Great varied album. Takes me back to my Edge of Sanity era. The vocals totally destroys everything.

    Death I Am

    Nebula Death Metal
    This Japanese modern death act deserves some attention. Definitely going to keep an eye on them in the future.
  • Best of 2009

    12 Feb 2010, 00:53 by Rowolta

    Best of 2009

    Spotify playlist of the albums available

    1. Abysmal Torment

      Omnicide Brutal Death Metal
      Long awaited! A new technical sound without compromising the brutality.

    2. Waco Jesus

      Sex, Drugs & Deathmetal Death Metal
      Brutal melodies with lots of groove! A simple recipe which sounds freaking awesome!

    3. Lost Soul

      Immerse In Infinity Death Metal
      Infinity or was it beer? An impressive revival from Poland, intensive melodies.

    4. Arckanum

      ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ Black Metal
      Shamaatae is a genius. A raw melodic album with an melancholic atmosphere. Best black metal of the year!

    5. Anaal Nathrakh

      In the Constellation of the Black Widow Black Metal
      The best since the Codex Necro. Melodic chaos!

    6. Torture Division

      With endless wrath we bring upon thee our infernal torture Death Metal
      All their demos since 2007 collected in to one masterpiece. This brings pounding death metal with groovy melodies.

    7. Fleshgod Apocalypse

      Oracles Brutal Death Metal
      What an debut! Brutality non-stop!

    8. Vomitory

      Carnage Euphoria Death Metal
      Nice varied death with some neat break downs.

    9. Temple of Baal

      Lightslaying Rituals Death/Black
      Total blackness that is crushing everything like a steamroller. My neck hair rises all to often, which tells the truth about this masterpiece.

    10. Mumakil

      Behold the Failure Grind
      I miss the groove and the varied vocals from Customized Warfare, Behold The Failure is more monotone and straight forward grind, not particular original any more. But still you can hear that this is Mumakil, and it owns!

    11. Nile

      Those Whom the Gods Detest Technical Death Metal
      This is Nile, not at their peak but still awesomeness.

    12. Funeral Mist

      Maranatha Black Metal
      Better for each play, a perfect mix of slow and fast tracks.

    13. Disparaged

      The Wrath Of God Death Metal
      Touching the brutal void, good vocals, kind of melodic, some solos here and there.

    14. Kraanium

      The Art Of Female Sodomy Brutal Death Metal
      Norway isn't just black metal. At first this seemed a bit flat, but it is growing on me. Brutal and catchy.

    15. Masachist

      Death March Fury Death Metal
      A all-star line-up. Some neat riffs, kind of technical, sounds much like Decapitated. Masachist a band to remember.

    16. Mastic Scum

      dust Death/Grind
      Mastic Scum has fallen trough the cracks, but Dust caught my attention. Plain and simple death/grind.

    17. Hatesphere

      To The Nines Death/Thrash
      Hatesphere, I was blown away by this.!


    Wading through Rancid Offal Brutal Death Metal (Added 2014-07-14)
  • > Metal Archives v1.2

    3 Mar 2010, 15:28 by Rowolta

    Version 1.2 of > Metal Archives has been released.

    Creates a small M in front of each artist link on The M's are linked to perform a band search on

    v1.2 (2010-03-01)
    * Slight adjustment of CSS.

    v1.1 (2010-02-27)
    * Added support for special characters e.g å, ä, ö, ó.
    * Added different styles on images and text links.

    Example screenshots
    User profile - "M" added before each artist link.

    User library - "M" added to upper right corner of images.

    Get the script.

    If you find any bugs, please report.
    - row
  • LAST.FM - Chart to M3U Generator v2.0

    28 Jun 2009, 18:19 by Rowolta

    Version 2.0 of the Chart to M3U Generator is now available. This is much faster than the previous javascript based version.

    The purpose of the application is to find tracks from the selected chart in your m3u-file-contents and generate a new one.

    It is now also possible to skip tracks from the target. And also see which tracks weren't found in your playlist. This might give a hint on what you have missed.

    LAST.FM - Chart to M3U Generator

  • Good brutal tunes

    10 Jun 2008, 22:07 by Rowolta

    Some of my favorite albums.

