• Dear Papa Christmas

    4 Nov 2005, 14:13 by IanAR

  • Enlightenment group

    2 Nov 2005, 17:07 by m_o_o

    A few months (to be precise: 6 months) ago I've started an Enlightenment group.
    Unfortunately only a few users found the way to this group until now, although I think there are more people out using E.

    So if you are an E user you are welcome to join this group!

  • Songs to code to

    2 Nov 2005, 16:59 by mad_goldfish

    This is by far the best song I've found to code to. The aggression really suits my feelings when I discover (yet again) that the API and the documentation don't match up. It's also woefully underappreciated (but then so's the band as a whole, only 167 fans across, surely some mistake ;-) )
  • This sucks.

    1 Nov 2005, 20:48 by nukumi

    Well, here I was yesterday, putting the new Telepopmusik CD's I got on Saturday onto my iPod through amaroK. So, it says all done, so I disconnect and unplug the iPod, go to it's library...

    And all the songs are gone.

    My first reaction at this point was a big "wtfplz."

    My second reaction was "HOLY CRAP ALL MY BACKUPS MIGHT BE GONE!"

    I backup all important data to my iPod, so i was damn worried.

    Plugging my iPod back into the computer, I saw all my music was safe and sound. The problem was that when amaroK said that it was done, it was still writing the DB file, and I disconnected it while it was still working.

    Thus, screwing up the whole filesystem.

    So, now, I can't even delete the DB file to start a new one- for some reason it's acting as a read-only drive when it's clearly not. >_<

    I feel screwed. x.x

    Also, for some reason ever since that, amaroK has not been working. At all. >_<

    Someone, if you've experienced this and can tell me how to fix it, WHATTHEHELLAREYOUWAITINGFOR?
  • amaroK Fundraising

    30 Oct 2005, 03:08 by db0

    You probably know this already, but in case you don't for the last month the amaroK has been holding a fundraising campaign in order to raise money alleviate some of the costs.
    I know far less people visit the amaroK page and even less care to read the journal and I found it strange that the fundraising hasn't been mentioned in the group that sports the serious number of ~3k members. It is our best interest to continue the development of this great project as it is one of the best things to hapen to digital music in a long while.

    So after reading that the fundraising target will probably be missed I thought it was worth a try to put post it in some groups to raise attention.

    So, if you have anything to give, even 2$, consider giving them to this project. It is one of the few things I believe is worth every cent of them. Show the world that there is no need for big companies in order to create a superior product.
  • creation of group

    22 Oct 2005, 13:09 by lordofatlantis

    I found it very strange that a Magic: the Gathering group did not exist yet. So I created it.<br>
    I hope a lot of people will join. If you know somebody playing magic, please urge them to come over.
  • Memory management on diskless Linux systems

    9 Oct 2005, 00:08 by Russ

    This issue has popped up twice now - once a while ago, and more recently (and subtly) as the cause of bits of the site not rendering correctly.

    We currently have 5 web servers, which are completely diskless, and boot off a central server. I keep meaning to write a HOWTO on this...

    Anyhow, it turns out that Linux's default memory management settings are practically useless for diskless systems (or in fact any system with no pagefile). By default it's set to only allow memory to be allocated up to (swap + 50% * physical_memory_size). Since swap is 0 on our systems, that means that by default, Linux would only use 50% of the RAM!

    Anyway, I cranked the percentage (vm.overcommit_ratio) up to 95% and left it at that. Recently, however, PHP has been giving us random errors. After re-coding the error handling of PHP in order to actually do something useful, it turned out that malloc()s were sill getting refused, and that we were hitting the 95% limit (despite the fact there was still 200MB free RAM on the servers).

    So in the end it was just as simple as setting vm.overcommit_memory to 1, which means Linux will never refuse a request for RAM. Of course if it ever hits the limit then the OOM killer will kick in, but in practice we seem to be able to control our usage to within 50MB.

    We're actually using 1.4GB for Memcache on our web servers at the moment, and the rest for apache and caching the NFS files.
  • This is bad...

    7 Oct 2005, 10:23 by db0

    Yesterday I read this article and I am concerned.

    First, i have to ask why the fuck is everyone so uptight these days? I keep seeing copyright infringements left and right for the slightest provocation. What? Are the artist concerned they're going to lose money if someone posts their damn lyrics? Should we have to search at 100 different places for the 100 different artist we listen to find lyrics through badly designed or amateurish sites crap-filled with flash content and images of the band? What's next? A password with every CD in order to certify our ownership for access to lyrics?

    Problem is of course that those artists most probably couldn't care less if their lyrics found their way into the hands but the publishers are more than happy to strangle anything not going their own way.

    Fuckin' predictable...

    Those assholes didn't even bother to send a Cease and Desist note to the admins they sued, they just went immediately to the court.

    I don't know what happens now. I've forwarded this article to the owners of KiwiLyrics and they'll look into it but there is a chance the site will be closed down and I wouldn't blame the guys either. 20.000 is a LOT to pay for doing something for free and possibly at cost to you on your free time.
  • Pure Track-Tagged Genre Stations

    22 Sep 2005, 00:44 by IanAR

    All my genre-based tagging is done at the track level. I guess, I'm picky about this, because my tastes are wide, in terms of genre, I like thousands of bands, a large proportion of which write/perform over a varied selection of genre.

    Combined with the fact that I only tag streamable tracks, this has resulted in, a growing number of, relatively focused genre stations. With the addition of situational/event based track-tagged stations (e.g. Carnival 2005 Notting Hill ), the number track-tagged stations I have playing exceeds the 20 shown the 'Start Radio' drop-down (currently, 22 of them). Thus, navigation to the lower rated, of these stations has become a little convoluted. To aid in finding these stations, I plan to make a journal entry, for each, prioritising those that do not appear on the 'Start Radio' drop-down (usually the newer ones).

    Also, I've created a group, Pure Track-Taggers, for folk how also have some pure track tags. If this is you, please join, so we can share tagging and put together the greatest collection of focused stations on Last.FM.
  • Son Las Cinco y Te Extraño

    8 Sep 2005, 07:27 by apardo

    Son las cinco y te extraño en una madrugada de insomnio y desconsuelo, aunque no sé quién eres ni cuáles son tus señas, pero te echo de menos quizás porque no existes.