concert boasts.

  • concert boasts.

    This thread is for boasting about concerts that you have attended RECENTLY.

    I will start off by declaring my attendance at the Of Montreal/Serena Maneesh/Saturday Looks Good to Me concert.

    It was a fun concert. Of Montreal played a few new songs and played most of the favorites. Serena Maneesh established a presence, though i wish their music was more memorable to me. Saturday Looks Good to Me had a few decent songs, so all in all, it was an enjoyable concert.

  • The Brunettes/Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

    I was a little sad that Ad Astra Per Aspera couldn't play, as i've seen them once and really enjoyed the show. The concert was already quite debilitating to my health as it was, so maybe that's not such a good idea. We showed up early and acquired the front and center spot right in front of the stage.

    The Brunettes - did not sound as good as they did at Liberty Hall. It could be counted to poor acoustics right up front. They were enjoyable and feelgood. so that's great.

    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - constantly harrassed by overjoyous drunks the entire time, but it helped to get the crowd pumping. we danced and shouted and our ears fell off. the music was good, the song i hadn't heard were enjoyalbe and up to par. unlike the rumors, his voice sounded fine live. by the end, i was destroyed. so yeah.

  • The Shins/Viva Voce

    I went on Tuesday.

    Viva Voce-No Brunettes, but rocked face sufficiently for an opening band.

    The Shins-Waaay better than they were at Lollapalooza last summer. Perfectly balanced set with songs from all three albums and some other rare gems sprinkled throughout. Additionally, the crowd did not suck as hard as they did when The Shins last played Liberty Hall. No little emo high schoolers trying to crowd surf.

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