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Created on: 31 Oct 2011

Leah Renee Cudmore has a reputiable career in television with noteable TV apperances on Blue Mountain State (2010), M.V.P. (2008), Degrassi: The Next Generation (2004), Runaway (2006-2008) and voiced Beaver on the popular children’s series Franklin.

Her upcoming roles are sure to put her on the map! With a role as “Bunny Alice” on NBC’s upcoming TV series The Playboy Club, Leah’s charcter is a closeted lesbian. “It also wasn’t a situation where the girls were sitting on laps and being slapped on the bottom,” says Leah Renee. “There were very strict rules about the girls not being touched, you know. They were walked to their cars at the end of every one of their shifts. A lot of the times, the people in the clubs didn’t didn’t even know their real names.”

“I think the backdrop of the ’60s and the backdrop of the club is going to be important to our story because everything was about to happen. It was right before the bubble burst. It was pre-Stonewall — in reference to … there being out lesbian characters — pre-Stonewall, pre-women’s lib, pre-Civil Rights revolution. It was right at the cusp before everything started to boil over and I think it’s going to lend itself really well to our character-driven piece.”

Alice a closeted lesbian bunny who is married to a gay man. Together, they pool money for the Mattachine Society Chicago chapter, which was a huge LGBT rights group in the 1960s. Although this storyline was only a small part of the pilot, the producers say it will definitely be a big part of the show.

“It’ll definitely be a part of the show that will continue,” said executive producer Chad Hodge, “And the reason it’s in there is because it comes from character and it comes from who Alice is. When I first approached this material, I really wanted to talk about the inside of the club and the back of the club and the front of the club and what first impressions are and what is behind it. The same goes for a person — what do you think of a person when you first meet them? … That’s really represented when you meet Alice. You don’t think she’s a lesbian when you meet her. You think she’s a perfect married housewife and then you realize she has a secret life that is very tied to the times and history and what’s going on and that’s certainly a major storyline of the series.”

The Playboy Club debuts on NBC on Sept. 19 at 10 p.m.

She also has filmed work on Stag with Eva Amurri, Donald Faison and Pat Thornton, where she plays Candy / Margaret.

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- On The Playboy Club & Alice
“She definitely has somebody that she’s has her eye on for a long time. I’ll say that,” Leah said. “I can’t say if she’ll be her girlfriend or not.”

“Well I don’t know when it’s going to happen, but all the other bunnies will find out. Her secret is going to come out. I can tell you that. I don’t know how, I know that our next episode, which we’re working on now, has some really exciting stuff for Alice. Her husband Sean is also a gay man and they’re in a ‘lavender marriage’ — they’ve been friends since they were in high school. They’re just kind of in this together. There’s a lot of fun scenes between them.”

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