where do you go in liverpool?

  • where do you go in liverpool?

    where would you go on a night out in liverpool?

    i would just sit in jacaranda for a while then go home :)

  • haha swampthing you're a liar i saw you in the krazy house last week bopping along to my chemical romance, hehe :)

    I would go to the pilgrim then on to the jacaranda then if i could be tempted away from my slippers and mug of cocoa i would maybe go and see what the new place roadkill was like :)

  • Hey nothing wrong with MCR (at times)
    Everyone must have gone mental to I'm Not OK at least once....anyone....shit, OK I'll get my coat!

    • Rich036 said...
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    • 21 Nov 2005, 00:36
    Korova!! wonderful place, a bit 'scene' though, oh well i like it.

  • I was just kiding, check my list i have been known to listen to a little MCR myself (oh ......god did i just admit to that?)

  • I wont check yours if you dont check mine then Skiba lol

  • mostly go the Krazy House

  • Depends. If I’m going for a drink and want to enjoy me booze then the Ship and Mitre, Dr Duncan’s, The Dispensary, The Phil, Fly in the loaf, Rigby’s, the Railway, Peter Kavanagh’s and other such boozers. If I’m giving it the bifters then I will usually end up in the Bumper or Le Bateau or on rare occasions the K but I’d rather not go there. Often go to 3345 too, It's a good place to take a date. Oh and the pen and wig is always good when out with the lads for big nights out for obvious reasons. There's just so many place it just depends on the occasion.

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  • Yeah 3345 is the dogs! Surely the coolest place in Liverpool.

    On a night out I'll probably be in the cavern drinking way too much JD & Coke and dancing like a loon.

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  • More of a pubber than a clubber so it's the Ship & Mitre, Pilgrim, Ye Cracke, Dr Duncans, the Grapes, the Slaughterhouse and places like that for me. On the odd occasion I have ventured into clubland, I've been in most of them and not remembered much...

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 30 Jul 2007, 01:28
    I wish I lived in Liverpool!

  • If you can think it, you can make it happen, beatlesfan95 :P

    As far as going out goes - Jacaranda to kick things off, especially on Thursdays to watch the open mic, then on to Barfly.

    We sometimes go to The Swan, which has the best jukebox in the world. I haven't been the Krazy House in ages, mostly because it's full of 14 year old kids and they play Linkin Park / Limp Bizkit - which I take great offence to. That, and if you fall over (as happens on the metal floor quite often) then you're pretty much just glued to the floor for the rest of the night.

    The Zanzibar and Barfly are both great for gigs in general, but I find myself on Hardman Street more and more - especially in The Magnet, which is putting on better nights all the time.

    In any case, the only places worth going are up near the bombed out church :P

  • soon I will live in Liverpool. hope to have a great fun!:)

    • Xbulela said...
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    • 11 Oct 2007, 23:27

    Lots Of Places!

    Now, it depends on how you look really. Different groups welcome you into different places. I love to start the night out in Jaquaranda, or Korova.

    You'll end up drunk before going anywhere else, so be sure not to get involved with any emotional people.

    Next up: Krazy House.

    Make sure it's an all-nighter. Amazing. When it starts emptying, visit the G-BAR.

    I'm not gay but this is the best place to see trashy people without having any trouble.

    Ciao, Boa Noite.

  • i like just to sit with a drink and listen to music in Djanog's Riff. for more wild night Barfly or Bumper ;]

  • yeah love Djanog's Riff!! Bumpers always good with somethin goin on every night. Mood is awful!!!

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  • Rawr

    I used to go the original Quiggins (Now closed down), Grand Central Hall (Quiggins the 2nd) is lame as hell. Full of teenyboppers and the MTV generation, listening to mainstream shite.

    Korova is okay, not been in ages though, don't really intend to, even that's getting the teenyboppers in. Not good.

    For gigs?
    I'm more drawn to Barfly or perhaps even going as far as Manchester.

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    • Zidered said...
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    • 26 Jul 2008, 03:17
    Lots of fine places to attend.......pubs: Swan, Slaughterhouse, Ship & Mitre, Jacaranda.

    Bars: Korova, Bumper, Magnet, Heebie Jeebies....and there's a decent little place at the shop end of Wood St, by the restaurants......forget the name.

    Clubs: Kazimier (if you need help....and if you can find them.....like the A-Team of night life), Korova again, K House if you want to slum it., Roadkill when it's open.

    Gigs: Carling 2, Barfly, Zanzibar, Korova. There are irregular ones at Static Gallery, Kazimier, New Picket too.

  • I cant seem to find anywhere I like to go at all in Liverpool these days, never seem to have too much of a good night. Bars are good but I'm obviously going to the wrong places :(

  • The Carling Academy's good on a Wednesday night and I'd recommend Baa Bar on a Monday. I know the music won't be to everyone's liking, but the prices of drinks are usually pretty good.

    I ruddy love Django's, Barfly and Cava when they're not completely crowded.

  • Does ye cracke still exist?

  • Yeah, ye cracke is still there

  • Studio 2 Parr St. Bean bag heaven. White Lies after-party 06.03.09

  • my sore head will testify that ye cracke is most definitely still there although many of my brain cells are no longer with us.

  • go to ye cracke. it's bloody lovely. beer garden in summer espeshally. other than that. django's is nice. and try to stay away from concert square and any students. peace and love. reale ale lovers look no further. liverpool is full of boss pubs, ye cracke, dispensary, thomas rigbys, roscoe head to name a few. nights out. chibuku is alright. no excuses is better and for the best partys just follow the music and knock on the door

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