Your Favourite Part of Marcelo

  • Your Favourite Part of Marcelo

    I'm sorry but his afro turns me on

    • nDroae said...
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    • 9 Sep 2009, 06:07
    I guess my favorite part of Marcelo is his better half.... :-P

  • Haha! I'm not into guys, but Marcelo seems to be a really smart fella, so I'd rather vote for what's BELOW his afro. :-)

    Speaking of that one, he could be a member of The Mars Volta! He's Hispanic, too (even if from the other end of Latin America), so there! :-P

  • i like the fact that he invented metal and cured the horrible bacon disease of eastern uzbekistan

    • nDroae said...
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    • 10 Sep 2009, 01:08
    Oh yes, so easy to forget that since the American media completely ignored it.

  • What do you expect of the American media? They consider Lord Cabuli a terrorist. :-P

    In fact, when I met Lord Cabuli and his gracious consort (Tarja Turunen-Cabuli, the Nightwish ex-singer for those who don't know her), she actually told that because of his long hair and beard, he is often considered suspicious by security people. My reply was that I could empathise. :-)

    I wonder if Cabuli is an Italian name. Many Argentines have Italian ancestors, especially in Buenos Aires, and Cabuli sure as hell doesn't sound like a Spanish name. I wouldn't be surprised if Lord Cabuli actually had (Southern) Italian relatives who are active in the regional mafia networks. Ugly sinister mafia dudes (especially bosses) >>>>>>> emo Disneysexual keyboardists. Sorry, couldn't resist. :-D

    Speaking about Uzbekistan - Borat anyone? (I know he is from Kazakhstan, though.)

    • nDroae said...
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    • 11 Sep 2009, 01:43
    It's not Turunen-Cabuli, it's just "Tarja Cabuli." :)

    Lol, "Disneysexual" XD I have... two Disney movies in my avatar.... :-P

  • Care to explain it? BTW, you should add LC to it. :-P

    Seriously, though, her full name is "Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen Cabuli".

    • nDroae said...
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    • 13 Sep 2009, 09:39
    Yep, note the lack of hyphen :-P

    It's a super-short film, the longer version is at the top of my About Me. in this version is the Dawn Treader from the BBC Narnia series, Liv Kristine from the Leaves' Eyes "My Destiny" video, Charlotte from Charlotte's Web, James and Miss Spider from James and the Giant Peach, Tarja from the Die Alive video, Charlotte Wessels from Delain's April Rain video, Sharon from the Memories video, Liv again, a clip of the Amaranth video, The Rescuers Down Under, more from the April Rain video and a bit from Frodo rescuing Sam at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring, Neo rescuing Morpheus and the keymaker in The Matrix Reloaded, and finally Arwen's unborn son in a vision in The Return of the King. :)

    • nDroae said...
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    • 13 Sep 2009, 11:18
    And... LC? Lacuna Coil? But I don't really like Lacuna Coil.... :-P

  • No, Lord Cabuli of course. :-P

    Very interesting. Is the ship from the Leaves' Eyes video?

    What's in the longer version?

    • nDroae said...
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    • 14 Sep 2009, 19:18
    Ohhh. :-P No, the ship the Dawn Treader from the 80's BBC Narnia adaptations. :) I am psyched for the new movie, I think I might transport David Arnold's score for it from the future before either the next Nightwish or Tarja albums. :-P

    You just had to ask! :-P Actually the FULL full version is broken up into six animated images in my About Me, but from this one:

    Let's see... The Dawn Treader, Liv, District 9, Charlotte the spider, James and Miss Spider, Ent attacking Isengard, octopus tree roots taking down a trebuchet in Prince Caspian, Aslan attacking the White Witch, Tarja, Charlotte Wessels, Sharon, Liv, Iron Man, Spider-Man 2, Iron Man again, Batman Begins, crows from "We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story" (seriously creeped me out when I was 6), Amaranth angel, Rescuers Down Under, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Oreius the centaur from the first Narnia movie, me waving a stick around, Andrew Eldritch from the This Corrosion video, the parting of the Red Sea from The Prince of Egypt, the signal from Minas Morgul in Return of the King, clip from Independence Day, explosion from Neo vs. Agent Smith battle in The Matrix Revolutions, Neo's flight to rescue Morpheus and the Keymaker in The Matrix Reloaded, entry to the planet factory floor in Hitchhiker's Guide, destruction of Death Star II's core in Return of the Jedi, destruction of mothership in Independence Day, and then the same conclusion as the short version. :)

  • Whow! Now if there was a way to stop the video or slow it down, it runs far too fast for me!

    So, why are you so good at making this kind of stuff? I know you've answered this question before, sorry, but following shoutbox conversations is always so cumbersome ...

    • Lindzii said...
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    • 17 Sep 2009, 00:26
    His smile. (this would be a really funny shout if the group picture wasn't one of the rare times he actually does smile.)

  • It's true, he does not smile often, but when he does, it does look cute in a way - perhaps even impish - I've personally witnessed him smiling while sitting and talking to an attractive female fan - tee-hee!

    • nDroae said...
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    • 17 Sep 2009, 01:27
    Heh, yeah, most of the clips are sped up to varying degrees. :D

    Well, I have a bachelor's degree in media communication / film studies.... :)

  • Don't let him fool you Florian, he actually pays someone to make those :P

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