Where can I find band posters/concert DVDs?

  • Where can I find band posters/concert DVDs?

    I'm looking for some Pink Floyd posters in particular; I don't want to print and I don't want to buy online. XD I want a good old poster store. Google brings me almost nothing, so does anyone here have any recommendations?

    Also, I wanted the 1972 version of Live at Pompeii; again Pink Floyd. I found the Director's Cut at JB Hi-Fi and Missing Link but that other version seems very rare here. o.o

  • As far as I can remember, that Pink Floyd DVD does have the whole version without the crappy CGI on it (i.e the 70's version) as a "bonus". Not exactly sure if it's the 72 or 74 cut, but the wiki page says:
    "the original cut is presented on the DVD as an 'added bonus'."

    As for posters... Vic Market maybe? I have no idea.

    • Richaod said...
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    • 12 Feb 2009, 15:15
    There are pretty intermittent band poster sales... kind of like those discounted book/CD warehouse sales, but less frequent - though you'll probably see the ads on TV when they happen.

    Sorry I can't be more specific, but I know there was a pretty big one back in December.

  • Look on ebay for posters. You'd be surprised how many old ones are still floating around. I've purchased a few from budus.

  • donnidge, you are my hero for today. Turns out there really is. >.> I just, err, never look at the special features.

    Thanks all, I'll look around! eBay sounds good though I didn't want to buy online, so I might try looking out for sales [despite not watching commercial TV] and Vic Market. =]

  • I don't know about all uni's but I know mine (La Trobe) have poster sales once every few months and they have band posters, check it out at your uni! (presuming that you go)

  • try the Chapel Street Bazaar, they have a section of band & movie posters

    • maguil said...
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    • 26 Aug 2009, 15:37
    junekaya the two best places to get band posters in melbs are the art gallery (alternate art) on elisebeth st (its somewhere near the motobike shops, you'll know what i mean its white...) and another place in st kilda on carlile st if you are heading away from the maccas just before the theatre. both have all the best artists.

    ebay is also very good :)

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  • University poster sales are A+, I know Monash University Clayton often have them and there were some pretty big posters. You don't have to go to the uni to buy them.

    I wormed my way into the heart of the crowd.
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 13 Oct 2009, 20:33
    You could also try BEYOND THE PALE on Carlisle St. in St Kilda. They have funky and great posters. I bought tons of them...

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