Create your own Metal supergroup

  • Create your own Metal supergroup

    1) No more than 10 band members allowed.
    2) You may not have more than 2 musicians from the same band.
    3) You must state what metal genre they will play.

    My band (members' current bands in brackets):

    Vocalists: Christian Alvestam (Solution .45) and Roy Khan (Kamelot)

    Guitarists (as well as clean backing vocals from Ettore): Gus G (Firewind), AJ Minette (The Human Abstract) and Leon Kemp (Anterior), Ettore Rigotti (Disarmonia Mundi)

    Bass Guitarist: Arif Mirabdolbaghi (Protest The Hero)

    Drummer: Casey Grillo (Kamelot)

    Keyboardist: Bob Katsionis (Firewind)

    They'll be a Neoclassical Prog metal with clear Power metal and Melodeath influences.

    OK your turn!

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  • Lead Vocalist :David Coverdale (Whitesnake,ex-Deep Purple)
    Backing Vocalists:Joe Elliot (Def Leppard),Don Dokken(Dokken),Glenn Hughes
    Lead Guitars:Yngwie Malmsteen,K.K. Downing (Judas Priest)
    Rhythm Guitars:Traci Guns(LA GUNS),Izzy Stradlin(Velvet Revolver,ex-Guns'n'Roses)
    Bass:Rachel Bolan(Skid Row)
    Keyboards:Gregg Giuffria (Giuffria)
    Drums:Tommy Lee(Motley Crue)

    They'll play classic hard rock with heavy metal influences.

    Rock you all around the world...
  • Huh, I have to make 2 bands because I love 2 completely different kinds of metal.

    so the first - symphonic, neoclassical, gothic metal band

    Vocal - Seth (Moi dix Mois) or Klaha (ex. Malice Mizer).
    Guitars - Mana (Moi dix Mois) and Teru (Versailles)
    Bass - Yu~ki (ex. Malice Mizer)
    Drums - Mikage (ex. Hizaki Grace Project, VII Sense)

    the second - heavy metal, power metal band

    Vocal - Ozzy Osbourne
    Guitars - Tony Iommi and Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom)
    Bass - Yu~ki (ex. Malice Mizer, I had to mention him two times...)
    Drums - Shinya (Dir En Grey) or Yoshiki (X Japan)

    And then tears and blood and everything dries up
    And soon those memories will be far away..
  • Okay...

    Band 1 (OSDM)
    Vocals: Antti Boman (Demilich)
    Leads: Chuck Schuldiner (Death), Karl Sanders (Nile)
    Bass: Stephen O'Malley (Sunn O))), Burning Witch, Khanate etc.) (A little unorthodox but meh)
    Drums: Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy)

    Band 2 (BM/grind)
    Vocals: Lee Dorrian (Napalm Death/S.O.B. era, as opposed to Cathedral), Phil Vane (Extreme Noise Terror)
    Guitars: Mick Kenney (Anaal Nathrakh, Mistress, Fukpig), Quorthon (Bathory)
    Bass: Shane Embury (Napalm Death, Lock Up, Brujeria, Unseen Terror, Venomous Concept, S.O.B. etc.)
    Drums: Frost (Satyricon, 1349, Gehenna etc.)

    Nobody will top either of these. :P

    I run a Facebook music page, True Metal and Punk: (the stuff posted is not limited to metal and punk but it is primarily from those two genres).
  • Guitar/Vocals - Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth/ Bloodbath)
    Guitar/Vocals - Devin Townsend
    Bass/Vocals - Jeff Walker (Carcass)
    Drums - Thomas Hedlund And Magnus Líndberg (Cult of Luna)

  • Guitar/Vocals - Mikael Åkerfeldt
    Guitar/Vocals - Peter Tägtren
    Bass/Vocals - Peter Steele
    Drums - Mike Portnoy

    Style: very diverse, melodic death and symphonic (damn, I need a keyboardplayer)

