How did you get into the Melvins?

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    • 22 Apr 2009, 20:54
    Borrowed "Houdini" and "Stag" off my brother and have been hooked ever since!

  • I tried them quite a while ago when I was really into Nirvana... Since they had such a massive discography I downloaded the odd tracks which weren't necessarily the best. I wasn't so keen on them.

    Then, further down the road I got into Tool, Fantômas, Patton & Ipecac Recordings etc... I thought, hang on... These guys have something to do with all of these things I like... I'll give them another go. So I picked up The Crybaby first, since it had a cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit, a track with Patton and a track with Tool (though it's not a good introduction to the Melvins at ALL!). Still wasn't too keen on them... I bought Pigs Of The Roman Empire anyway. I got into that.

    Those were the only Melvins I had for a while. Then I'm not sure what happened. I got really into getting a load of Ipecac stuff I guess... Since a good number of Ipecac releases are the Melvins I guess it was inevitable. When I got A Senile Animal I really 'got' them. Loved it. Since then I have been growing more fond of them at an increasing rate...

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  • Introduced to them through Fantomas in 2005. Been addicted ever since.

  • Now my favorite band

    Heard about them being pioneers of Grunge which I was huge on...finally bought Stoner Witch and the rest is history!!

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