The ultimate best and worst artist of the above person's Weekly Chart

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 11 May 2008, 00:58
    Best: Pantera
    Worst: Can't tell,there's some bands I don't know,an all the ones I know are good.

  • Best: Behemoth
    Worst: Led Zeppelin.
    Other then that, pretty solid list.

    this frozen earth of greats relative to true desire for notes and, it is which they stood still maintenance including but not limited to potatoes and carrots and other wonderful vegetables of root. we to search for forever harvest of quality during years, but nourishment and protection from the ashes of hunger, it give us. harvest O kind-hearted, to be blessed and could, it no not similarly on to correspondence and to triumph, it was which necessary to contemplate, but stoic of valor grounded into frozen earth of old.
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    • fcs10 said...
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    • 11 May 2008, 08:56
    Best: Dimmu Borgir
    Worst: Muse

    Please choose only one

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 11 May 2008, 09:57
    Best: Nile
    Worst: All Shall Perish

  • Best: Moonsorrow
    Worst: Mayhem

  • Best: Necrophagist
    Worst: Finntroll

  • Best: Kreator
    Worst: Cannibal Corpse

    my thrash metal band.

    i swear i hate children of bodom
  • Best - Iron Maiden (Excellent!)
    Worst - Don't really know what to pick... I mostly like those bands. Oh hell, let it be Sepultura...

    Aliena vitia in oculis habemus, a tergo nostra sunt.
    • Miiks said...
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    • 12 May 2008, 08:37
    Best: Korpiklaani
    Worst: Twisted Sisters

    Most of them were bands I have never heard :p

    • fcs10 said...
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    • 12 May 2008, 09:58
    Best: Dark Funeral
    Worst: Alestorm

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 12 May 2008, 23:29
    Best: Mayhem
    Worst: Blood Red Throne

  • Best: Discordance Axis
    Worst: CKY

  • Best: Merzbow
    Worst: Madonna O_o

  • Best: Megadeth
    Worst: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

    i didn't know the rest.

    my thrash metal band.

    i swear i hate children of bodom
  • Best: SLAYER!!!
    Worst: High on Fire

    although there really aren't any bad bands on that list..

  • Best: Cannabis Corpse
    Worst: Aborted

    • Matti81 said...
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    • 16 May 2008, 08:47
    Best: Blackthrone
    Worst: hmmm... Manu Chao

  • Best: Amon Amarth
    Worst: Graveworm

  • B: Decapitated
    W: Dimmu Borgir

    "if god did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him"
  • B: NIN
    W: KAT

  • Best: Paradise Lost
    Worst: Sol Invictus

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 16 May 2008, 20:50
    Best: Iron Maiden
    Worst: The Verve

  • Best: Mercyful Fate
    Worst: Marduk

  • Best: Dethklok
    Worst: D

  • Best: Wintersun
    Worst: Muse

    my thrash metal band.

    i swear i hate children of bodom
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