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    The tags for the tracks on Beautiful Midnight here at are really screwed up, if any of you have noticed. For example, the words "machine gun" and "kill" are censored from titles; additionally, almost every song bares a brand of "(explicit lp version)" or somesuch.

    Any one care to clean this up?

    PS--Hi! New member, waiting for HM, and saving up for In A Coma DVD version. Friend got me into Mr. Good, and I love his music.

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    • 30 Jun 2007, 22:31
    Well, I don't think there's much we can do to fix it, unfortunately. As far as I know, tags for albums aren't really determined by the users, but are rather determined by the record labels. I don't know much about this, but I do believe that music has to be added to the database by the record label, and I believe that's the way they tagged Beautiful Midnight.

    If I'm wrong, correct me... That's just what I've picked up.

  • hasnt happened to me :S

  • Beautiful Midnight Tags/Tracks

    Beautiful Midnight had an entirely separate United States release from its Canadian counterpart.

    There were some changes for the US release. Most notably being the absence of the tracks "I Miss New Wave", "Let's Get It On", and "Going All the Way". In their place, the tracks "Deep Six", "Everything is Automatic" and "Apparitions" from the Underdogs album were added.

    Since this was noted as the "Clean" version of Beautiful Midnight, they slapped a Parental Advisory notice on the front and *bleeped* out "A Boy and his Machine Gun" and "Born to Kill" with the asterixes that you're seeing on

    Hope this helps!

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