• foobar2000 - scrobble status code (ver. 5b)

    26 Feb 2010, 17:50 by JaX3RiR

    Just got around to finishing this little bit of code, which I find very useful. To skip the yap-yap and see the code, scroll to the end of the journal.

    This code will, basically, show if the currently playing track has been scrobbled to or not, and if not, then how many seconds is left until the scrobble. It is not related to the service at all however, so any errors or such will not be notified of. Does not need any other plugins to work, either.

    Not playing = Play to start scrobble
    Track shorter than 30 seconds / internet stream = Unable to scrobble current track
    49% - 51% played = Scrobbling...
    Under 50% played = scrobble in X seconds
    Over 50% played = Scrobbled to

    Works completely without *any* foobar plugins at all, it doesn't even matter if you use foo_audioscrobbler or the official scrobbler.


    Play to start scrobble: scrobble in X seconds:


    Scrobbled to

    Unable to scrobble current track (shorter than 30 seconds):

    Unable to scrobble current track (internet stream):


    $if(%isplaying%,$ifgreater(30,%length_seconds%,'Unable to scrobble current track',
    $ifgreater(%playback_time_seconds%,360,'Scrobbled to',' scrobble in '
    $sub(360,%playback_time_seconds%) 'seconds'),
    $div(%length_seconds%,2),'Scrobbled to',' scrobble in '
    $div(%length_seconds%,2)),-1) 'seconds')))),'Play to start scrobble')

    Put it where you like in foobar -- I recommend the great plugin Columns UI for more panels and options!

    Should you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, bug notifications or such information, feel free to comment on this journal or on my profile - every shout is appreciated! :)

    DJ Fresh
    Escape From Planet Monday
    Ghetto Blaster
    Solar Flares
    At Play Vol. 2
    This Noise
    Throw [Intro]
    Afterbeat Electronica

    25 / February / 2010:
    - Shows if track is scrobbled or not, after either 50% or 75%
    01 / March / 2010:
    - Shows time left until scrobble as a negative number (will be fixed later)
    04 / March / 2010:
    - Scrobble time fixed, now shows up as a positive number followed by text
    14 / March / 2010:
    - If music is not playing, the code advises to start playback
    - Screenshots of different statuses added to description
    22 / March / 2010:
    - Different statuses fixed, a few grammar and punctuation errors among others
    - Screenshots updated to reflect the new look
    03 / April / 2010:
    - If song is longer than 12 min., will show that it's been scrobbled after 6 min.
    - If song is shorter than 30 seconds, shows that it can't be scrobbled
    - Shows internet streams as unscrobble-able
    05 / April / 2010
    - Now shows "Scrobbling..." when the track has been 49% - 51% played.
    - Screenshots added for "Scrobbling..." and "Unable to scrobble track"
  • MaSu at Helsinki setlists & review - best gig ever!

    16 Apr 2009, 22:19 by Stubbsy67

    Sun 12 Apr – Machinae Supremacy, SoulCage

    Before I start let me first state that my girlfriend ClamLydia and I travelled especially from England to attend this gig. It wasn't cheap doing so, but it was worth every goddamn penny!! So I urge anyone, especially those who live closer to the band's usual tour destinations (eg Norway) to bite the bullet and travel to see MaSu, you won't regret it.


    01 You Get So Alone
    02 I See
    03 My Canvas, My Skin
    04 Ride On
    05 Until You Find Me
    06 Satellite Children
    07 Stranger in You
    08 Bleeding
    09 Origin
    10 Flaming Flowers (Send in the Clowns)
    11 MIA

    Soulcage were a great choice of warm-up act. Having downloaded their debut album Dead Water Diary several months ago I was semi-looking forward to seeing them; the album is good but it really is far from outstanding. I was therefore pleased to see the release of Soul For Sale several days before the gig - the album is so much better than Dead Water Diary, with better songwriting and riffs, and far superior vocal clarity. In fact, I got so hooked on this album that when the singer noticed we were the only people singing along he looked genuinely flattered, and came off the stage towards us and I sang a couple of lines of Satellite Children!

