• The infernal danger of self-styled jihadists

    17 Jul 2014, 23:55 by XortXosnaw

    The infernal danger of self-styled jihadists
    for Kurdistan and the world

    After so many hard years, shameful humiliations and desperate decades ... - Now it is coming so close:


    ... at least in the disintegrating Iraq and perhaps in self-cleaving Syria.


    In this civil war, I can understand the motives of the Sunnis and the Shiites, these of autocratic Assad, those of historically emotionally-charged Maliki and that ones of the original rebellious partisans of Syria: both, Kurdish and non-Kurdish. But those goddamn mercenaries of “ISIL”, “ISIS” or “Islamic State” - especially the foreign jihadists among them - I can and I will not accept. These wicked, they follow a totalitarian ideology and enforced conformity, which is almost more mendacious than fascism. Poor lads from Europe's and America's suburbs infiltrate foreign countries, not only to pursue their anachronistic dreams, but at least as much to live out their personal megalomania and sadism. Oh my God: They lustfully cut the throats of peolpe, they do not even know, in countries, which does not have called them.
    Instead of admitting that they make their misdeeds for money, fame, lust for power and adventure, they cover their bad conscience by claiming to strive allegedly in God's name, yes, they would even sacrifice themselves.
    What an infamous lie, what a fatal self-lie!

    Blood is on their redder expectant hands, blacker their souls become every day.
    Migrant children from Western countries - some are not even adults - travel for their adventure game to Turkey, to cross the border then for killing in the name of Allah:
    their victims are Shiites and Sunnis, Syrian rebels and Kurds, children and old people, women and men.
    - Where do they get the right for it?

    Why do they kill us Kurds? We want nothing more than finally to govern ourselves.

    go home to your places, before you take still more blame on you,
    before you've got defiled the honor of your familys totally,
    before you damage the image of Islam more and more,
    before you continue to self-destruct your own soul!
  • Seven modern day oud albums part II

    11 May 2014, 21:53 by Lysander

    It's only been four months, but due to my furthered listening in this area - and the lack of much about oud playing at all on Last FM - here is a new article on the very best I have come across of late.

    Hamed El Marvi - Sound of Oud, In Concert Spain 2008

    My sole reason for writing this article now is to introduce this staggering album. Yes, its unassuming, bland artwork is nothing to behold, but behind it lies a thoughtful and ghostly work of oud playing. I cannot find much about the artist, but this album, recorded live with churchlike echoes and vast ambiance, is something quite special. The final track, with scant operatic female vocals and the sparse, subtle drones of the church organ, is something altogether different and haunting.

    Yuval Ron - Oud Prayers on the Road to St Jacques

    An intensely spiritual oud album and highly atmospheric. There is something very deep and mystical about the sound of this work, one of the richest oud albums I have come across, filled with sonic and pious depth.

    Mamdoh El Gibley - Oud vol 1

    The Ron Jeremey of oud playing, as I think of him, comes across here with a very enjoyable album that runs away with itself rhythmically. Lots of subtle percussion and downplayed beats that accompany the oud playing, time flies when this gets puts on, and it will have finished before you know it. .

    Naji Hilal - Oud Improvisation

    A great Arabic style oud taksim album with much personality and texture to it. Not quite as deep as some of the others mentioned here, but holds the interest and spirit with each play. An unpredictable, wild card favourite.

    Various artists FM records - East Mediterranean Musical Instruments [Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Syria] - "Oud"

    Excellent compilation of Turkish oud from unnamed artists in the Greek, Eastern Mediterranean style. Highly recommended and shouldn't be overlooked in spite of the vague nature of the packaging. When will these labels do themselves a favour and start to include more inspired art.

    Various artists - Outi/The art of the Greek Musical Instruments

    Another great album of oud works though more energetic in places and highly faithful to the Greek sound which I favour so much. This album gets a special mention for the excellent oud work of Thomas Konstantinou, whose playing is some of the best I have come across since Haig Yazdijan in the Outi Greek compilation.

