Bryan "Hellroadie" Patrick

  • Bryan "Hellroadie" Patrick

    What do you think about him, his voice and his role in the band?

    I personally think that he developed the best imitation possible of Mark's voice since he joined the band. He sounds so much like Mark sometimes, you can hardly even tell the difference. Even live he was brilliant, when I saw them at Headbanger's Open Air this year: I know there are still those super-trve oldschool people who can't stand him for some reason, but you can never please those people. They just have to understand that Mark isn't anymore able to sing most of his songs live and he needs someone to sing them for him, because else they wouldn't been able to tour anymore. And I don't think anyone would really want that. I hope he stays in the band, so that I can see them live some more times.

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  • I think he sounds great, nearly indistinguishable from Mark in sound. The first time I saw Manilla Road this year, I didn't know who the guy was. My friend and I met him after the performance and he was nice, very devoted to the band and to metal in general.

  • Can someone give me an idea of Hellroadie vs. Mark vox duties on both Voyager and Spiral Castle. My understanding is that Mark does a great majority of the vox on both those records (opposed to Gates of Fire) ?

  • Voyager is only Mark, Hellroadie wasn't in the band at that time, so he couldn't do any vocals on it. Don't know about Spiral Castle, but I think Hellroadie mostly does the growls/harsh vocals.

  • I've heard conflicting things about Voyager; Some claim it's all Mark others that he returned during/right before the recording. I'll have to buy the record and see for myself regardless...just want to get the newer records with Mark doing more of the vox first. Thanks for your help.

  • No man, it's a matter of fact that Mark did all vocals on Voyager. I know it for sure, believe me. Mark even admitted that himself several times. Hellroadie was not in the band and not available at that time, he had some personal problems or something. I know it might be surprising that Mark did all the harsh vocals, but I guess in the studio he can do it, because he has the time and he can take pauses in between. It's also apparent from the credits in the album booklet, where only Mark is credited with vocals.

  • Great to hear. Thanks again.

  • He put an excellent show last night. A verry charismatic frontman.


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