Violent Acts of Beauty

  • Violent Acts of Beauty

    Since no one wants to start a thread about it... I will do it :)
    So, have you heard the new album?
    What do you make of it?
    Was the waiting worth it?
    With other words... what do you think about the new album? :)

  • Violent Acts of Beauty

    Oh, It's really cool album! You know that I love LAM and I was going on their concert in Thessaloniki!
    Although many of people, which was there, think that it was true tragedy, I'm no regret that I was there! But it was made an impression that only a few people was heard the new album!

  • Well, I guess no one else of the other 142 memebers at the moment have an opinion regarding the new album... :) Tctc :)

    • Bdjilka said...
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    • 23 Jan 2008, 20:11
    I was looking forward to this album... )

    And when I listened to it for the first time, I was really struck... =)

    I was impressed by it... Lyrics, music and the whole atmosphere... It was so magnetic...

    To my mind, "Violent acts of beauty" is true magnificent album )

  • Come to the official LAM COmmunity, people actually post there:

  • I think it is a charming album. The lyrical side is absolutely amazing. It is a pleasure for my ears to listen to this album.
    I absolutely love the songs "Pure" and "Love you to Death".

    As a vision we prowl the world...
  • "Violent Acts..." is a very interesting album. I mean, it is unlike to the "Psycho Magnet "or "Selected Scenes..." Very strange album less gothic, more industrial, and much more political....I must say that Sean is a brave man :) Very good piece of work but some "oldschool" fans may be dissapointed. I am not.

    "It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane." - Philip K. Dick
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