Your weirdest or funniest experience at a concert?

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    • 15 Jul 2012, 11:19

    Your weirdest or funniest experience at a concert?

    I guess most of us have something to put in this topic. You're not limited to weirdest or funniest experiences, you can also tell an experience what has made impact on you.

    I was enjoying Behemoth at Graspop when suddenly two black people come stand in front of me, and start dancing to the music like it's a hiphop concert or so. That was really hilarious to see.

    Something that really made impact on me at a concert was seeing someone stagedive to subsequently fall into the pit directly at the ground, nobody catching him. That guy later was taken away by four people because he couldn't walk anymore. I bet he had to go to a hospital. I wonder how he's doing, you could definitely break your neck like that..

    Share yours!

  • Most of the crazy shit I see is during festival nightlife, not so much during the gigs themselves. I've seen a guy shit on another blokes head at Download and I've circle pitted round a bonfire at Sonisphere.

    Most recently I bore witness to the proud new sport of bin-jousting at Bloodstock, which works by having a large crowd nick a couple of the large wheely bins that were spread around the campsite, one person gets on top of each, and they are pushed towards each other at high speeds. Whoever stays on their bin is the winner.

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