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A group devoted to the appreciation of the 'Marine Girls' and the associated music of the early 1980's including the connected bands listed on this page. Everyone welcome to post a Shout.

Marine Girls

The Marine Girls were formed in 1980 in Hatfield, Hertfordshire by two school friends, Tracey Thorn {Guitar} and Gina Hartman {vocals}. Jane Fox then joined the group on bass guitar followed by her younger sister Alice on percussion and joint vocals with Gina. At this point they were little more than a bedroom band.

In 1981, as a four piece band, they produced a self released cassette of their songs to date entitled "A Day By The Sea". This was distributed mainly to friends and featured many songs that would find there way onto the "Beach Party" album.
The "Beach Party" album was initially released as a 'cassette' by small indie label 'In Phaze', then as a vinyl album on the same label.
At this time 'In Phaze' also released the band's debut single, a 7'' - "On my Mind"/"The Lure of the Rockpools". This single was later re-releasd by 'Cherry Red Records' in 1982 with a different picture sleeve.

When playing there second ever gig, in Hertford, supporting indie-band Television Personalities, they met Dan Treacy (singer/songwriter of said band). This resulted (in late 1981) in the re-release of the "Beach Party" album on Dan Treacy's recenly formed 'Whamm! Records'.This album was subsequently re-released by 'Cherry Red Records'.

1982 was a comparatively quiet year for the Marine Girls in terms of recording. However, on the 1st of February they recorded a 5 track session for the 'John Peel' Show on Radio 1. By this point Gina had left the Marine Girls and is not credited on this session.
While at 'Hull University', Tracey Thorn began to develop both a musical and personal relationship with fellow student Ben Watt. Naming themselves Everything But the Girl they released a debut 7" single, "Night and Day" on Cherry Red Records'.
During 1982 Tracey Thorn also recorded her debut solo album, the remarkable 8 track 'A Distant Shore', also released on 'Cherry Red'.

Early 1983 saw the release of a 7"single, "Don't come Back/You must be Mad", followed in March by the 2nd Album, the 14 track "Lazy Ways", both released on 'Cherry Red'.
A number of live performances accompanied the release of this album, the highlight being a major London gig supporting Orange Juice at the 'Lyceum Theatre' at the end of March.
A few weeks later on the 16th of April 1983, the Marine Girls recorded a second session for 'John Peel's' Radio 1 Show, this time four tracks which were broadcast three days later on the 19th.
And that was it, the end, no more Marine Girls.
Tracey Thorn went on to gain a first-class degree in English from 'Hull University' and along with Ben Watt, Everything But the Girl went on to achieve the success we all know. They released their debut album "Eden" in 1984.

And what happened to 'Alice and Jane Fox'?
They continued writing songs and along with guitarist Noel Lester they continued the 'Marine' theme by forming Grab Grab The Haddock.
They released two 12" E.P.'s and a 7" single on 'Cherry Red Records' between 1984-85. They subsuquently abandonded the music business (in1986) to concentrate on careers as artists.

This article is by 'timpunk', 12.02.2009.
Special thanks to Gina Hartman for your help with factual corrections

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The Articles/Journal section includes # an illustrated Marine Girls discography # link to free Marine Girls gig download # Grag Grab The Haddock discography # Gina Hartman Interview # Tracey Thorn interview # The Ravishing Beauties - Peel session # Dolly Mixture - Demonstration Tapes #
Just posted : Grab Grab The Haddock - live download.

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    Тёлкопихота, гы)

    20 Oct 2010 Reply
  • synchrofish1962

    Just read 'Tracey Thorns London' on the BBC London website. Found myself, via a couple of stepping stones, here. Cannot believe my eyes! I remember the Gig, poster, the lot. Group of us went to see the T.V.Personalities and stayed for the lot. So simple sounds. So much meaning. Still have the original 7 and 12 inch singles from The Marine Girls, Tracey on her own And EBTG. What halcyon days they were. Let me know any of your stories of the early days. Love to get in touch.

    31 Mar 2010 Reply
  • TeddusMaximus

    Fantasmic group I could do with finding more of this kinda music, I appreciate the development of synths, post punk and new wave etc SWEET :D

    28 Nov 2009 Reply
  • CoolTop

    I'm probably super with everyone in this group. : -0

    11 Nov 2009 Reply
  • emilythe

    Just wanted to say Hi to everyone! xxx

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  • timpunk

    I agree, its a shame there's so little visual record of the Marine Girls. There is of course the 'Place in the Sun' video which you can see on u-tube, but other than that it simply dosen't exist. Even still photographic images are limited to a few photo sessions. Interestingly, there are quite a few videos of the very earliest E.B.T.G. songs. I hope to post an article on early EBTG singles and videos in the next month or so.

    12 May 2009 Reply
  • Fiery_Furnace

    I just hope someone releases a live/performance video of them just like videos of Dolly Mixture, Raincoats, Kleenex, Delta 5, Mo-Dettes etc. have all popped up on Youtube recently.

    10 May 2009 Reply
  • GildaGrey

    Thank you so much for creating a marine girl fan club. and the Dolly mixture too. i love all this kind of music.

    16 Mar 2009 Reply
  • gothambill

    I first heard Marine Girls maybe in 1991 when I was living in the Hollywood section of College Park, MD. The folks in the house I was inhabiting had one of their records, maybe it was Lazy Ways or a 7" but I thought it was pretty catchy and pretty good. I bought the Lazy Ways CD some years later and still like it. I don't however listen to Tracy Thorn's later work, as I am a fan of the Girls's spare instrumentation, sweet harmonies, and desperate lyrics.

    20 Feb 2009 Reply
  • fmera

    thks for the invitation :) i honestly don't know much about them, but i love tracey thorn's music, so... @lemago: try Each and Every One

    12 Feb 2009 Reply
  • lemonadeboy

    A place in the sun.

    10 Feb 2009 Reply
  • lemonadeboy

    Do you know if any Marine Girls demos, outtakes or live bootlegs exist?

    10 Feb 2009 Reply
  • lemago

    i discovered them recently, and it's been such a good surprise to learn it was the first Tracey Horn's band (i'm not a big fan of Everything buit the girl though)

    10 Feb 2009 Reply
  • stephiblu

    wow! i never met another marine girls fan! woohoo! they are so simple and pure and lovely!

    6 Feb 2009 Reply