• Benediction 24
    Tracedawn 33 SAVE
    Profugus Mortis 39
    Withering Surface 12 KILL
    WirgHata 20

    LISTEN TO THE FIRST SINGLE SPAWN FROM MY BAND OVERLORD. We are a Melodic Death Metal band from Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    Also check our 2nd track DESOLATION.
    Support young bands. Try out the tracks and let us know your opinion, help us grow. Thanks!
    • Matti81 said...
    • User
    • 23 Jan 2012, 16:57
    Benediction 24
    Tracedawn 32 KILL
    Profugus Mortis 39
    Withering Surface 13 SAVE
    WirgHata 20

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