  • Lead Vocalist :Dio (Black Sabbath)
    Backing Vocalists: Neige (in Alcest)
    Lead Guitars: Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) Gary Holt (Exodus) and Darrel Dimebag (Pantera)
    Rhythm Guitars: Lee Altus (Exodus) Ville Friman & Ville Vänni (Insomnium)
    Bass: Greg Christian (Testament)
    Keyboards: Janne Wirman (Children of Bobom)
    Drums: Mike poutnoy (Dream Theater)

    I would probably died just to ear this

    • Silas97 said...
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    • 19 Jan 2011, 18:36
    OK, let's see:

    Vocals: Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth)
    Hurdy-Gurdy & Vocals: Anna Murphy (Eluveitie)
    Guitar: Johan Söderberg (Amon Amarth), Eddie Van Halen
    Bagpipe: Yellow Pfeiffer (In Extremo)
    Bass: Terry Butler (Six Feet Under)
    Drums: Dave Lombardo (Slayer)
    Keyboards: Janne Wirman (Children Of Bodom)

    This would be a great mix of Folk and Melodeath with some Heavy influences.

    • ozz96 said...
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    • 3 Jun 2011, 20:11

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  • Vocals: Jason Keyser(Origin)
    Lead: Matt Sotelo(Decrepit Birth)
    Second: Leon Macey(Mithras)
    Bass: Jawsh Mullen(ex-Cephalic Carnage)
    Drums: Conny Patterson(Anata)

  • Vocals: Dio (ex Dio, Black Sabbath, Elf, Rainbow, Heaven and Hell)
    Vocals/Guitar: Blackie Lawless (W.A.S.P.)
    Guitar/Vocals: Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray, ex Helloween)
    Guitar: Marty Friedman (ex Megadeth, Cacophony)
    Guitar: Michael Schenker (MSG, ex Scorpions, UFO)
    Bass: Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)
    Drums: Cozy Powell (ex too many!)

    I guess they would play a mix of NWOBHM, power metal and traditional heavy metal.

    I don't know how B. Lawless, M. Friedman and M. Schenker's egos would get along though! Well, anyone and Schenker's, really! :)

    ...A flash in an abyss, a dream in the void...
    (Be'lakor - From Scythe To Sceptre)

  • Yay, I'm gonna do this too xD

    Vocals; Jeff Keith(Tesla), Ozzy Osbourne and Steven Tyler(Aerosmith)
    Guitar; Randy Roads(Ozzy), Richard Fortus(Guns 'n' Roses, Thin Lizzy), Gary Moore(Thin Lizzy), Richie Sambora(Bon Jovi)
    Bass; Marco Mendoza(Thin Lizzy)
    Drums; Tico Torres(Bon Jovi)

    That's a lot of guitarists and vocalists... :D

  • For a prog/thrash/power band
    Vocals - Either Russell Allen (Symphony X), Rob Thorne (Sacred Oath), or John Arch (Fates Warning)
    Guitars - Takis Kinis and Paul Laganowski (Realm)
    Bass - Steve DiGiorgio (Sadus, Control Denied, Death)
    Drums - Ron Jarzombek (Watchtower)

    For a death metal band
    Vocals - Karl Willets (Bolt Thrower) or Martin Van Drunen (Pestilence, Asphyx, Hail of Bullets)
    Guitars - Elias Viljanen and Olli (Depravity)
    Bass - Steve DiGiorgio (Sadus, Control Denied, Death)
    Drums - Pete Sandoval (Morbid Angel, Terrorizer)

    Those would be my two

  • mine:

    Vocals & Rhythm Guitar: Tom Englund (Evergrey)
    Lead Guitar: Rusty Cooley (Outworld, solo artist)
    Bass: Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah) [on bass, not guitar. He writes & records both in studio]
    Drums: Danny Carey (Tool)

    Album producer: Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth)

    This band would be so skilled and creatively gifted that it would just be dumb. Super dark, bass heavy, chugga-chugga, progressive sound. I'd pay an absurd amount of money to see it.

