covers of Willin'

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    • 24 Jan 2008, 16:30

    covers of Willin'

    anyone got any favorites ?

    i can think of Seatrain, Commander Cody & The Lost Planet Airmen, and Gene Parsons off the top of my head...

    any others anyone can think of ?

  • Album Covers

    I still have about 300 albums dating from my first buy "Meet the Beatles" up through about 1977-80 when I had kids LOL. I have so many favorites and all for different reasons, one that jumps out at me is Hendrix's first album I saw the three dressed very wild standing, or the Blue Cheer album with all the wild drawings on it, think that is the album with the great Summertime Blues on it.
    I also love the cover of "Skeletons from the Closet"

    Bruce-n-Gold Beach
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