    Obviously the frontman was speaking Finnish in between songs so we couldn't understand. Fine, until he asked a question and everyone raised their hands! Perhaps someone from Finland can enlighten me as to what was said? ;-) Anyway, great band - they have potential and we were particually impressed by the singer's strong, powerful voice and wide vocal range. Soul For Sale can be streamed in its entirety for free on their MySpace, check it out:

    Machinae Supremacy

    01 Truth of Tomorrow
    02 Violator
    03 Gimme More (sid)
    04 Overworld
    05 Need for Steve
    06 Rogue World Asylum
    07 Fury
    08 Dark City
    09 Conveyer
    10 Edge and Pearl
    11 Kings of the Scene
    12 Radio Future
    13 Reanimator
    14 Seventeen
    15 Stand
    16 Ghost (Beneath the Surface)
    17 Through the Looking Glass

    As soon as SoulCage finished we rushed forward and got, without doubt, the best spot in the house for Machinae Supremacy. First row, dead centre - my girlfriend spent most of the time leaning on the amp the band kept putting their feet on as they played! After some delay the band finally took the stage at 11pm, and right from the opener Truth Of Tomorrow the crowd were going nuts - it was clear that all the people around us knew all the words as I did :-)

    MaSu were absolutely spot on - the sound quality was terrific where we were stood, the band were as tight as possible and the SID sounded great! I can't think of a way to improve the performance! The setlist consisted mainly of songs from Overworld and Redeemer and was practically flawless. Sure, it would have been nice to hear some older songs such as Hero or Winterstorm (though it was very nice indeed to be treated to Kings Of The Scene), but with so many killer songs to choose from you have to prioritise and I wasn't at all disappointed.

    Almost more importantly, the after gig drinks. By chance we happened across mumppis, who recognised we were the English pair who posted on the Official Forum and gave us free CDs (Redeemer (Retail Edition) for me, Redeemer (Underground Edition) for Lydia) for actually showing up! Needless to say, we grabbed a pen and headed to the band to get 'em signed. The news of our voyage travelled fast, and we soon found the band to be almost as pleased/flattered to meet devoted English fans as we were to meet our heros!

    I have honestly never met such modest, genuine and all around awesome people as MaSu, and for this reason (as well as the kickass music, of course) we're making it a personal endeavor to spread the word in the UK by distributing their music and contacting venues/radio stations/etc with the eventual goal of bringing them to the UK! It would be fantastic if we and hundreds of other English fans could have such an incredible band come to our doorstep, and I'm sure we wouldn't disappoint with our support. Expect a Facebook and maybe group to appear soon...

    Two very pleased fans,
  • Hultsfred Festivalen - Vote for MaSu

    27 Jan 2008, 12:24 by Naz^

    Check "Machinae Supremacy" on the list and then click "skicka" at the bottom of the page.

    This time they can't whine about MaSu not having a label :>
  • MaSu addiction is a blessing in disguise

    26 May 2007, 13:13 by Naz^

    A random collection of the best Machinae Supremacy lines.


    "I stare into eternity, always one step ahead of me, I touch its wake every single day, but it slips from my grip and away."

    "I won't be around for too long. I too will see oblivion."

    Player One

    "I wanna play until I die, don't wanna lose my reasons why. I race towards the sky, in a world that never ends."

    Attack Music

    "Here comes the master slave. Demand respect for treason. You are my reason to despise the world."

    Super Steve

    "The fire, it knows me and I can walk through the blaze without a mark. Forever it owes me the life I lost in the dark."

    Throttle and Mask

    "I left their sheltered care and walked, a rogue in total freedom, to see the world with my own eyes."

    Rogue World Asylum

    "Come with me and you will see, our future in debris."


    "Ever since I knew the hive I’ve been accumulating misery. But I can see there are those who thrive bloom in the age of reality."

    Oki Kumas Adventure

    "I refuse to fail, to kneel or bow. No power in the 'verse can stop me now. Leading me towards the dawn of day. The stars above illuminate my way."


    "I've been around, I've been a player. I've seen the world through the eyes of a slayer."


    "A transformer shell on what's within. Metal surface on a fragile skin."

    Legion of Stoopid

    "This is your brain, and this is your brain on Fox news. You are insane!"

    "Just like the Recording Industry Assholes of America. They promote mass ignorance, cause that's what floats their aerials."


    "Sometimes I curse that I was born a cripple, to the sky I'm under, forged to inprison me. Somewhere in time I'll wreck these chains around me, even those inside me, blasting my way free."

    The Wired

    "Our memories are born within as we live our lives. Shaped by who we were at the time, until the day we die."