Is Liz Vicious gone as porn model?

  • Is Liz Vicious gone as porn model?

    I think something happened to her crew and that's why she has gone and hasn't uploaded a photo for ages. A few months have passed and she still hasn't showed. Or did she?

    "Only shallow know themselves" - Oscar Wilde
  • I hope you're wrong (=

    Fantasma_Velez said:
    Musicalmente, no existis
  • I have a question for those who are in the members area. Does she come on webcam weekly anymore?
    (if anybody reads this)

    "Only shallow know themselves" - Oscar Wilde
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  • hi,

    i really think something ended there. i was a member from mid-march to mid-april and there had been no signs of life. her official myspace hasn't been visited since march neither.
    i didn't know that her site was silent months before i joined as well.
    i am a bit afraid something might happened to her.
    i downloaded most of her videos and the more i looked into the material the more i became interested in her as a person. it seems to be easy to distinguish between the major role she was playing (goth vamp and stuff) and the more intimate scenes where she was just making jokes or painting the bathroom walls.
    maybe she wanted to emancipate herself from being a puppet of the guy who is running the website. maybe it ended up in a strange jealousy drama.

    maybe the whole thing was about an ugly guy she used to love and who was attracted by having sex on cam and to let join "friends" the "project", filming them fucking his girlfriend; he was getting mental problems about it, blaming his girlfriend being a "slut", "whore"... and so on. all the time money flew in, the popularity grew, liz received offers from professional producers (like this movie she did recently: "succubus") and he went totally mad about it. i don't know.

    the sad thing is that it seems that she is not in control of her ("own") website and she maybe has never been. perhaps she had been put into this room, with her dog and with high-speed-internet to... do her job. but more like an employee. i guess the guy still earns the money through subscriptions.
    in this case subscribing would be like ripping her off.

    and i would like to know who is running her "official" myspace-page. is it her or her (ex-)boyfriend-(semi-)management ?

  • What is that bf's name? Is it the camera man or someone else?

    "Only shallow know themselves" - Oscar Wilde
  • The site is being run by Jayman I think. It's a whole company. They have other simiral sites like Raven Riley... It's commercial business. The cheap way to earn money by teasing old fat short-dickheads in front of their computers.

    I don't know whether it is true or false but her real name is Lilan, I read somewhere that she used to strip in a club, that she is what she says she is. and that she started to take pills, narcotics, drugs. I do not know...Maybe it's only predictions.

    I had found something about her personal life through myspace. A triangular of love or sth. Liz (or Lilan) had dyed her hair black, found another boyfriend but that her myspace profile disappeared soon. It's a secret still.

    "Only shallow know themselves" - Oscar Wilde
  • what is a secret still? that she has left his boyfriend? or does she have a second myspace i don't know of?
    well, i just speculated. what i wrote above was what i thought after watching several videos.
    maybe it would be good news that she has a new boyfriend now.
    so - do you think it's unlikely then that she will return to the website we already know ?

    is this her own myspace then or is it directly affiliated with the company which runs the pornsite?

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    maybe shes gone as a porn model but her account is still active

  • I am doing fine

    There have been some problems on and off and some things i would rather not talk about. But I am doing well.

    I even have my own Comic book

    ~Liz Vicious~
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  • Hey guys

    I am here man find me on twitter


    ~Liz Vicious~
  • yes she gone

    her boyfriend did not go mental he died. when he died she retired. she is no longer part of the website or anything else.

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