• I wish there was some way to scrobble music outside of my computer.

    2 Jan 2007, 17:24 by IthisProtector

    I have been very busy this week with my new turntable. My old one was fine, you just couldn't buy a stylus for it anymore. I have tons of records that I have never listened to all the way through because I got tired of having to get up and move the stylus along it's way every 2 minutes. I finally can just sit down and listen to things all the way through and I love it.

    But I can't let know I did this because I can't scrobble things that I play on there and I think they deserve to be inputted (probably not a word). Just today (I woke up at 9:30, went somewhere, got back at 11ish) I have listened to Demons & Wizards, The Attic Tapes, and Live At Budokan. I want people to know this and I want it to go toward my play count.

    I realize that people would probably abuse the right to input the songs they listen to in their cars and just through a stereo but I don't think it would be anymore than people leaving their iTunes playing all night while they sleep.

    I would start a revolution, but I just bought a hammock.
  • Going down the Funnel of Love with Wanda Jackons at the London Luminaire

    22 Sep 2006, 23:27 by RNR

    Wow I thought when I read that listing. THE Wanda Jackson live in London??? Still rockin? I never bought tickets that fast.

    So the gig was on at the Luminaire support by Vincent vincent apparently no Villains this time, I will never know coz I missed him, riding my Vespa across London from Hackney to Kilburn while he was on. Tough luck I am not his greatest fan. Anyway here is them at another show so it gives you an idea.

    Swiftly moving on, i.e. having made it there first thing was an array or custom cars in front of the house, alright the crew is already here.

    Inside sold out crowd, with a lot of grease in the hair. Hey I was wearing a helmet to get here so no competition. Anyway next support Piney Gir was on. Really upbeat well exectued country, which was alright, but I like it a bit darker.

    Here she is a-playing the accordion

    All over, and booya loads of 60+ people mingle on stage, setting up their gear. Part of Wanda's backing setup was actually Wes McGhee on Guitar who afaik played for the Comets of Bill Haley And The Comets.

    Then Wanda was announced by her hubby with a few jokes and a call to vote for her to get a place in the rock 'n' roll hall fame.

    Then Wanda came on to a frenetic crowd, fresh 69 years old and sounding not much different from before, the real thing. I have to say it is quite awe inspiring to see such originals of rockabilly and country inthe flesh doing their thing like it was 1956. Couldn't believe my luck.

    Here is Wanda a-smiling

    and a-singing

    Anyway you have to see this to believe it. I found a clip on youtube of her doing a gig recently, seems like, as she is wearing the same outfit as yesterday night. This is a snippet of her doing her kick-ass number Funnel of Love (a b-side to a shmoozing number). This song is the daddy. And that shall be it. Wanda Jackon the Queen of Rockabilly and I hope she makes it into the Hall of Fame, she sure deserves it. If you are into this stuff (seems like or you weren't reading) get to one of those gigs, money wisely spent.

  • Mr. David Viner supporting 18th Day of May at the Spitz

    22 Sep 2006, 23:01 by RNR

    Alright, events schedule keeps rolling, busy busy busy. mischa and I and our girls went to the Spitz Festival of Folk, thanks skr for flogging me your tickets, I was going anyway, no way I am going to miss Mr. David Viner.

    I saw that guy 2-3 years ago, playing with Holly Golightly at the Dirty Water Club, when he was still a single man blues gig. Check out his amazing albums This Boy Don't Care is a favourite of mine, rocking track Nobody's Business (argh wrong metadata on, oh well).

    Anyway now he is a sure fire neo folkster. Actually dark folk or whatever they call it no idea. More Will Oldham than somebody else i can't think of now. So his new stuff is really nice and appalachian mountain sound whine or something, oi I am not a music journo.

    His new stuff rocks that's for sure, if you get a chance check him out.

    Here he is doing his thing

    And here is his upright bassist who was wearing a Squarepusher T-shirt. I actually read that him is a good bassist. sure drills the bass.

    Next up the headliner (yeah I missed the first band). The Eighteenth Day of May (ok no numbers). I didn't expect much to be honest. But they were really good. Nice and psychy with a very talented spaceed out nymph of a frontwoman, who convinced by the fact that she plays either dulcimer, flute or harmonium, very baroque.

    The good thing is that there spaced out music mixed tres well with little miss' coquetterie with the crowd, she really knows how to look kinda high on absinthe, sing muse-ish and shake that green flowing dress slowly, while squeezing the harmonium in a way that it looks like exotic massage, pfoo. I am a dirty man.

    Well worth checking out if you like Spacemen 3 like folk that trances on and on. (video below)

    Here's some massage

    and here is some flute playing

    Good old youtube has a video of one song that was advertised with harmonium squeezing so I thought that's worth sharing. have fun
  • Pete Molinari and Billy Childish and the Chatham Singers at the Dirty Water Club

    22 Aug 2006, 21:47 by RNR

    I am prepare to take criticism that I always only go to the same gigs but this is special as anyone who has seen this setup can attest. Anyway mischa and I actually went to see Bob Log III at the Spitz but when support band Lord Vagrant wasn't too brilliant I got nervous as I knew the other gig was going on.

