• To each their own: What do you..

    ..think in the metal genres, any genres..have gone too far and overcommercialized or got too poppy for your own tastes?

    (besides the obvious such as Nightwish, Dragonforce, etc)

  • Well, Nightwish have always been poppy to me. I enjoy some of their songs with the same guilty pleasure I enjoy Caramelldansen and other such songs.

    Anyway. I'd have to say I don't like seeing Opeth next to such shit as Slipknot and Avenged Sevenfold in mainstream record stores. I guess I'll say Opeth has gotten a little too over-commercial for my tastes, but then again, what commercialized artist still has tiny GA shows and posts on their own official fan forums in a casual way? They are definitely over-scrobbled though.

  • I think its pretty much the usual culprits, though I can't say many bands I've once enjoyed have really gone that root. For me its the obvious major thrash acts from Metallica to Exodus to Destruction as well as bands like Cryptopsy (talking about bands that have gone too far commercially rather than sounds "poppy", though it does hold in some of the examples). Amon Amarth is probably the one that sticks out most in my mind. The last few albums have definitely been a big change from the first three. Overall, when you're able to buy coffee mugs, underwear and shoes with a band's name on it, it's a sign that a band is becoming a brand name instead of a band and that will often be reflected in the music.

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