    Cemal Cinarli - Ud Taksimleri

    Last but by no means least this is fast becoming my favourite Turkish oud album. An excellent compilation of Turkish oud works and styles which benefits from repeated playthroughs. The final hicaz taskim complete with droning, sombre cello is the icing on the cake of this brilliant complication.
  • Seven modern day oud albums

    29 Jan 2014, 12:44 by Lysander

    It's been a few years since my last entry. I blame a few things for this. Namely Farcebook - my account at which has since been deleted - and though I found a lot of decent music since then, there was little that moved me to writing about it in some detail here. Farcebook can be a poison at times. Enough about that, and time to move on to more of what is needed in this journal entry.

    Since coming back from Turkey last summer and acquiring an oud [from a proper luthier, not one of the tourist shops in Istanbul] of course it was pertinent to listen to some of the masters [and mistresses]. It's said by many a player that listening to professional oud music is as important as practise since you have to get the music IN YOU. So a lot of that has been on the menu of late - and will continue to be.

    There's not a lot on Last FM that has been written on this that I can see. So here is a list of seven of the best modern oud albums I have come across in the last half year. Nearly all of these feature the taksim/taqsim style of playing, being improvisational centering on one or more maqamat/makamlar [melodic modes] unrestricted by meter or rhythm. I listen to this style since I find it a very honest and genuine form of practise. The albums below feature both types of oud, Turkish and Arabic.

    Turkish oud:

    Haig Yazdjian / Antonis Apergis - The Greek Folk Instruments Vol 7: Outi [Greece 1995]

    Probably my favourite overall. The first half of the album features very slow, introspective playing in direct contrast to most taksim where "faster is better" can sometimes feel like the order of the day. Even though the Turkish oud is not Greek in origin, Greece is the furthest West it is utilised.

    Gülçin Yahya - Hayallerim [Turkey 2002]

    Gülçin's playing style is very technical indeed - sometimes too much technicality at the expense of emotion. It can feel like the Dream Theater of oud playing. Nevertheless, Hayallerim was the first oud album I heard and played to death, so it earns a special place in this list.

    Yurdal Tokcan - Saray [Turkey 2002]

    Excellent taksim played in the Ottoman style. A truly exquisite work from a master of his art, and a damn nice guy as well, going by the videos I've seen of his workshop.

    Mitat Çömlekçi - Ahval & Ud Taksimleri [Turkey 2013]

    A great blend of technicality and emotion. Mitat's work differs from others in as much as his playing sounds almost Arabic in style at times. Its a mixture of many different tempos and emotions, as well as some rarely played makamlar such as Evcara, which hardly ever make it onto these kinds of discs.

    Arabic oud:

    Omar Bashir - Taqasim Luth Arabe [Iraq 2012]

    Son of the renowned and highly well-respected Munir Bashir, Taqasim is a thought-provoking work. All the maqamat are played with great texture and understanding, with nearly all of them being minor maqamat - though even the one major maqam [ajam] is twinged with minor modulations.

    Driss El Maloumi - Makan [Morocco 2013]

    Possibly my all-time favourite player, Makan is an album that fuses oud playing with subtle percussion which perfectly fits the feel of the record. No-one quite has the same feeling of expresion and emotion as Maloumi does, and Makan was by far one of the most impressive albums released last year.

    Naseer Shamma - Land of Darkness [Iraq 2006]

    This is the only album in this list which features compositional work, but Shamma's playing deserves a mention because of the range and quality of melodies he includes. Land of Darkness [the title being one of the older names given to Iraq] is one of the better compositional works I've come across being downplayed, pensive and dryly melodic in expression.

    NB: I'm sure there are other albums which some would feel should be included in this list. Those will doubtless come in time in further updates.
  • Favorite Kurdish Music albums

    16 Sep 2013, 12:13 by AZADIBOK

    Hallo my dear friends,

    may I introduce to you my top twelve favorite albums of Kurdish music, which are currently playable at lastfm?

