What does METAL mean to you? Redefining it as a positive force in the world...

  • What does METAL mean to you? Redefining it as a positive force in the world...

    Hey! I'm writing an essay on METAL and trying to put my finger on what metal is REALLY about. How can a music so centered on anger, hate and violence be a positive force in the world? Is it?

    What does it mean to "be METAL"? I'm trying to redefine the word to fit what it REALLY means (to metalheads), putting to bed the claims of satan-baby-goat-sacrifice-eating-worship-rites and intolerance (they might exist in the scene, but they do not DEFINE it!) Since I'd like to think it really is a positive force (and metalheads are mostly good people).

    Join the discussion here so I can keep track of the responses! And I might quote you in the essay... (username) be famouuus! (haha): http://writing.yulebomb.net/2008/01/15/what-does-it-mean-to-be-metal-redeconstructing-a-definition-of-metalness-m/

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    • Torron said...
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    • 17 Jan 2008, 08:38
    For me metal is most important...with that music I can show my feelings...if I feel sad or happy I can find the perfect song for it!!!
    Also it is a music made with real instruments and not with computers!!!

    And as said above I also found out that the metalheads who look most dangerous are the nicest persons ever!!!

    I found a lot of friends in the metalscene...having a lot of fun with them and I never wanna miss them!!!

    Life Is A Gamble...
  • :-D

    I agree! :-) The first draft of my essay is posted on my blog, if anyone's curious.

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  • to me, Metal means freedom. no matter what your interested in, no matter who you are; there is something for you. Metal has always been associated with non-conformity, and anti-mainstream, so the musicians don't care about what's popular, or what "trend" is popular (there is no such thing as a trend in metal) they just make music that they think sounds good, and if other people like it; good for them.

  • metal=my life

    Never opened my self this way. Life is ours we live it our way. All these words I don't just say and nothing else matters.
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 Sep 2010, 20:52
    Yea, it's the music of my life and perfectly shows what I feel.

  • Re: What does METAL mean to you? Redefining it as a positive force in the world...

    To answer youre question metal means to me hanging out with strange people that you have never met in you're life and ending up with a free drink and new friends whilst raising horns, fists and singing together with you're favourite metalband. Plus it unites us.

  • for me metal is about freedom, metal gets me through good days and bad days, its a great genre that has very little limitations, and yeah the concerts r awesome!!!

  • Metal is the endless inspiration for me and its also my LIFE!!!! \m/

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 Oct 2010, 19:03

    a powerful art

    Metal is one of the most wonderful and brilhant forms to make art, and art is one of the best creations of mankind, so, even metal being very negative, the musicians of metal realy found a transcendental bridge in the metal language, and im saying that because im musician and metal is the place that i could find freedom to create my own art. so, i dont know if i realy can say about everyone or say about the metal language itself, but to me, this language is the link with the universe and all existence

    • Raytau said...
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    • 22 Oct 2010, 16:59
    Metal is saying about things tahat other kinds of music or even most of people don't.
    I just feel comfortable in world of metal I can idetify myself with it and other fans its something that helps you live. "Music is soundtrack to life"

  • Metal is aggression.

    Black Metal is destruction.

    Curse you all men,
    Whose coil is strong

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