  • A very dark and thrashy Doom band:

    Tom G. Warrior (Hellhammer, Celtic Frost & Triptykon): Vocals and Guitars
    Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath, Heaven And Hell & Iommi): Guitars
    Fenriz (Darkthrone amongst others): Bass
    Frost (Satyricon, 1349 & almost every other Black Metal band ever): Drums

    Curse you all men,
    Whose coil is strong

    TurboWitch - about to rock your universe!
  • Guitar/Vocals - Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth, Bloodbath)
    Guitar/Vocals - Peter Tägtren (Hypocrisy, Pain, ex-The Abyss)
    Guitar - Johan Söderberg (Amon Amarth)
    Bass - Dick Lövgren (Meshuggah)
    Drums - Inferno (Behemoth)
    Keys - Janne "Warman" Wirman (Children of Bodom)

    This would be a pretty brutal sort of symphonic and melodic , even a bit in the direction.

    Searching for bandmembers in Braunschweig, Germany.
  • Guitar 1: Michael Romeo (Symphony X)
    Guitar 2: Rusty Cooley (Outworld)
    Vocals: Paul Masvidal (Cynic), and he'll play bass since we don't need another G.
    Drums: Danny Carey (Tool)

    with guest appearance by a resurrected Chuck Schuldiner.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 15 Jan 2012, 22:15
    Best classic metal band ever:

    Vocals: Bruce Dickinson
    Guitar 1: Tony Iommi
    Guitar 2: Jimmy Page
    Bass: Marco Hietala
    Drums: Mikkey Dee

  • lolnightwish

    I run a Facebook music page, True Metal and Punk: (the stuff posted is not limited to metal and punk but it is primarily from those two genres).
    • Pain14 said...
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    • 27 Jan 2012, 21:13
    Vocals 1: Kim Greffe (Obtenebris)
    Vocals 2: Wulf (Neurotech)
    Guitar 1: Fabian Panzer (Akrea)
    Guitar 2: Andreas Mäser (The Sorrow)
    Drums: Jonas Nelhiebel (Akrea)
    Synths: Niina Telén (Fear Of Domination)
    Bass: Will Rahmer (Mortician)

    Genre: heavily industrial influenced melodic death metal.

  • Vox: Stu Block (Iced Earth)
    Guitar: Paul Ortiz (Chimp Spanner)
    Violin: Earl Maneein (Resolution 15)
    Keys: Michael Pinella (Symphony X)
    Bass: Stephen Fimmers (Necrophagist)
    Drums: Thomas Lang

    prog/tech metal

    • Hybrovi said...
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    • 31 Jan 2012, 00:14

    Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar: Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth / Bloodbath)

    Lead Guitar & Vocals: Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad / The Devin Townsend Project / Solo artist)

    Rhythm Guitar: John Haughm (Agalloch)

    Chapman Stick: John Myung (Dream Theater)

    Bass Guitar & Vocals: Marco Hietala (Nightwish / Tarot)

    Keyboards & Electronics: Byrant Clifford Meyer (Isis)

    Drums: Brann Dailor (Mastodon)

    A sort of progressive extreme (death/black/doom) metal group, with major sludge/post-metal influence and some light symphonic influence

  • Vocals: George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher (Cannibal Corpse)
    Vocals, Bass: Glen Benton (Deicide)
    Guitars: Dimebag Darrell († Pantera), Kerry King (Slayer)
    Drums: Tomas Haake (Meshuggah)

    Death Metal with thrashy riffs and technical drums, combined with a light Black Metal influence from Glen Benton.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 25 Jul 2012, 02:34
    Vocals: Tom Araya (Slayer)
    Guitars: Glen Tipton (Judas Priest), Marty Friedman (Megadeth)
    Bass: Les Claypool (Primus)
    Drums: Danny Carey (Tool)

    Thrash metal band with alternative rock, prog and funk influences

  • Vocals : Nergal (behemoth)
    Guitars: K.K. Downing (Judas Priest), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)
    Bass: Steve harris (Iron Maiden)
    Drums: Inferno (Azarath)

    They will play Blackend melodic death metal

    The wizard in black reveals the sign
    The chosen are ready, destiny realigns
    Eye of ultra soul, together we join
    Alone again, once again, into the void
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