Band/Artist - Tee-Shirts, where to buy?

  • Band/Artist - Tee-Shirts, where to buy?

    Anyone know of any good place to get Band/Artist - Tee-Shirts, melbourne shops?

  • A few, but everywhere is fairly expensive. Retrostar in the Nicholas Building, Fetish on Brunswick Street, occaisionally Dangerfield and clear-it stock band t-shirts. Often if you go to those new-age hippie infested markets out in the country, there's a bootleg t-shirt guy. God I would think of more if I wasn't so tired.

  • also, missing link records on bourke st. and smoke dreams, whch is kinda near Flinder's somewhere.

    • Daruina said...
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    • 7 Nov 2008, 11:35
    smoke dreams FTW

  • Don't forget Of ya tree on swanson...a bit pricey though.

    Retro star kicks ass

    Feels like i'm caught in a dream within a dream
  • Ja. Off Ya Tree <3 They're on Swanston and Elizabeth Streets though. OYT is pretty pricey though, but they stock Afends :D Or head out east to Ringwood for Fist2Face. I don't mind buying online either, from Fist2Face's online store, or Kill Your Stereo. (y)

  • Fist to face ain't bad :P...inacomma is great also...

    Feels like i'm caught in a dream within a dream
  • Rare Records, Acland St, St Kilda.

  • Rare Records is probably the best though they don't have the best range. I usually go to Smoke Dreams because it is so easy to find the band you want.

  • ^Smoke Dreams is expensive though. D: I personally think RetroStar is good, just slightly cheaper but still pretty expensive. XD Big range though.

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