what songs should paul play in concert?

  • what songs should paul play in concert?

    Another year, another tour... and another souvenir DVD.
    Unfortunately, yet again it's the same old "Back in the USSR" and "Long & Winding Rd".

    What are the other great songs by Paul, that he should play in concert?

  • i would be thrilled to hear these songs live:

    - Medley: Hold Me Tight/Lazy Dynamite
    - little willow
    - Off the ground
    - Little Lamb Dragonfly
    - London Town
    - Mamas Little Girl
    - This One
    - Uncle Albert-Admiral Halsey
    - Wanderlust
    - Venus And Mars
    - tomorrow
    - Eat at Home
    - Bluebird
    - One More Kiss
    - Get on the Right Thing
    - You Gave Me The Answer
    - With a Little Luck
    - Getting Closer
    - Waterspout
    - Ballroom Dancing
    - Press

  • I like your choices.. especially songs from "Venus & Mars" and "red rose speedway". Early wings stuff sounds so great in concert, as heard on the "Wings over America" album.

    - One More Kiss
    - Get on the Right Thing
    - Little Lamb Dragonfly
    - This One
    - Let em in :)

    It's sad when Paul says "this one's for the wings fans!" before playing "Too Many People". Every Paul fan should really get familiar with this stuff.

  • yes..it is very political correct to say paul solo sux, "everyone" seems to jump on that. I believe those freaks are narrow minded people. If the critics would listen to the discography carefully, i think every single one of them would find that there are LOTS of good songs on almost every album.

    yeah :P the funny thing is that Paul is wrong on that one, because Too Many Peoply is on Ram, his second solo album, it aint wings.. but I understand what he means ;P

  • Paul's playlist for his next tour should be:

    Rockestra Theme
    Get Back
    Pretty little head
    Listen to what the man said
    And I love her
    My love
    I'll follow the sun
    Here there and everywhere
    Penny Lane
    Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
    Rinse the raindrops
    Heart of the country
    The back seat of my car
    Mrs Vanderbilt
    Silly lovesongs
    Jenny Wren
    Things we said today
    Hi hi hi
    Morse moose and the grey goose
    Carry that weight/The End

    And of course, I can make other playlists with other Paul songs, and they will be also great!

  • I really miss some wings songs in paul's concerts.
    I love Venus and Mars, Wings at the speed of sound, Band on the Run, and Wings Over America is, in my opinion, one of the best live concerts ever, together with Living in the Live Fantastic! Because of that, I would looooove to watch him playing some of the Flowers in the Dirt songs live again toooo!!

    But I think that's not possible anymore, hahahaahah
    As you see,I prefer his more rock n roll albuns, but i apreciate Flaming Pie very much! It's one of my favorites!

    And sorry for my terrible english!!! hauiahaiuaha

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    • 5 Dec 2007, 19:46
    Oooh I'd love to hear Silly Love Songs and Jet or even dare I say Mull of Kintyre. Something I'd really love him to do would be to play Jenny Wren but then straight after without stopping go into Blackbird. It would be so perfect. I agree though he should play And I Love Her and one of my favourite Beatle songs maybe my fave sung by Paul, She's Leaving Home.

  • lets GET Hi-Hi_Hi

    How about Im Down( Which he did brllantly ) at the New york 9/11 concert , also lets hear Helen Wheels ,- Waterfalls - Little Woman Love - Beware My Love ,-Juniors Farm, Hi- Hi - Hi, And I Love Her .....Paul McCartney

  • Anything from the period between Wings at the speed of sound and Flaming Pie would be really cool (more than 20 years of good songs). Also, Country Dreamer from RRS would be an awesome addition to his acoustic set.

    You gotta slow down (slow down) sweet talkin' woman (slow down)
    You got me runnin', you got me searchin'.
    Hold on (hold on) sweet talkin' lover (hold on)
    It's so sad if that's the way it's over.
  • Excellent choice! "Country Dreamer" is my all-time favorite.

  • Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (I love this song), Ever present past, Coming up (I still don't understand why he doesn't play it), No more lonely nights...
    I would say Bluebird, but he played it in the 2nd show in Argentina, I almost died of happiness... I love that song so much...

  • Didn't know he still played stuff like Bluebird. Too bad those songs get brushed aside when they select songs for the live CD release.
    A good live version of Coming Up is there on the Trippin the live fantastic CD. :)

  • He should play Beautiful Night live . I love it so much.
    Or he should play Press and This one.

    and alot of other great songs .... :D

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    • 8 Jun 2011, 17:47
    he should play Let 'Em In (wait, he actually played it here in Brazil) and the mix of Venus And Mars\Rockshow\Jet! These ones are precious.

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