The marina catalogue

  • The marina catalogue

    Marina & the diamonds:

    1. The Family Jewels
    2. The Crown Jewels ep
    3. Obsessions ep
    4. Single Version
    5. B-side
    6. Mermaid vs. Sailor ep
    7. Demos
    8. Live
    9. Cover

    Obsessions (1, 3, 4, 7)
    I am not a robot (1, 2)
    Girls (1, 7)
    Hermit the frog (1, 6, 7)
    Guilty (1)
    Shampain (1, 7)
    Mowgil's road (1, 3, 4, 7)
    Hollywood (1, 4, 7)
    The outsider (1, 7)
    Oh No! (1)
    The Family Jewels (1)
    Are you satisfied? (1, 7)
    Rootless(1, 7)
    Numb (1, 7)
    Simplify (2, 6)
    Seventeen (2, 6)
    Bad kidz (5, 7)
    The space and the woods (5, 9)
    Daddy was a sailor (6)
    Plastic rainbow (6)
    Horror pop (6)
    Jelousy (7)
    Porn is good for the soul (7)
    Blindfold me (7)
    This is L.A. (7)
    Starlight (7)
    What you waiting for (7, 8, 9)
    Sweet dreams (7, 9)
    Sinful (7)
    Troubled mind (7)
    Like china dolls (7)
    The common cold (7)
    Not that ugly (7)
    Philosopher My Arse (7)
    Happy meal (8)
    Diamond Garden (7)
    Dirty Sheets (7)
    Starstrukk (9)
    Candy (9)
    Living Dead
    Sex, Yeah

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  • Bad kidz
    Porn is good for the soul
    Daddy was a sailor
    Plastic rainbow
    Horror pop
    Blindfold me
    Hollywood infected your brain
    What you waiting for (cover)
    Sweet dreams (cover)
    Are you satisfied?
    Dont be afraid to sweat

    Does anyone have these and fancies sending them to me, please?

  • you wont find half of em because they have not been released :( and most of the others are songs that are impossible to get hold of now :(

  • I guess you can add "Space And The Woods" (Late Of The Pier) to the list of covers now, as she's been performing that one recently.

    Samantha, the audio of "Bad Kidz" is up on Youtube...

  • yeh good point i forgot to add space and woods thanks :)

  • Don't Be Afraid To Sweat

    Is "Don't Be Afraid To Sweat" actually a cover of the MissOddKid tune?

  • ooooooooo interesting find, this is probably correct, maybe its just a cover she did along with what you waiting for and sweet dreams??
    also i found that there is another really old song but cant find it anywhere
    its called ''troubled mind''

    • rique_ said...
    • User
    • 18 Aug 2009, 01:20
    i'm trying to find the "mermaid vs sailor ep" does anyone knows where i can find it?!

  • It popped up on ebay a few weeks ago, that's how I got my copy. That's the only way you're gonna find a copy now.

  • i got mine before they stopped it
    good look though because its not easy to get

    • xParker said...
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    • 20 Aug 2009, 19:06
    Anyone want to be nice and upload the mermaid vs sailor EP?

  • as soon as her album is out yeh but shes asked people not to until then :(

    • weeziee said...
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    • 22 Aug 2009, 14:05
    woah, i didn't realise quite how many songs she's done! :O

  • Yup. She started her myspace page in 2006 and she posted her current home made demos on it, which were songs like "Troubled Mind", "Like China Dolls" and "This Is L.A." (I've haven't even heard those 3 songs, btw). Next came the Marmaid EP in 2007. Since then she's added new songs every so often, most of which can currently be heard on youtube, leading up to the current batch of 5 songs. Well, actually, Simplify and Seventeen from the current Crown Jewels EP originally appeared in demo form on the Mermaid EP.

  • I just went through all the old comments on Marina's myspace page and have put together a timeline of when songs first appeared based on people's comments about them.

    2006-07-05: Troubled Mind, Plastic Rainbow, This Is L.A.
    2006-07-19: Like China Dolls
    2007-06-03: Hermit the Frog
    2007-06-22: Horror Pop
    2007-07-07: Simplify
    2007-10-28: The Common Cold
    2007-11-08: Hermit the Frog (new version)
    2007-11-23: *** Mermaid CD: new songs= Seventeen, Daddy Was A Sailor
    2008-01-17: Obsessions
    2008-01-17: Simplify (new version)
    2008-01-27: Blindfold Me
    2008-04-12: Bad Kidz
    2008-05-22: Seventeen (new version)
    2008-05-29: Porn Is Good For The Soul
    2008-06-07: Starlight
    2008-06-15: Girls Girls Girls
    2008-07-23: Shampaign Sleeper
    2008-08-16: Not That Ugly
    2008-10-03: Mowgli's Road
    2008-11-19: *** SINGLE (Obsessions/Mowgli's Road)
    2008-12-12: Obsessions (new version)
    2009-02-23: I Am Not A Robot
    2009-03-17: The Outsider *1
    2009-04-11: Jealousy
    2009-05-03: Guilty
    2009-05-22: Girls (new version)
    2009-06-02: *** Crown Jewels EP
    2009-06-15: I Am Not A Robot (accoustic)
    2009-06-28: I Am Not A Robot (video)
    2009-07-02: Numb *2
    2009-07-10: iTunes show (Obsessions, Robot, Mowgli's, Seventeen, What You waiting For)

    *1 from the "giving me the fear" lyric
    *2 not mentioned in comments, but found references in other blogs

  • one day we will have all of these :( until then lets hope she releases a few for us all :)

  • Hey Joe, you're still missing "This Is L.A." from your main list.

  • yeh but i think that this is L.A. may be hollywood infected your brain :S?????

  • If that's true, then my vote would be to go with the "This Is L.A." name, as the myspace comments confirm that that was the title, at least in the beginning, whereas the only reference we have to the "Hollywood..." title is the entry (and there are more than a few dubious entries there).

  • ok ok, also i think her first single has been confirmed to be 'lion gold'

  • Wow, where did you hear that? I don't suppose anyone has actually heard that song before, right?

  • Hollywood Infected Your Brain and This Is LA are not the same song, though they share the same subject. I've heard both, though I only have the latter.

    Philosopher My Arse was another one of the original demo tracks. I'm guessing by the fact no one seems to have heard of it that it's one of the ones she hates, which is a shame. There are some good lines in there.

    She once performed an original song called Happy Meal, or possibly Happy Meals, though I'm not sure if she ever recorded it. This was around the end of 2007.

    Reading this thread, I thought I had a more complete discography than I do, but hopefully that shouldn't take long to sort out. However, I very much doubt anyone outside the record company has heard the new single. Good luck to all of you on finding all this stuff.

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    • nilhag said...
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    • 29 Aug 2009, 00:10

    Last time I'm saying this

    Lion Gold is not her next single. It's not a real song. It's BS. (comments)

  • omg if anyone has any of these tracks (the rarer ones ;), then please please share!!!!!!!!

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