    Plus I only found out that same day that Pete Molinari is supporting. I had seen this setup before at the Spitz and it was so ace, that before the Bob Log III gig got into full swing I was telling Mischa all about how good that other gig was and how good the other gig tonight would be and how I woul dbe so pissed off if this one sucked an inch.

    So when the Lord was a bit below exciting, and while Mischa was on the bog I decided to take him and me to the Dirty Water Club. We were on my scooter, it was only 9.30 then and DWC never gets their sh!t together to start on time. Mischa was like, nah let's stay, but I said f it, we're outta here, the other gig is pure gold.

    So we gunned it to Tufnell Park (on a near empty tank) in 15 minutes and when we got there nothing was going on yet. YEAH!

    So we saw Pete full length when he came on 20 minutes later and I didn't promise too much. In my eyes the new Bob Dylan or something, this man has a voice made from gold. and songwriting skills that last.

    here is is doing his thing, with the hat, and the guitar.

    his album is out some time this week or next week, Pete said 3 different dates while the gig was on. check for it here

    After that it was Wild Billy Childish & The Chatham Singers. This stuff is the best you can get. Truly. If you like Billy's stuff this is the beeeest. All the classics done in stripped down Blues style. Many songs Billy in a duet with Julie his wife, like the amazing title track Heaven's Journey from the amazing album you can buy here Also part of the line-up Wolf on drums, and Jim Riley on blues harp, both accomplished Chatham veterans.

    Here are the Chatham Singers in full swing

    Billy and Julie doing a duet

    Later in the show Billy called Pete back on stage to do 2 songs with Julie (all these first names, sorry) which will feature on Pete's album. Truly sublime stuff. Again the uber-scorcher Walking Off The Map is the title track for the new album. Just go and buy it you will not regret it.

    Here's the duet

    well, sorry we got no previews for all this on you'll have to come to my place to listen to the vinyl, buy the records fast or gp see their next gig, both of which I can highly recommend. (actually you can listen to loads of Pete's stuff here taken from earlier live compilation releases on Urban Fox, not quite the real thing but pretty good).

    and concluding with the same gig theme, I was thinking about going to see Selfish Cunt who play at the Spitz this Friday 25/09. and to snap out of this I am planning to see oshiri penpenz who play at Barden's Boudoir on 18/10 more info here

    now go see some good gigs, wherever you are.
  • Billy Childish at the Hackney Empire

    20 Jul 2006, 21:16 by RNR

    Last Sunday (16/07/06) Billy Childish + Friends was on at the Hackney Empire in London. The Empire is a refursbished London theater and music hall. Truly amazing place, I'll keep an eye on the gigs happening there. This is what it looks like ...

    First up were The Bleeps, 90s beat driven rock revival, not sure what that genre ended up being called. Stuff to jump around to a-ight. 2 guys, one on guitar with sequencer pedal looping his own basslines and a frenetic drummer.

    the cool thing is the had quite a good stage show. the opening invloved 2 dancers one in a pig's mask and one dressed as a mexican wrestler waving some apocaplyptic banners. Wrath, Ruin, yeah man!

    the thing "climaxed" by a whole circus get up on there including a firespitting dwarf. But before that they had a feathered show "girl" (not so sure on that bit) that danced around bit and ten proceeded to laying an egg from her, well, birth machine. nice one.

    next up Schwab. Amazing swampy blues/funk/rock melange. right outta Thames Delta, not quite Mississippi but hey. These guys rock. Catch them at any cost. Le monsieur vocaliste enchante had 2 mics one straight sounding and one for the distorted hell howling.

    This lovely set was followed by Selfish Cunt, which I thought I had seen before but I was deluding myself ... anyway, they are grrrrrrrrrreat. just listen to them you'll know what I mean. Here they are in action. Bring the noise.

    Just before Billy the organisers had unfortunately got it wrong. 5 bands is a lot for any evening, but if the second to last band sucks to boot, ouch. Anyway, 't was The Boyfriends. Sounds like The Smiths but ain't them. anyway, whine, whine, love, love, bore, bore, done. thanks.

    Finally time for the man himself. Today it wasn't 19th century officers getup but Colonial Army Desert Storm outfits. coz it is hot in London at the moment, me swears.

    Yeah so Billy and The Buff Medways did their thing. Like they do. Just rocks. There will only be 2 more Buff Medways gigs Billy said so catch them at the Dirty Water Club on the 18th of August.

    Amazing set, yours truly couldn't stand still and had to do some of the good old push and shove. Shakin that ass. Anyway here's some pics of the boys.

  • Mixtape Malarky

    2 May 2006, 01:30 by IthisProtector

    Started my own mixtape group. Still in the beginning stages. Join and contribute please? Little more technologically advanced than a tape though. Read through and see for yourself.

    The Flaming LipsModest MouseLed ZeppelinThe White StripesThe StrokesAtmosphereGZABob DylanFranz Ferdinand