    Here they are:

    - Sakina - Roye Mi - My Soul
    - Kamkars Ensemble - Agıri Zindo (Kurdish Music Concert)
    - Hivron - Hivron
    - Koma Çîya - Xêlî
    - Koma Gulên Xerzan - Sonda Me
    - Nîzamettîn Arîç - Dayê
    - Ali Gülsoy - Avazên Koçgîrî (feat. Bego) [Koçgiri Ağıtları]
    - Delîl Dîlanar - Nêçîrvano
    - Cömert - İnsan
    - Mikail Aslan - Agerayis
    - Soner Emir - Hesar
    - Issa Hassan, Elie Maalouf, Haroun Teboul, Emek Evci, Adel Shams-el-Din – Tooting Broadway

    Now I ask YOU: what are your favorite albums with Kurdish music?

    Very warm greetings from Kurdistan

  • Best of Kudish Music

    3 Jul 2012, 21:36 by AZADIBOK


    1) Kurdish male musicians

    Let's talk today, neither about Kurdish female singers nor about Kurdish bands.
    Today we want to turn to Kurdish male artists - musicians who are mostly singers and instrumentalists in one.

    The previously most famous Kurdish musicians have been from Iran: Shahram Nazeri, Kayhan Kalhor or Ali akbar Moradi, just to name a few.

    Issa Hassan (born in Lebanon, now France) or the brothers Metin & Kemal Kahraman (Turkey / Germany) also are in the news.

    A living legend for almost all Kurds around the world also is Şivan Perwer, symbol of resistance against oppression and for a new cultural and language self-confidence of the Kurds. But considered musically, there are three fellow musicians, who perhaps even surpass master Perwer. How Şivan Perwer (b. 1955) they all come from Turkey and all of them are also gone into exile to Germany.

    Apparently the meeting with the German musical culture, especially the Classical music and its instrumentation (as it finds echoes in the songs of the three), has been very fruitful - and this at the highest level.

    We're talking about Şivan Perwer's peer Nîzamettîn Arîç (b. 1956) and two representatives of the next generation, Mikaîl Aslan (b. 1972) and Delîl Dîlanar (b. 1973).

    Streamable here at unfortunately there ist not one of Delîl Dîlanar's four great albums "Nêçîrvano" (2000), "Ji Bo Bîranîna" (2003), "Serayê" (2006) or "Zerîyê" (2009).

    But of Mikaîl Aslan you will find three Kurdish albums:
    Agerayis (1999), Kilite Kou (2003) and Pelguzar (2010). Not able to listen are Mikaîl's Kurdish albums "Mîraz" (2005) and "Zernkut" (2008), no more his Armenian Album "Petag" (2010).

    And of Nîzamettîn Arîç's thirteen Kurdish albums shoulf unfortunately only a single (but at least one) be listenable here, and that is the wonderfull new album Azadi - which means 'freedom' - from the year 2011.

    Have pleasure getting to know (better) these three Kurdish male musicians!



    5 Dec 2010, 22:15 by sozcelem


    Aklımdaki kokunu sevdim,
    İyiliğini bana hediye et...

    Uzaktaki Ey Nazlı Sevgili,
    Bana döndüğünü söyle..

    Dünya'daki halimi görüyorsun,
    Gecemi gündüzümü sormuyorsun..

    Uzaktaki Ey Nazlı Sevgili,
    Bana döndüğünü söyle..

    Dön Sevgilim,
    Dünya'da senden başka kimsem yok!

    Sen sevdiğimsin, Lakin,
    Senden başka helalim yok...
    Natacha Atlas
  • Recommended Iraqi Non-Pop Music. (Instrumental, Classic, Folk)

    23 Oct 2009, 14:16 by ultragroove

    Some artist on from iraq.

    Munir Bashir - (oud, lute, instrumental)

    Farida - (singer, iraqi maqam, classic)

    Naseer Shamma - (oud, lute, instrumental)

    Hussein Al A'dhami - (singer, iraqi maqam, classic)

    Omar Bashir - (oud, lute, instrumental)

    Ahmed Mukhtar - (oud, lute, instrumental)

    Mohammad Gomar - (djooza, violin, classic, iraqi maqam)

    Hatem Al Iraqi - (singer, currently no music/preview on

    if you miss someone on this list, drop a comment.