Mew will re-release A Triumph for Man

    • samna said...
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    • 21 Aug 2006, 14:46

    Mew will re-release A Triumph for Man

    This is what Gaffa says:

    "Et af de mest populære danske bands for tiden, Mew, har solgt 50.000 eksemplarer af deres seneste skive ”Mew And The Glasshanded Kites”. Sidste år ryddede de stort set bordet for, hvad der var af hædersbevisninger, og man må derfor betegne bandet som ridende på en bølge af succes.

    Det startede dog mere ydmygt. Deres debut-plade fra 1997, ”A Triumph For Man”, udkom kun i 1000 eksemplarer, og det har betydet, at interessen fra nyere fans lige så stille er blevet overvældende. På Ebay kan den sjældne plade for eksempel erhverves for små 4000 kroner.

    Derfor har Mew og deres pladeselskab besluttet at genudgive debuten med dertilhørende bonus cd-indeholdende uudgivet materiale såsom demoer og akustiske versioner. Kort sagt alt, hvad hjertet kan begære for en virkelig Mew-fan. Udgivelsen er på gaden 18. september."

    And this is a some kind of translation (not done by me):

    "One of the most popular danish bands at the moment, Mew, who have sold 50.000 copies of their latest record, "And The Glass Handed Kites". Last year, they pretty much picked up every award there was to pick up, and therefore one must describe the band as riding on a wave of succes.

    It started rather humbly though. Their debut album from 1997, A Triumph For Man, was only printed in 1000 copies, meaning that the interest from newer fans has grown to the extremes. On eBay, this rare album can be bought for 4000 danish kroner. (400 Pounds Sterling, aprox).

    Therefore, Mew and their recordcompany have decided to re-release the debut, with an accompanying bonus-cd, containing unreleased material, like demos and acoustic versions. In short, everything a true Mew fan could desire."

    So I guess they will be re-releasing A Triumph for Man, if we can trust Gaffa. :D

  • YES!

    I can't wait! And I think we can trust Gaffa. I never thought they would release it again. This is good, good news :D

  • Sounds exciting. I'd love to have that.

  • As long as they rerelease it in the states as well. Took them long enough to release ATGHK here...

    • Jann101 said...
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    • 1 Sep 2006, 14:46
    I squealed out loud when I first heard this.
    I have my copy on pre-order already <3.

    satellitesignal said:
    As long as they rerelease it in the states as well. Took them long enough to release ATGHK here...

    well you could always order it from abroad..

  • I already got "A Triumph For Man"! Bought in many years ago, when it had a normal price. Actually I didn't knew until recently that this was such a rare release.

    "Rated R for Retarded"
  • That CD is so mine.

    Life get! 1UP
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 3 Sep 2006, 04:57
    Pre-ordered and patiently awaiting September 18.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 8 Sep 2006, 21:34
    wow! this is great. I'm looking forward to get it!

    • Fangie said...
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    • 12 Sep 2006, 06:51
    Are they gonna release their second one too?

    • Jann101 said...
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    • 20 Sep 2006, 10:18
    it's so very pretty <3

    • tiinka said...
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    • 22 Sep 2006, 14:46


    got it! and i'm loving it!

  • I've bought it this very moment! FINALLY!

  • :)

    Bought it back in 97, but damn! Gotta get this one too!

    Came to ROCK yo MAMA!!
    • agent44 said...
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    • 14 Oct 2006, 03:10
    I just ordered ATFM and Frengers today, cost me over $50 but meh, sooo worth it.
    I'm all the way in Aussie land, so I'm going to be waiting awhile :(

    <sets up a chair by the letterbox>

    There is more to knowing that just being correct.
  • Does anyone know where I can get it?
    (live in the Netherlands if that is of any help)

  • I live in the Netherlands as well :D
    I ordered it online, at
    You need a credit card for that :(

    There's no right or wrong in music - J
  • okay thanks, but I don't have krones... How did you pay it?

  • !

    damn just when i thought i found a good deal on it from Amazon for only $20. It's not going to be a collectors item anymore...suckage!


    FICK JA!
  • TomRaaff said:
    okay thanks, but I don't have krones... How did you pay it?

    It can be done in Euro's as well. I don't know, I just filled in the stuff for a creditcard and it was paid :S

    There's no right or wrong in music - J
  • I am very excited about the re-release.

    last time they came through NYC I got tickets like right away. I was so happy and excited!! I got like the 3rd ticket sold. And then like a month later when the show was..... it was so sad......

    I got completely sick. Like the death or the flu. I forced myself to get dressed and go then about 1/2 to the subway I passed out. Luckly for me, my boyfriend was there to catch me and carry my ass home. And that is the sad story about how I missed Mew...... that was last year......

    And I am still not over it:(

    I hope they come around again. Soon. So I'm hoping that the re-release will make it sooner than later......maybe:)

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