• Goal directed music

    1 Oct 2006, 22:57 by BigBlackAfrika

    So I got this album and I played if for a 2 weeks str8. Its rare to find a Hip-Hop artist that has the ability to paint a picture in your mind with his/her words. He doesn't shoot anybody, get shot, or disrespect women and the album is still tight. Everytime I played the track American Terrorist I picked up something new so I searched the web for the lyrics and sent it to a few friends telling them to buy this album twice and this is what I got back. If anyone has similar expereinces feel free to post them. I highly, highly recommend Food & Liquor. Music with substance.

    lupe is sick. but the album songs aint tight as the ones i've picked up just floating around. this is one of the exceptions. Pressure is fat 2.

    I got three copies, one for the crib one for the car and one for the JOB. That CD is FIAH and long overdue! Peace an blessings to you brother and thanks for speading the word!

    Daaamn my [brother]...

    Think I'm bout to cop this as soon as I get off. I
    ain't know he dropped already, but that's bout as real
    as it gets.

    But I can't afford it once. B-R-O-K-E.
    Lyrics are deep though. Is this why we fight?