Metalcore suggestions?

    • Exorior said...
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    • 8 Feb 2012, 08:45

    Metalcore suggestions?

    I am in dire need of recommendations from this genre. Could I please get your favorite metalcore artist, and your favorite album(s) from each one? It would be most appreciated. The more unknown the artist, the better. Thank you much!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 10 Feb 2012, 01:49
    The Ghost Inside - Returners
    Parkway Drive - Killing With a Smile
    The Acacia Strain - The Dead Walk
    For The Fallen Dreams - Changes
    War of Ages - Arise And Conquer
    Unearth - The Oncoming Storm
    Cataract - Kingdom
    Sworn Enemy - The Beginning Of The End
    August Burns Red - Messengers
    Bleeding Through - The Truth
    Throwdown - Haymaker
    Walls of Jericho - With Devils Amongst Us All
    Diecast - Tearing Down Your Blue Skies
    I Killed The Prom Queen - Music For The Recently Deceased
    Saving Grace - Unbreakable
    The Agony Scene - The Darkest Red
    Wish For Wings - Echoes
    The Great Commission - Heavy Worship
    Miss May I - Monument
    As I Lay Dying - Shadows Are Security

    Not underground, but still definitely worth checking out.

    • Exorior said...
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    • 10 Feb 2012, 07:29
    Thanks! :)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 10 Feb 2012, 13:33
    Sure, no problem. Anytime ;D

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