Mörk Gryning - Return Fire 1997

  • Mörk Gryning - Return Fire 1997

    Mörk Gryning - Return Fire

    Full-length, No Fashion Records

    Jonas Berndt - Bass, electric & acoustic guitar, keyboards, chains and vocals
    Draakh Kimera - Drums, electric & acoustic guitar, keyboards & lead vocals
    Henrik Hedberg - Guest guitar solos except where else indicated
    Janne Gustavsson - Guest solos on "Necrophiliac"
    Danny Dementor - Guest backing vocals on "Master Of Fire"
    Johan Haller - Guest backing vocals on "Supreme Hatred"
    Jonez Berndtschneider - Guest lead vocals on "Master Of Fire"

    Recorded & mixed winter 1996 at Sunlight Studios
    Engineered by Thomas Skogsberg
    Produced by Goth Gorgon & Draakh Kimera
    Layout by Panthyr Design

    1. World of the Dragon 04:56
    2. Supreme Hatred 04:36
    3. The Doom of Planet Yucnown 05:04
    4. The Surrounding 07:08 [view lyrics]
    5. Dreams, Sweet Dreams 04:37
    6. No Longer in Wait 04:37
    7. Manhunter 04:00
    8. Return Fire 03:14
    9. Dawn of the Magic Aeon 02:48
    10. Master of Fire 03:03
    11. Necrophiliac (Slayer cover) 04:38

    Total playing time 48:32


    I will admit when this album came out, I hated it. I was a huge fan of their first album, and this one just didn't seem to come close to it. I kept the CD for maybe 6 months and then I traded it away.

    A couple years after that, I saw the album sitting in a used CD store for 5 bucks so I figured I'd give it another shot. Well, although it's not as good as the first, it's still REALLY GOOD.

    Return Fire mixes their earlier black metal style with a little more thrash than before (or after, for that matter) and it really works well for them. Songs like 'Supreme Hatred' and 'The Surrounding' are among the best Mork Gryning tracks ever written. Totally epic sounding riffs mixed with lots of thrashy elements.

    The production is a little sloppier this time around, but that doesn't matter much to me. I wish the snare didn't have that tin can sound, but it's the only fault I have with it. Also, the drumming doesn't seem to be as clean and precise as before, but the barbaric style fits what they're doing on this album.

    In my opinion, this is the last Mork Gryning album worth a damn, so do yourself a favor and pick this one up.


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