K-Yay Discography

  • K-Yay Discography

    K-Yay - Tryna Get It (Hosted By Drunken Master) [2007]

    1. Intro
    2. Off The Purp
    3. #1 D Boy
    4. This Is The Life ft. K-Doe aka K-Deezy & Helluva
    5. Snitch (Skit)
    6. So Foul ft. Melanie Rutheford
    7. Whip It Real Hard ft. Tony Fenkell
    8. Hard Work
    9. Poppin Bottles ft. Fat Rell
    10. R.I.P.
    11. Money Over Here ft. Dezjuan
    12. I Got That ft. Bo Danger
    13. Tryna Maintain
    14. Streets Like ft. Moe Moe & Bo Danger
    15. Ima Real Trap Nigga
    16. Fresh/Fly ft. Tony Fenkell
    17. I Cook So Much
    18. Street Nigga
    19. Safe Bin Records ft. Helluva
    20. Ballaholic ft. Lady Blade
    21. Shoutouts
    22. Tryna Get It
    23. We Out

    link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=C1PU9COC

    K-Yay - Ballin On 10" [2008]

    1. Intro
    2. Ballin On 10
    3. Grinding Hard ft. Tony Fenkell
    4. What Cha Mad Fo
    5. Too Busy Doin Me ft. Helluva, Tony Fenkell & Wallstreet
    6. Stacks On Deck ft. Wallstreet
    7. Wall Street Talk ft. Wallstreet
    8. Ain't A Paper Shortage ft. Beman & Wallstreet
    9. Im'a Real Nigga
    10. 2 Many Blunts
    11. Make Alotta Cash ft. Wallstreet
    12. Play Ya Position
    13. Big Dogg Status ft. Majah
    14. What Is Ballin On 10?
    15. I'm That Nigga
    16. Ballaholic ft. Lady Blade
    17. Do Dis
    18. Rich Nigga Swag ft. T-Dubb & Wallstreet
    19. You Don't Want None
    20. Riden Muzik ft. Wallstreet
    21. Gangsta Boogin ft. Wallstreet
    22. Skit
    23. Might As Well Hate

    link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=94J1SD7L

    K-Yay - King Of Da Custoz [2009]

    1. Intro
    2. Thinkin Of A Master Plan
    3. Really Ain't Nothin
    4. Stay On My Grind ft. E. Boi
    5. Promotional Freestyle
    6. Shoot Moves ft. Hustle Bunny
    7. Ain't Gon Budge ft. Helluva & Akon
    8. Sell Dis Yay ft. Tony Fenkell
    9. Ballin Hard
    10. Can't Sell D Forever
    11. Go Hard On A Bitch
    12. Look Me Up
    13. Lay It Down
    14, Introducing Bo Danger
    15. Twinkle & Glisten ft. Bo Danger
    16. Quit Pump Fakin ft. T-Ferg & Tony Fenkell
    17. Tone Fenkell
    18. Skit
    19. The Streets Is Talkin ft. World Playaz
    20. Money
    21. Can't Stop The Hustle ft. Bo Danger
    22. Last Call Pt. 2 (The Coldest Shit I Ever Wrote)
    23. Skit 2
    24. Why Do They Hate? ft. Tony Fenkell, Big Moe & Gator

    link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=P9ARN0Q9

  • Major Propz for this mane!!

    Good shit!!

  • real detroit street shit

  • tHEY IT IS MANE!@!^^


    Ya just gotta search man!!!

    • Sehv313 said...
    • User
    • 2 Apr 2010, 04:05
    thanks fam

  • Most as well add this to it...

    K-Yay - Tryna Get It 2 [2010]

    1. TG2:Intro
    2. I'm Still Winnin'
    3. Everyday I'm On The Grind
    4. We Do What We Wanna ft. Gorilla Zoe
    5. Ric Flair
    6. Skit
    7. Still Tryna Get It
    8. Mr. Get Em Done ft. Will Luchi
    9. Get Dem Birds Off
    10. Yayfiss:Talkin
    11. Get Paid ft. George Clinton
    12. Dat Mr.
    13. Money Green Lac
    14. Damn Baby ft. Charles "Gator" Moore
    15. Network Break
    16. Still Ballin Hard ft. Bo Danger
    17. Off The Dome (Str8 Freestyle)
    18. Feel My Pain ft. Charles "Gator" Moore


  • hell yea..

    • Sehv313 said...
    • User
    • 9 Apr 2011, 02:32

  • Does anyone have these for me??

    I lost all my K-Yay cept for latest one I posted in here (Trappin Aint Eazy) and King Of The Custoz are the only two I got ...

    No rush but if ya could get these^^ back up slowly and any others besides those two I just mentioned that'd be DOPE!!!??

  • Ill up what i got as i have time, Been busy then a mother fucker. I think i got everything.

  • K-Yay - Ballin On 10"


    (I can up some more tommoro i gotta get off here.)

  • If im missing something lemme know, Thats all i got under K-Yay but some of my shit aient organized could be under a diff name. I swear im missing something.

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