Neo-folk, Punk-folk, Dark-folk, Alternative folk

  • Neo-folk, Punk-folk, Dark-folk, Alternative folk

    I thought i'd put another thread up as i saw the metal folk thread and thought there are many alternative folk styles.

    If you thought for yourself others wouldn't have to.
  • This sort of idea of 'folkiness' in a lot of contemporary music is really hard to touch conceptually. What even makes something folk-y? Some things can be obvious, such as when they use traditional lyrics, but even then, does that make it folk. If I make a rock song borrowing lyrics from a jazz song, is it jazz?

    I see a lot of folk influences nowadays. I've been listening to a very talented band called Fleet Foxes, and their folksy, almost almost medieval renaissance flavour is apparent beneath the more pop-rock-y sensibility of oter indie bands. But this isn't some form of neo-folk - it's an indie band who probably grew up listening to some Gryphon or Tudor Lodge. Artist influence is so grey and multifaceted nowadays that I think its good enough just taking the grand genre and noting other influences, rather than trying to come up with names and classifications for all the greys.

    But that's just me.

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    • victiln said...
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    • 22 Oct 2010, 21:50
    Neo-folk - Current 93, Nature and Organisation, maybe one album of Drudkh
    Folk-punk - The Inchtabokatables.
    And million other bands...

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