App running on not scrobbling: How to fix it

  • App running on not scrobbling: How to fix it

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    I am running the app on a Squeezebox Radio via I'm located in Germany (=officially supported core market). My account is brand new. I do not have a Squeezeboxserver.

    The streams are running well and I can favorite tracks and ban tracks alright: I can do it in the app and the tracks appear in my account.

    BUT: When I login to I says I have 0 plays. I have played about 12 hours of audio already.
    I guess that means it is not "scrobbling" what I am doing?

    The settings on, and the device all look okay.

    I guess others have had this problem before but it was unclear to me what to do. Seems some magical deactivating and reactivating the app and permissions!? I've tried once, didn't do the job for me. Can anybody who got it working report please? Thanks!

  • Solution

    This works:

    On Squeezebox, go to app > Settings > Account. Delete the account.
    Then go to, add the same account again. Might have to try this a couple times.

    The display switched back and forth from "Free" to "Subscriber" and back a couple times, but then it worked.

    Hope that will help some of you.

    Found this via @Stuckfast on the Client support forum. His original explaination is: scrrobbling solution
    Thought I'd share this in case anyone else is having same problem. Since last month's server problems scrobbling stopped when I was listening via and then scrobbling failed on my squeezebox altogether after my account was changed from free to a trial subscription.

    After much frustration as all my settings seemed fine, I went to the advanced settings webpage and opened a new account using the same username and password, then switched to the new account on my controller, then deleted the original account. This appears to have restored scrobbling both when listening wirelessly via my pc and though with the pc switched off.

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    I guess I found out the reason for the problem:
    It seems as if the setting for "Enable/Disable Scrobbling Per Player" on -> My Apps -> -> Scrobbling

    won't be saved correctly at first go.
    During the last 2 days this feature has been set to "disabled" instead the name of my account.

    Therefore you first have to check if your account is enabled at this setting .

    Second (and this seams being much more important) you have to check a similar setting on your Squeezebox Radio.
    It's placed (well hidden) at

    Home Menu -> Settings -> Advanced -> Audiscrobbler

    In this Menu you ought to have the choice to mark either "no scrobbling" or the name of your account.
    In my case the menu first displayed the name of several unknown accounts. But after fixing the scrobbling setting on (and several hours of waiting) just the name of my account has been shown.
    Scrobbling started immediately after I marked my account.

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