lo-fi music mine and yours

  • lo-fi music mine and yours



    yours ???????????????????????????

    nothing fancy just hissy greatness

  • My Lo-fi group

    The name of my band is Moustache Prawn, we're italian, we've recorded our song in a bad way but i hope you would like it :)

  • Richard There

    Here one of mine:

    And here much more: Richard There

  • the company of myself

  • some of my songs



    Check out some of my stuff! :)

    Also download any of my songs free!

  • A few songs i´ve been working on

    my soundcloud

    Hi ! Well , there´s my soundcloud , I´m uploading songs every once in a while as I record them . They don´t go through an specific style , they´re almost all of them loop based , hope you like , feel free to download them

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