Metal Reccomendations Thread

  • Metal Reccomendations Thread

    Reccomend something to your fellow metalheads.

  • Too many to recommend I'll add to this list/thread continually, I'll keep them in small batches so people aren't overwhelmed (all these bands have and such):

    Betrayer - old school thrash
    Divinity Destroyed - progressive death/thrash
    Sol Asunder - melodic death
    Grey Skies Fallen - progressive/doom/death/black - with one acoustic album in the vein of Opeth's Damnation

  • Sonata Arctica best power metal band =)
    Soil best aggressive metal/rock band =)

  • criminal
    after all
    morbid saint
    leng tch'e
    in quest
    double diamond
    lamb of god

    Hear the screams
    Feel the bite
    We ride with death
  • Opeth (awesome death metal with lighter elements)
    In Flames (best melodeath band)
    Amon Amarth (kick ass death/viking metal)
    Ensiferum (one of the bet folk/viking metal bands)
    DragonForce (best power metal band)

  • Best power= Sonata/Dragonforce?!?!


    Falconer - Power Metal, awesome.
    Megadriver - "Game Metal". Melancholy for the Hardcore Gamers.

    Kk came back.
    • Spank26 said...
    • User
    • 14 Jan 2007, 19:56
    Ensiferum - Viking Metal
    Black Sabbath - Best group of Metal :D
    Emperor - Black Metal
    Eths - French Hard Core

  • Shadows Fall-death metal with great melodies(one guy called it metalcore, but it's not it)

    That their opponent had to be invincible.
    Take a last look around while you're alive,
    I'm an indestructible master of war.
    • KyAlOx said...
    • User
    • 16 Jan 2007, 06:58
    My Dying Bride->One of the best and more influential doom metal band.

    Tenebrae in Perpetuum->Pure fucking black metal from Italy.

    Scar Symetry->Really good melodic death.

    DragonForce->Extreme power metal...XD

    Dream Theater->Progressive...just love them, one of my fav band *.*

    Kreator->Old school german thrash metal.

    There are maaaaaaany more, but well, 'nuff for now :P

    Est sularis oth mithas

  • Debauchery Death metal ala Six Feet under
    Nile just listen to it ^^

  • Que?
  • Opeth - Swedish Progressive Death Metal
    Nile - Brutal Death Metal
    Behexen - Finnish Black Metal
    Satanic Warmaster - Finnish Black Metal
    Sargeist - Finnish Black Metal
    Deathspell Omega - Black Metal
    Dream Theater - Progressive Heavy Metal
    Torture Killer - Finnish Brutal Death Metal
    Archgoat - Finnish Black Metal
    Watain - Swedish Black Metal
    Grand Belial's Key - Black Metal
    Bathory - Black Metal
    Borknagar - Black Metal
    Burzum - Black Metal
    Gorgoroth - Black Metal
    Emperor - Black Metal
    Mayhem - Black Metal
    Kreator - Thrash Metal
    Cryptopsy - Brutal Death Metal
    Carcass - Death Metal
    Ancient - Black Metal

  • Edguy - great power metal band

    • d41m0n said...
    • User
    • 9 Feb 2007, 02:37
    Vader - The best Death Metal band ever !!! They simply kick ass!!!

  • rainspawn - thrash metal
    laaz rockit - thrash metal
    metal church - heavy/speed metal
    persuader - power metal
    iron savior - power metal
    slaughter - thrash metal
    angel dust - power metal

    Hear the screams
    Feel the bite
    We ride with death
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 16 Feb 2007, 20:51
    Metallica - If you're a metalhead you should look back to roots of thrash. Greats Solos, fucking kickass bass (RTL+MOP), great ballads, some speed/thrash(Damage Inc; Battery), some clear thrash - (all Kill Em All, Blackened,The Shortest Straw, Dyers Eve), some prog metal - Orion. Great Lyrics(Welcome Home, Battery, For Whom The Bell Tolls , Master Of Puppets,).
    Sepultura - back to the roots! 90's thrash. Just try some of this shit on
    Trivium - New Wave of Thrash Metal. ;) Solos, growl all the stuff.
    Mastodon - psycho metal, kickass,. Melodic but hard vocal, heavy guitars, try it.
    Machine Head - thrash, metalcore nice -
    Slayer - the father of thrash. Father is still so good that he can kill his children.(I mean that this volks kick asses)

  • =)

    wow im soo fucking obssesed with ANGRA xD
    haha u must Listend to it ^^

  • Dimension Zero - heavy, thrashy melodic death metal (In Flames side project)
    Scar Symmetry - melodic death metal with regular use of clean vocals

  • Exodus-Excellent Bay Area thrash band
    Slayer-need I say more?
    Opeth-Awesome Death Metal band with some light elements
    Iron Maiden-One of the best of all time
    Megadeth-awesome thrash band
    Napalm Death-awesome grindcore

    fuck your emo haircut
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 Mar 2007, 09:44
    Vrani Volosa - Great Pagan Black Metal ;)

    DoomSword Some Viking stuff from Italy ;]

  • Dark Angel - kick ass Bay Area thrash metal band

    Dark Tranquillity - one of the best melodeath bands

    Kataklysm - great death metal band

    Akercocke - blackened death with prog. influences

  • Megadriver - "Game Metal". Melancholy for the Hardcore Gamers.

    Awesome! I like weird stuff like this! Thanks!...But Dragonforce is indeed a very very good Power Metal Band. I recently saw them live and it was a blast!

    Also, remember SUICIDAL TENDENCIES ????? Still fuckin CYCO!

  • you didn't listen to many stuff yet soi just guess
    Opeth Progressiv Metal
    Dark Tranquility mdm
    Hypocrisy dm

    • Rozenro said...
    • User
    • 8 Jun 2007, 16:54
    Sigh - Avant-garde post-black metal
    Chimaira - metalcore, hardcore
    Sepultura - thrash metal
    Samael - Industrial/black metal
    Paradise Lost - Doom metal
    Desdemona - Gothic metal
    Darzamat - symphonic black metal
    Deathstars - industrial metal
    Trauma - brutal death metal
    Atreyu - metalcore
    Destruction - thrash metal
    Fear Factory - industrial metal
    Hellveto - symphonic black metal
    Kittie - heavy metal
    Moonsorrow - folk metal
    Moonspell - dark/black/gothic/doom metal
    Murderotica - Grindcore
    One Man Army - Melodic death metal
    Root - epic/black metal
    S.U.P. - Progressive Metal
    Sybreed - industrial/cyber/death metal
    Underoath - hardcore
    Violator - Thrash metal
    Wyrd - folk/black metal
    Crematory - Gothic/doom/death metal
    Chain Reaction - thrash metal
    Chaosphere - thrash/death metal

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 11 Jun 2007, 20:46
    54 - check them out if you're interested in extreme prog. metal \m/
    Limbonic Art - Actually i don't know why i like this..
    Gernotshagen - German Folk Metal, the same as...
    Thy wicked - better German Folk Metal... ^^

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