    Abysmal Torment - Epoch Of Methodic Carnage

    Putrefy - Blasphtized - Vomitous Rectum - Vomiting Putrid Blasphemy (split)

    Carnal Decay - Carnal Pleasures

    Amputated - Gargling With Infected Semen

    Cerebral Effusion - Violence In Motion

    Infected Malignity - The Malignity Born From Despair

    Visceral Bleeding - Remnants Revived

    Infernal Revulsion - Devastate Under Hallucination

    Posthumous Blasphemer - Putrespermfaction Versus Fertiholyzation

    Heinous Killings - Hung with Barbwire

    Cephalotripsy - Uterovaginal Insertion Of Extirpated Anomalies
  • Medieval Torture

    19 Apr 2007, 06:20 by Aldaraia

    Did you know that when your head was sliced off by a guillotine your head would still be conscious for a few seconds after your heard hit the ground, you could even blink before you died. Medieval torture are some of the most inhumane and excruciating activities a human could experience. I believe they are very horrible and that no human could do such a thing to deserve what these people went through. I will explain several medieval torture techniques, the stocks, heat torture and impalement.

    The stocks is probably the least painful torture, yet it is still pretty horrible. If you did a crime in the Medieval ages, such as steal food or something similar to that, you would be convicted to the stocks, for a few days, weeks, or even months. It all depended on the crime you committed. Your arms and head would be locked into an open wooden device, which will render your entirely immobile. The public would be allowed to do anything they want to you, if you were lucky, you would be released with just a few punches to the face and similar actions. A lot of people were not so lucky, the townspeople often acted very harsh, they would throw stones at you and would even cut off body parts such as entire hands or legs and would go as far as gouging both of your eyes out. The death sentence would be sometimes sentenced to this device, and the person would simply just be locked there forever and the key would be thrown away, while the citizens, animals and weather would do their job to end your existence. This torture may not seem so bad when compared to the next torture, in fact, it pales in comparison to heat torture.

    This is a very horrible torture, and something no one would ever want to go through. Created in Ancient Turkey, heat torture was an extremely painful and merciless. The victim would be locked up inside a solid brass coffin with his feet securely fixed to the bottom, sometimes with rope...sometimes with nails, then placed on top of a fire. It was commonly referred to as the Brazen Bull, a human size toaster. The brass coffin would eventually heat up, and turn red hot. Once the coffin heated up, the victim would begin to roast and he would scream at the top of his lungs until his voice worked no longer, as his skin began to boil and could smell his own flesh cooking. Some people would be let out eventually, although he would barely be recognizable, as scars would cover his entire body, he would soon die from infections that would infest his body. Other people would simply be forgotten, they would be condemned to die inside their own coffin, those people soon melted. Many rulers and emperors favored this type of torture and found it amusing, some of them even burnt entire families at once for their entertainment. The next torture I am going to explain to you is one of the sickest tortures a human could ever think of.

    This is easily the cruelest torture ever designed by human mind, this is, in my opinion the worst torture that existed.
    Vlad the Impaler, who is now known infamously as Dracula, impaled almost one hundred thousand people during his fearful and bloody reign. A thief could be impaled for a crime as little as stealing bread or even worse. A victim would have his hands tie to cease any escapement moves. And a sharp, ten foot tall stick was securely fixed into the ground so the victim's feet could not reach the ground. The most common way to be impaled was through the anus, while stripped of all clothes. The pole would slowly dig through your body until it hit a bone or vital organ, and then it would kill you if not already from your intestines being torn to pieces, you will most likely pass out from the pain before you can experience death first hand. You will soon be crying blood. The finished result would resemble a shish kebob, of human flesh. The pole would normally come out of the neck, chest or back. In rare cases it would tear straight through the person and come out the mouth. One of the reasons this existed was for decoration, Vlad eventually impaled a whole entire army to strike fear into the heart's of enemies, and he was successful by leaving a forest of rotting men. Vlad was so evil that he would impale innocent children and make their mothers eat them while Vlad threw a feast at the same time while he watched the victims be impaled right in front of them, this is why Vlad is known now as Dracula, the blood-thirsty vampire.

    Now I have explained a series of unholy tortures, I hope you all know that no one does deserve what these people went through. The stocks, heat torture and impalement are among the worst things that can happen to a human, and those who have experienced it, have surely never forgotten what happened to them. and I hope this has satisfied your needs for what people went through in the medieval ages besides bad hygiene.